Wedding insurance – what it is, what it covers and do you need it?

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If you are in the process of organising your wedding then you won't need us to tell you it can be a costly business. In fact, recent research by Brides Magazine says the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now between £20,000 and £30,000 - putting weddings alongside houses and cars as one of the most expensive investments we make in our life times.

It's amazing then that, unlike our houses and cars, so many of us don't take out wedding insurance to cover such a huge financial outlay.

Part of the problem is that not many people know about wedding insurance, let alone consider it when they are planning their big day.

To help out with that, we've put together the below guide to wedding insurance. Read it in full now or use the links to jump to a particular section:

What is wedding insurance? - What does wedding insurance cover? - How much is wedding insurance?Do I need wedding insurance? - Best wedding insurance providers

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is there to provide financial protection to you should anything go wrong either in the build-up to or during your big day.

The cost of weddings is increasing all the time, so it is becoming more and more essential for those organising a wedding to protect their outlay with a wedding insurance policy.

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What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance policies don't tend to offer cover if one of the engaged couple get cold feet and back out of the wedding, but other than that just about everything else can be included to help protect you.

All policies are different, and what is covered will depend on the level of wedding insurance cover you choose, but some of the more common areas of cover include the cancellation or rearrangement of a wedding or reception due to accident, illness or bereavement and if a supplier goes out of business.

Other policy cover options include loss or damage to:

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding suits
  • Wedding presents
  • Rings
  • Cake
  • Flowers

Wedding insurance can also cover the cost of having photos retaken, the failure of wedding cars and a level of public liability insurance to cover guests.

Most standard wedding insurance policies will not extend cover to weddings abroad, so if you are getting married in a different country then you will need to look into dedicated cover for weddings abroad.

How much is wedding insurance?

The cost of wedding insurance varies depending on two factors: which insurance company you choose and what level of cover you opt for.

Most wedding insurers offer a sliding scale of cover from basic packages up to premium and bespoke wedding cover policies.

The cheapest wedding insurance options can costs as little as £20 for basic cover, which can offer damage cover up to £15,000, legal expenses of around £10,000, cancellation cover of £5,000 and public liability cover of up to £2,500,000.

At the other end of the scale, some of the more expensive and premium wedding insurance policies can cost as much as £300. The areas of cover are generally the same, but with more expensive policies the level of cover increases - for example the damage cover can go up to as much as £50,000 and the cancellation cover up to £100,000 with the more premium packages.

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Do I need wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is not compulsory, so it's your choice whether you get a policy or not.

With the costs of wedding's increasing all the time though you have to ask yourself whether you can really afford not to insure your wedding. If there is a cancellation or a supplier lets you down, are you financially able to absorb that cost - or would you be thankful for a wedding insurance policy to cover any potential misfortune.

When policies can cost as little as £20 to cover your wedding, then insurance is usually the most sensible and cost-effective option.

Best wedding insurance providers

If you've got this far and decided that wedding insurance might just be a good idea, then you may be interested to know who the best wedding insurance companies are.

Below we've listed the top places to get a wedding insurance policy in 2017...

John Lewis wedding insurance

John Lewis wedding insurance

John Lewis offer six different levels of cover to suit your needs for the big day. Benefits include £2,500,000 public liability cover as standard and £5,000 cover for cancellation of the wedding due to supplier failure.

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Debenhams wedding insurance

Debenhams wedding insurance

With Debenhams there are five different levels of wedding insurance, with worldwide cover as standard and £5,000 for failure of suppliers. With competitive prices and comprehensive cover, there’s a policy to suit almost every wedding.

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E & L wedding insurance

E and L wedding insuranceE & L have over 70 years experience in offering wedding insurance, and have eight different levels of cover available. With E & L you can get cover up to two years in advance of your big day.

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Wedding Plan wedding insurance

Wedding plan insuranceWith nine levels of cover, with the cheapest starting at just £19.10, Wedding Plan are definitely worth considering.

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Wedding insurance and home insurance

As well as buying a dedicated wedding insurance policy, you may also have the option of covering some aspects of your wedding via your home insurance policy.

Some home insurance companies include some aspects of a wedding as standard in their policy - or at least have the option for you to add further cover as an extension to your existing cover.

Obviously, the advice here is to first of all check what may or may not be covered already as part of your home insurance policy. Then check with your home insurer what options they provide in terms of adding wedding cover to the existing policy - and check whether this will work out cheaper than getting a dedicated wedding insurance policy.



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