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Do I need excess car insurance?

A tricky one this, and completely down to personal opinion. Obviously there’s no law in place saying ‘thou shalt need excess car insurance’ if you own/drive a car, yet there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t as it makes a great deal of sense. But by the same token, it costs.

You see on the one hand if you are involved in a road incident/accident and you do find yourself subsequently claiming on your motor insurance policy (and therein triggering your excess payment) then excess car insurance will prove extremely useful once you’ve reclaimed it. Because remember, you must pay your excess initially, before receiving it back as per your insurance agreement.

Yet on the other hand in order to action/rely on this you must have first been paying a monthly excess car insurance premium. On top of your current motor insurance premium.

As we say, taking out some form of excess protection cover is entirely up to you. We would advise you to think about the impact of having to pay your excess on your personal finances, and whether offsetting that damage by paying a small amount of extra premium would be worth it in the long run.

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How much does excess protection cost?

This rather depends on the maximum limit you place on the excess car insurance. On average you pay in the region of £50 per annum should you choose to cover your excess to the tune of £500, a premium figure which rises to around the £60 mark if you opt for £750 of additional protection.

That is only a guide price though, and costs can fluctuate depending on your particular circumstances. In terms of the protection it brings though, excess cover is often a very sound financial investment.

Car insurance for over 60’s and over 70’s

When it comes to car insurance, the same rules for those aged over 60 apply as for those aged over 50.

However, once you reach the age of 70 you have to renew your driving licence and continue to do this every three years thereafter.

Over 70’s don’t need to take a test, but they do need to keep their driving licence up to date with any medical conditions that may affect their ability to drive safely, such as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Eye conditions
  • Parkinson’s disease

Subsequently, over 70’s car insurance can differ as insurance companies could begin to view you as a higher risk if you have a medical condition that could affect your driving.


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