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Car insurance for first time drivers

It is becoming more and more common for people to start learning to drive at an older age, and unfortunately the car insurance industry has not kept up with the growing trend.

Most of the policies aimed at new drivers are designed with young drivers in mind, as the assumption is new drivers are young. However, there are now a lot of new drivers aged over 25 who also need to get insured for their first car – the question is: should they be penalised with high premiums like younger drivers?

First time drivers aged between 17 and 24 tend to have to pay much higher premiums than older drivers because they are seen as a higher risk by insurance companies i.e. they are more likely to make a claim.

If you have left it until you are over 25 or even over 30, should you be limited to the same insurance cover options as 17 year olds?

The ever-increasing cost of getting on the road is putting more and more young people off learning to drive, with many waiting a decade or more from the legal age of 17 before learning to drive.

Due to the rising costs of insurance as well as the price of cars, fuel prices, lesson and test costs etc… the number of 17-20 years olds taking their driving test has dropped by over 20% in the last decade since the credit crunch.

Now up to 44% of new and first time drivers are over 25 years old, and they are in need of insurance policies that suit their needs.

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Why car insurance is cheaper for over 25’s

Those aged over 25 generally get the better deal when it comes to car insurance, while younger drivers often have to pay much more – but why exactly is that the case?

Basically, it’s because young drivers are viewed by car insurance companies as posing a greater risk. The cost of insurance premiums are based on how much of a risk you are of being involved in an accident – and therefore having to make a claim against your policy.

The more likely you are deemed to be to make a claim then the higher the premiums you will be asked to pay so the insurance company can offset the risk of offering you cover.

When it comes to analysing risk it is all very much a statistical game – and young drivers are statistically a lot more likely to make a claim than older drivers. This is because they are generally new and inexperienced drivers, but also because they tend to drive more at night.

In contrast, older drivers aged over 25 are statistically less likely to make a claim for a stolen or damaged vehicle as they are more mature and more experienced drivers.

Insurers use data relating to your age, gender, vehicle and the area you live in and regularly drive to estimate your level of risk before giving a quote on how much premium you will have to pay. The lower the risk you pose, the cheaper your insurance should be. This is why car insurance for those aged over 25 years old tends to be a lot cheaper than for younger drivers.

Do new drivers over 25 have to have a black box?

If you are over 25 and have started looking around for an insurance policy as a first time driver, it is likely that most of the quotes will have been for black box car insurance.

Black box – or telematics – insurance is an increasingly common choice for new and young drivers as it is very effective for keeping car insurance premiums as cheap as possible.

It works by fitting a small ‘black box’ to the car – usually somewhere in the engine bay – which records and transmits data to your insurance company. This includes the times you tend to drive, the distances you drive, what roads you go on, how fast you drive, how suddenly you brake, how fast you go round corners/bends and so on.

This helps the insurance company build up a profile of your driving habits, and then charge you each month based on them. Black box insurance can help reduce the cost of premiums as it means new drivers do not have to pay a set premium price based on their statistical likelihood of making a claim – by driving safely and avoiding driving at night they are rewarded with lower costs.

If you are a new driver over 25 the thought of having to have a black box fitted to your car may feel a bit embarrassing, but it could be the best way to get cheaper car insurance. However, it certainly isn’t the only option open to you so make sure you shop around and compare quotes.

New driver car insurance – what you need to know…

Now you’re done with all your driving lessons and passed your theory and practical test, you are finally ready to hit the road as a new driver without being supervised or told what to do.

The feeling of driving a car on your own for the first time can be daunting as well as exciting and liberating, but before you get there you need to get your first car insurance policy – which could be even more of a stressful experience. Luckily, though, you’ve got us to help you through it…

Typically you have three different types of car insurance to choose from, each with different benefits and costs:

  • Third-party only (TPO) – only covers you against damage to other people, cars & property
  • Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT) – same as TPO, but also covers your car if it’s in a fire, or stolen
  • Comprehensive – same as TPO & TPFT but also covers your car against damage it sustains in an accident

For more information read our full guide: What does ‘third party’ and ‘comprehensive’ car insurance actually mean?


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