UK’s first online ‘trolling’ insurance policy announced

cyber bully troll insurance
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One of the country’s leading insurance providers, Chubb, has disclosed that it’s tackling the threat of cyberbullying head on, with the recent unveiling of its brand new ‘troll insurance’ policy.

Aimed specifically at the home insurance market, Chubb is clearly focused on minimising the impact of cyberbullying by going that bit (and byte) further to safeguard its policyholders hereon in.

The far-reaching and well-designed package will ensure that its home insurance customers will be granted access to all areas of relevant and dedicated services such as counselling, temporary relocation, public relations consultants (whose remit will be to counter virtual smears) and cyber security professionals (tasked with tracing anonymous abuse and ultimately to bring about prosecution against those perpetuating online crime against an individual/policyholder).

In a bid to target the negative effects of online harassment (and its increasing prominence in society), Chubb describes its stance taken against cyberbullying in the context of an individual being subjected to 3 or more acts by the same perpetuator (or group) with the objective of conveying tormenting, threatening or intimidating behaviour or actions.


Speaking about the provisions found as part and parcel of this UK-first insurance policy concept, Chubb’s UK and Ireland Private Clients Manager, Tara Parchment told that; “We (Chubb) wanted our policies to reflect the changing nature of the risks that policyholders may face, often against themselves rather than their possessions.”

UK home insurer adopting unique measures to crackdown on menace of ‘cyberbullying’


Primarily looking to protect policyholders again the threats posed by those who go out of their way to harass people online, Chubb’s new home insurance venture also hopes to redress the balance between victims of virtual crimes and subsequent loss of income (or indeed, job), whilst the service is said to be concentrating its efforts on helping parents monitor their children’s online activities.

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Studies undertaken by Vodafone and YouGov discovered that 1 in 5 teenagers have been on the receiving end of cyberbullying in one way, shape or form in recent times, with a fifth of these instances resulting in missed schooling and, more distressingly, having led to them experiencing what they describe as suicidal thoughts.

Currently in the throes of what’s believed to be the largest takeover in the insurance sector as we write, Chubb is presently the subject of a $28.3 billion buy-out by US rival ACE; which will make the parent company the second largest listed property and casualty insurance provider in America according to industry insiders.

This unique cyberbullying cover forms part of a new range of personal insurance products being orchestrated by Chubb in response to the findings of a survey which harnessed the thoughts of both brokers and target consumers; with the changes coming into effect (in terms of policy renewals) as from January 1st 2016.