Christmas dinner on a budget: How to do Christmas 2019 cheaply

Christmas dinner

How can I save money on Christmas dinner this year?

With all of the hoo-ha surrounding Christmas presents, how much they cost and how none of us are able to stick to a budget (54% of us, anyway), it is often overlooked how much it costs to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner.

In the Philippines they eat roast pig, while in Japan they simplify Christmas lunch by gathering around for a KFC (yes, really!), but traditions die hard in Britain and many of us would sooner skip Christmas lunch altogether than give up our turkey, pigs in blankets and Christmas pudding.

Combine this with the countless tubs of chocolates, sweets and nuts that we stuff our faces with throughout December, it really is no surprise that the cost of food at Christmas can skyrocket – we buy enough of it to last us for months!

Luckily, though, there are a few ways to cut back on the cost of Christmas dinner in 2019, from buying cheap Christmas food to coming up with some inventive Christmas meal ideas. Let’s tuck in, shall we?

#1 – Save your Christmas leftovers

You may not fancy them right now, but when you wake up on Boxing Day with the hankering for a festive sandwich, you’ll regret chucking out that leftover turkey.

Of course, once smothered in gravy, cranberry sauce and whatever else, it becomes a lot more difficult to salvage the cherished Christmas meat – why not add a little less to your plate in the first place? You can always go back for seconds.

There are a number of exciting leftover turkey recipes online, from homemade variations of Greggs’ infamous ‘festive bake’ to a more upmarket Turkey carbonara – let your imagination run free and whip up something different with your leftovers this year!

#2 – Don’t be snobby

Whether you get your Christmas pudding from Aldi, Waitrose or even your local butchers, most people will struggle to tell the difference between the three.

Your bank account will know, though!

The best way to prepare for a cheap Christmas dinner, particularly when it comes to things like veg, pigs-in-blankets and Yorkshire puddings, is to stock up as early as you can and store them in the freezer – some supermarkets have been known to cut prices of specific items up in the countdown to Christmas, so don’t be caught out by this.

One of the best apps to save you money this Christmas is mySupermarket, which compares the cost of your shop in all of the UK’s most popular supermarkets – try it out on iOS or Android today.

#3 – Plan with a Christmas dinner shopping list

Who wants what on their Christmas dinner plate? That’s what you need to find out before filling your cupboards this Christmas.

After all, those 3 bags of frozen sprouts are no good if nobody likes them!

Write a Christmas dinner list before you start your shopping and you’ll be surprised how much money (and freezer space) you can save.

How much does it cost to make a Christmas dinner?

In 2018, the average cost of Christmas dinner fell anywhere between £26.43 and £43.98.

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#4 – Chip in together

Whether you’re catering for 2 or 20, if you have others coming over for Christmas dinner, ask them to chip in! Whether that means delegating cooking tasks or asking them to pick up a few things from the store, it’s much easier to do Christmas on a budget when you have a helping hand.

If there are a lot of people coming over, you could even ask a few individuals to plan entertainment – anything from the classic charades to pass the parcel for the kids would surely go down a treat.

#5 – Celebrate into the New Year

Many of us stock up on giant tins of chocolates, biscuits and other festive treats to see us through the festive period, but how much of this do you actually eat before Christmas?

If the answer is not much, then you might want to hold off until after the big day to pick up your chocolates – not only will they be discounted in stores, but you may have been given some as a gift!

Merry Christmas from Bobatoo

No matter how you spend your money this Christmas, Bobatoo would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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