Valentine’s Day spending survey results: Men to spend more than women

  Survey results show that men outspend women when it comes to buying presents for loved ones on Valentine’s Day  

With Valentine’s Day 2018 fast approaching (Wednesday 14th February if you need reminding!), we wanted to get an idea about how much people in the UK spend on their loved ones.

We recently ran a survey of almost 3,000 people in the UK to reveal their Valentine’s Day spending habits, and you can see the full breakdown below.

Results at a glance

  • Most people spend less than £10 on their other half
  • Men spend more than women on Valentine’s Day
  • Young people spend the most
  • People in Northern Ireland are by far the most generous
  • East Midlands people most likely to spend less
  • A card and box of chocolates the most popular gift
  • 35% of people do not celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day spending survey results



How much do you plan to spend on Valentine’s Day this year?

Nearly half of all respondents are planning to spend less than £10 on their other half this year (47.9%).

Interestingly, the results show that people in the UK are very much in two camps – either spending a little or spending a lot on Valentine’s Day. More people plan to spend more than £50 (9.8%) than those who plan to spend £30 – £40 (5.9%) or £40 – £50 (5%).

How much do you spend on Valentines Day

How much do men and women plan to spend?

Amount  Men Women
Less than £10  33.1%  51.9%
£10 – £20  24.7%  18.2%
£20 – £30  16.3%  10.2%
£30 – £40  6.3%  5.8%
£40 – £50  6.3%  4.6%
More than £50  13.4%  8.7%


Women are planning to spend less than men on Valentine’s Day this year, with other half of women respondents expecting to spend less than £10 compared with just a third of men.



How Valentine’s Day spending differs between age groups

The younger you are, the more you spend on Valentine’s Day.

Around a quarter (24.7%) of those aged 16-24 are planning to spend less than £10 on Valentine’s Day, compared with 63.6% of those aged over 50.

In fact, a quarter of all those aged under 30 are planning to spend more than £30 on Valentine’s Day this year – compared to just 16% of people aged over 30.

Young people are also more likely to be big Valentine’s spenders, with 12% of under 30’s planning to spend more than £50 on their loved ones this year.



Valentine’s spending by region

People in the East Midlands spend the least on Valentine’s Day, with a massive 58% spending less than £10 on their other halves. People in Yorkshire, the North West and South West all join the East Midlands with more than 50% planning to spend less that £10.

% spending less than £10

 East Midlands 58%
 Yorkshire and the Humber 55.6%
 North West 52.7%
 South West 50.4%
 East of England 49.2%
 West Midlands 49.1%
 Greater London 48.6%
 South East 45.6%
 North East 40.7%
 Scotland 37.3%
 Wales 36.4%
 Northern Ireland 28%


In terms of who spends the most, Northern Ireland wins that one by a huge margin with 24% spending more than £50.

There’s not much to choose between the other regions below Northern Ireland, although the East Midlands is by far the least likely to spend a lot on their loved ones with just 4.3% spending more than £50.

% spending more than £50

 Northern Ireland  24%
 North East  11.9%
 North West  11.5%
 South East  11.2%
 Wales  11%
 Scotland  10.4%
 West Midlands  10.4%
 Greater London  9%
 Yorkshire and the Humber  8.4%
 East of England  7.7%
 South West  7.7%
 East Midlands  4.3%



What are the most common Valentine’s Day gifts?

With so many people only planning to spend less than £10 on Valentine’s Day, it’s perhaps no surprise that the most popular choice for a gift for their loved one is just a card (40%). After that the most popular choice is the ever-popular box of chocolates (17%), followed by a romantic meal out (14%) and flowers (7%).

Most common Valentine's Day gift ideas

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for a Valentine’s Day gift this year and want something a little bit different to the above, here’s a selection of gift ideas for you taken from the ‘Other’ choice of the survey:

  • Gig tickets
  • Cinema tickets
  • Key ring/photo frame
  • Teddy bear
  • Alcohol
  • Now TV sports voucher
  • Book
  • Clothes
  • Computer game
  • Driving experience
  • Escape room