The top 15 family cars that are cheap to insure

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If you’re thinking of starting a family, or you already have a child (or children) and you’re finding it too much of a squeeze in your hatchback or city runaround, you’re probably in need of a more spacious and accommodating vehicle.

While this is all well and good, the cost can soon add up when you take into account a brand-new car (bought outright or on finance), road tax and car insurance.

Renowned car insurance company Admiral has analysed different cars that have been insured by motorists (aged 26 and over) that have children (16 or under) and identified 7 of the most popular family cars that come with the cheapest car insurance premiums.

Their 7 best family cars include a mixture of small city cars that are surprisingly spacious and compact SUVs that come with even more space.

As well as listing these below, we’ll also list Compare the Market’s top 8 family cars that come with some of the lowest premiums in the UK to give you a bigger variety to choose from.

The best 7 low insurance family cars according to Admiral

Looking at data from between January and March 2021, here are Admiral’s top 10 cars for parents and their average annual premiums:


Average annual premium

1.MG3 £256.46
2. Skoda Citigo £281.52
3. Mazda CX-3 £295.79
4. SEAT Arona £296.77
5. Volkswagen up! £297.22
6. Ford KA+ £303.03
7. Dacia Duster £305.62

These average premiums are very cheap, especially compared to younger drivers who face annual payments of up to £1,000 and more in some cases. However, it’s worth remembering that they are only averages based on data and your premium could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on factors such as the value of the vehicle, your driving history, past claims, driving convictions, insurance provider, insurance group, where you live and more.

Learn more: How is car insurance calculated?

8 cheap cars to insure for families - Compare the Market

The cars listed below offer some of the cheapest premiums for motorists, based on data from between March and June 2020. While Admiral’s list is more recent, it’s worth noting that the below cars are still very popular and cheap to insure in 2021.


Average annual premium

8. Kia Sportage £366.36
9. Dacia Sandero £376.83
10. Citroen C3 Picasso £385.70
11. Fiat Panda £389.60
12. Vauxhall Mokka £391.76
13. Ford C-Max Titanium £391.76
14. Honda Jazz £394.74
15. Mini Countryman Cooper £395.64

When looking for the right car for you and your family, and if you want to keep the cost low, you’ll need to consider the car insurance group for the vehicle you choose.

Cars are placed into an insurance group from 1 to 50 based on its safety rating and a range of other factors which determines how cheap or expensive it will be to insure (group 1 cars come with the cheapest premiums, while those in higher groups will be more expensive to insure).

So if you decide on the best family car for you, make sure you check its insurance group and compare quotes online to get the best deal for your budget and your driving needs.

Family car insurance - Does it exist?

Most car insurance companies don’t actually offer a specific ‘family car insurance’ policy, but there are other options that can tailor your cover to your family’s needs.

Multi-car insurance

Generally, family car insurance is more commonly referred to as multi-car insurance, which is a policy designed for families that have more than one car registered to their home address.

With multi-car cover, you can have more than one car on one insurance policy and just pay the one premium every year. Generally, having a multi-car policy is much cheaper than having separate policies for each vehicle, and it’s much easier to manage with just the one payment, so it often works out to be a much better deal for families, leaving them with money to spend elsewhere.

Adding a family member to your existing policy

If you have an older child or children that has/have passed their driving test and you are willing to let them drive your car, they can be added to your existing policy as a named driver.

New drivers are usually charged very high premiums due to their age and being inexperienced on the road, so adding them as a named driver can help to keep the cost of cover right down.

The only thing is, the named driver must not drive the vehicle more than the main driver; this is an illegal act known as fronting and could land you in a lot of trouble if you’re caught or involved in an accident as it invalidates your insurance, meaning that the driver is technically driving around uninsured.

If your child doesn’t need to drive it as much as you, however, it is worth adding them onto your existing policy - just beware that the cost of your premiums might go up for adding a new driver.

Short-term car insurance

Also known as temporary car insurance, a short-term policy provides cover for drivers who need to borrow someone else’s vehicle for a short period of time - whether it’s for a day, a weekend, a week or a month.

So if your son or daughter wants to borrow your car just for the weekend or if they’re coming home for the summer from university, a short-term policy will be a much cheaper policy than getting annual cover.

Save money on family car insurance today

To sum up, some of the best ways of saving money on car insurance are:

  • Getting a car that’s cheap to insure
  • Getting a multi-car policy
  • Adding a named driver to existing cover

On top of this, there are a range of other ways to help you cut down on insurance costs. Read our 10 tips here.

And remember, the best way to save money (especially about 1 month before your current policy is coming to an end) is to compare quotes online. Start here with Bobatoo today and see how much money you could be saving on cover!

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