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What to look for from campervan insurance…

Campervan’s are very different to cars or vans, and as such they require their own form of specialist insurance policy. There are lots of different campervan insurance companies out there, some of which will offer cheap cover for your campervant, however it is important that you make sure your campervan insurance includes the right features and benefits to suit your needs.

For instance, some campervan’s are left hand drive, and some insurance companies do not offer cover for left-hand drive vehicles. Also, you may want to look at specialist import campervan policies if you have purchased your campervan from overseas.

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Campervan insurance features

Depending on your campervan, how often you use it and where you are taking it, there are many specialist policy features you may want to take into account when arranging cover. These can include:

  • Agreed value cover – many insurance companies will only pay out the ‘market value’ of your campervan if you write it off – which can leave you significantly out of pocket if you’ve spent a lot of money to keep it in mint condition. Look out for insurers who will assess your campervan’s true value and offer cover based on that.
  • Left hand drive cover – some insurance companies don’t like to offer cover for left-hand drive campers, while for others it is not a problem.
  • Imported campervan insurance – it is quite common for people to buy a camper from places such as the US, Mexico, Brazil or the Far East. If this is the case then you may want to look at more specialist policies.
  • Discounts for limited mileage – campervans are typically only used for short periods of time, so it’s important to look for policies that feature discounts for driving fewer miles.
  • Contents cover included – contents of a camper could include things like personal effects as well as awnings and gas bottles.
  • Modified / converted campervan cover – if you have modified your camper in any way you want to make sure the insurance company will provide cover for your alterations.
  • Owner’s club discounts – if you are a member of a recognised campervan owners club then you could be in line for an insurance discount of up to 15%.

Insurance cover available for all campervans…

We can help you find cheap campervan insurance for just about any type of camper.

Cheap insurance cover is available for all campervan makes and models, including specialist classic policies for VW campervans through to Japanese imports and converted vans, coaches and buses.

  • VW Transporter (type 2, 3, 4, 5 and all variations)
  • Ford Econoline
  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Thames
  • Ford Escort Elba
  • Dodge A100
  • Chevrolet CorvanLand Rover 110 / LWB
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control
  • Toyota HiAce
  • Toyota Lift-top
  • Toyota New World
  • Nissan UrVan
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Fiat 850T
  • Bedford CA Dormobile
  • Bedford CA Romany
  • Bedford CA Debonair
  • Bedford CF Romany
  • Bedford CF Freeway
  • Bedford CF Landcruiser
  • Bedford CF Deauville
  • Bedford HA Roma
  • Bedford Rascal
  • Austin A152
  • Commer Dormobile
  • Commer Coaster
  • Leyland 20
  • Leyland / LDV Sherpa
  • LDV Convoy
  • Mazda Bongo

What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

We tend to use terms like campervan, motorhome, winnebago and mobile home interchangeably, but there are in fact some slight differences.

We explain the definititions of campervans, motorhomes/winnebagos and mobile homes below…


The term campervan usually refers to a smaller vehicle that can sleep between 2 to 3 people. Most campervans typically include a kitchen and bathroom, but they tend to be smaller and more compact than a motorhome…


Motorhomes and winnebagos are one and the same thing, and tend to be larger than campervans – typically fitting up to 6 people and are built on a long-wheel base. Motorhomes will often have bathroom and kitchen facilities as well as other mod-cons like TV’s, air conditioning etc…

Mobile home

A mobile home is a large static caravan that is parked in one particular place and used as a permanent living accommodation.


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