What are the cheapest new cars to insure right now?

Hyundai i20 car

Much like most other insurance products on the market – there are a lot of factors involved to determine the cost of your car insurance premium.

These include your age, gender, location, the type of cover you need and your driving habits to name just a few.

Your car insurer will also want to know more about your driving experience and history, whether you would be using telematics technology to track your driving and, of course, the make and model of your vehicle.

Last year we put together a list of the cheapest cars to insure, and we decided it would be a good idea to revisit the topic and refresh the list.

While there’s no definitive way to claim that any one car is cheaper to insure than another, we can look at what makes and models of news cars represent the best value for money right now in terms of insurance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly city cars and super-minis figure prominently on the list, with a host of familiar manufacturer names riding high, while a few surprise inclusions also put in an appearance.

A few re-appear following mention in last year’s equivalent guide too, which just goes to show what a strong and recurrent performer they are from a competitively priced motor insurance perspective.

If you’re a new driver and in a financial position favourable to buying a new car, then any of these vehicles would provide a feasible solution to motor insurance headaches, while even if you’re an experienced driver with thousands of miles of claim-free driving to your name, any of these newer kids on the block could trim even more money off your annual premium.

Just for the record, all the cars which follow made the Top 10 cheapest models to insure list for 2014, and remain at the top of their insurance cost-cutting game 6 months on.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 car

Winner of the 2014 Carbuyer Car of the Year award, the entry-level city run-around from the increasingly popular Japanese automaker offers excellent value for money in every department, not just insurance-wise.

It’s the fuel-sipping 1.0-litre which we’d recommend you run the rule over though, not least because it’s economic (yet still preppy) little engine ensures that it falls into the Group 1 insurance category. Which to the uninitiated, is the cheapest.


Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo car

Long the scourge of the motoring elite and butt of many an auto-based joke (yet working class hero to rally lovers, worldwide), Skoda experienced something akin to a reinvention at the hands of its new parent company, VW a few years back now.

Many impressive models later and the Citigo claimed 2nd place in 2014’s Driver Power owner satisfaction survey. But what you’ll be most chuffed with is the underlying fact that its 59bhp-conjuring 1.0-litre engine sees it slip effortlessly into the Group 1 insurance category promised land.


Seat Mii

SEAT Mii car

Like the Skoda Citigo, the new Seat super mini shares the same chassis/platform as VW Group stablemate, the Volkswagen Up!

Its super compact body, low CO2 emissions and perky little 1.0-litre power plant make the Seat newcomer an almost impossible act to follow if you’re motoring priorities are saving space, the planet and moreover, money in your pocket.

Like the abovementioned, the Mii again falls into insurance Group 1 reckoning.


Dacia Sandero

dacia sandero car

Yes, THE car which Top Gear’s James May had a ‘thing’ for over a couple of series’ of the popular TV-based car show.

Famously one of the cheapest new cars you can buy, Renault’s sub-prime family city shuttle is actually a lot of car for really not much money. The same can be said of its average motor insurance demands too, which provide a lot of cover for an almost criminally low premium.

The recent insurance Group 2 gate-crasher’s fuel-miserly 1.2-litre unit puts in well within the sights of families operating on a strict budget.


Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta car

Ah, the car that’s powered Britain for decades in its many different, generation-spanning guises makes a welcome return in 2015, at least to the pages of affordable car insurance for the masses.

The Blue Oval manufacturer has crafted another stunning example of what an economic, user-friendly yet still stylish small hatchback should look like, and the entry-opening 1.25-litre Zetec-powered engine helps it maintain a low profile amongst the Group 3 and over insurance heavyweights.


Kia Picanto

KIA Picanto car

As the manufacturer continues to distance itself from its budget car roots, there’s no shame in the fact that the Picanto still attracts a lot of attention for its scrimp and saving insurance mentality and model stance. Never better illustrated than in the 1.0-litre and 1.25-litre petrol engine iterations, the former of which sees it sit neatly within the Group 3 insurance family.

With its fabled 7-year warranty to boot, the Picanto is well worth a punt for new, cost-conscious drivers.


Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 car

Not content with offering one insurance premium-busting model in the (albeit more compact) shape and form of the i10 mentioned earlier, Hyundai finds another of its new breed of affordable-yet-stylish-fun-and-reliable models making our list in the 5-door hatchback semblance of the i10’s big brother, the i20.

Despite being a couple of notches up on the insurance group table – Group 5 as it happens – the i20 can routinely return 77mpg for its money-savvy owner.


Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia car

Skoda are another manufacturer who don’t do cheap motor insurance things by halves. Or rather, ones in this case, as the VW-owned automotive brand pops up again with its car insurance-halving Fabia.

In both its 1.2-litre Silverline, Blueline and Classic bodies, the entry-level 3 and 5-door hatchback finds itself a familiar fixture and fitting of the Group 2 insurance category.


Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo car

The tiny tarmac terror from France might not be everyone’s cup of tea, aesthetically (despite small supposedly being eternally beautiful), yet there’s no denying that there’s something incredibly appealing about Group 2 insurance premiums, whatever your opinion is with regards to the Twingo’s looks.

The 1.0-litre SCE Expression, making all the running in this case.


Toyota iQ

Toyota IQ car

Aston Martin made a bespoke version of Toyota’s iQ if you can cast your minds back a few years, which was essentially the same little car as its resolutely Japanese blueprint. Only 10 times the price from what we recall.

But with the iQ everything is cheap, yet never compromised in terms of quality, comfort, economy and safety. Certainly not economy as attested to by the insurance Group 3-languishing, entry level 1.0-litre VVTi.