Get car insurance discounts with an insurance-approved dash cam

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Can a dash cam reduce insurance?

One of the main problems faced by car insurance companies is proving exactly who was at fault when an unfortunate road traffic accident occurs. It isn’t always obvious and, even if you know that you’re the innocent party, it isn’t easy to prove it.

That’s why big-name insurers like Admiral offer discounts for drivers who use an insurance-approved dash cam, making it easier to prove your innocence if you’re ever involved in an accident.

What companies offer dash cam insurance?

Admiral logo

Admiral has been a popular choice for car insurance in the UK for over 25 years, offering competitive prices for their comprehensive insurance policies – but does Admiral offer dash cam discount?

Yes, they do! Admiral are offering customers the opportunity to further reduce their car insurance premiums by disclosing that they use a dash cam (which must be insurance-approved). There is no fixed discount and your insurance premium will still weigh heavily on other factors such as your age and driving experience.

When getting a quote for car insurance with Admiral, you will have the option to add a dash cam as a ‘modification’ to your vehicle – it is a commonly known fact that some vehicle modifications can increase your insurance premiums, but luckily, a dash cam will do the opposite!

Perhaps the most appealing factor of Admiral’s dash cam car insurance is that you qualify for a discount even if you don’t have a permanently fitted camera – you can even use a smartphone app. This means that you don’t necessarily have to record every journey, but it is recommended that you do.

Admiral car insurance quote example - with and without a dash cam

Bobatoo has done a little research into the price differences with Admiral. Getting a car insurance quote as a 30-year-old with £200 excess and 0 No Claims Bonus, the policy totalled £444.67 without a dashcam. Adding a dashboard cam to the policy decreased the price to £436.30, giving a saving of £8.37.

While this saving may not seem like much, it is important to remember that policy prices differ depending on your specific information, so you may find that you save more money with a dash cam! Also, if you are ever in a car accident or something else happens, you know you have footage to make the whole process that much smoother.

If you own a dash cam and already have a car insurance policy with Admiral, contact them directly to enquire about amending your policy to include Admiral’s dash cam insurance discount.

Axa logo

Axa also offer new and existing customers a 10% discount on their insurance premium when using a dash cam, however unlike with Admiral, your camera must be permanently fitted and must record every single journey that you make in your car.

Axa also state that it is ‘preferred’ if you have the camera fitted professionally, but in many cases, they will accept a sample video taken from the camera as proof that it is working correctly.

Using a smartphone app as a dash cam does not qualify you for car insurance discount with Axa, meaning that you will have to invest in an insurance-approved dash cam like those listed in Bobatoo’s guide to the best dash cams in the UK.

Another requirement is that you must be able to send Axa footage from your camera on request.

Swiftcover logo

Swiftcover offer a 10% discount for drivers using a dash cam, with an extra 2.5% discount for those who have a camera manufactured by Nextbase.

To qualify for the full discount, your Nextbase dash cam must be permanently fitted and record every journey that you make. Like with Axa (who own Swiftcover), you must be able to send footage to your insurer as and when they need it.

A smartphone app is not accepted as a dash cam, so if you don’t have one already, you’ll have to pick one up before getting your discount.

Car insurance quote example - with and without a dash cam

Bobatoo managed to get some quotes with Swift Cover to see the difference in car insurance premiums. For a 29-year-old female with an excess of £200, zero No Claims Bonus and no dash cam, the policy worked out at £826. For the same policy, but with a dash cam, the cost came to £729.66 - that's a saving of £96.34!

To find out which Nextbase dash cams are best, see how they rank in Bobatoo’s guide to the best dash cams here.

Adrian Flux logo

You may have never heard of Adrian Flux before, but they are yet another insurance provider that offer discounts for those who take extra steps towards their safety behind the wheel.

New and existing customers can get a discount of as much as 15% when driving with a dash cam, with the insurer claiming that having one installed makes the claims process more efficient – particularly when there are no identifiable witnesses to call upon when making a claim.

You can only get a quote by calling the company on 0800 369 8590.

To qualify for Adrian Flux dash cam insurance, you must own a dash cam which matches the models listed on the Adrian Flux website – the list is extensive and includes many of the models featured in Bobatoo’s very own guide here.

SureThing logo

Another smaller name in the insurance industry, Sure Thing are able to offer an impressive 25% discount for those who make use of an insurance-approved dash cam – in this case, manufactured by Nextbase. To receive this discount, you need to call the company directly on 0330 1234 309.

As well as providing discount for Nextbase dash cam owners, Sure Thing offer an insurance policy which comes with a Nextbase dash cam for you to use – bear in mind that this policy is slightly more expensive to factor in the cost of the camera. The company states on their website that it will cost an extra £3.26 per month.

Unlike with other insurers, Sure Thing will offer a reduction to your excess if you are able to provide them with relevant footage when making a claim.

How to use a dash cam

Even the best dash cams require you to use them properly.

Here are a few tips on how you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your dash cam:

  • Central fitting – make sure that your camera is fitted centrally on your windscreen, just behind your rear-view mirror. Make sure any wires are not obstructing the driver’s view.
  • Save your footage – these cameras don’t have a huge amount of storage, meaning they regularly write over old footage. If you don’t save footage of an accident manually, you risk losing your only witness.
  • Is this thing on? – it’s all too common for dash cam users to think their journey is being recorded when, in fact, their camera isn’t even plugged in. Don’t make this mistake!
  • Face forwards – dash cams aren’t meant for selfies. Make sure that your camera is facing the right way at all times.

Buying the best dash cam

When looking for a dash cam insurance discount, it’s equally important to make sure that the camera you’ve got is of good quality – too many cheap dash cams aren’t fit for purpose, with grainy footage proving useless in the event of a claim.

We’ve tried and tested some of the best dash cams on the market in the UK, so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned cash on a dud. Head over to Bobatoo’s guide on the best dash cams in the UK to find out more!


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