Christmas jumper day 2019

A man and woman wearing Christmas jumpers

Here at Bobatoo, there’s nothing we love more than a good old Christmas jumper.

Whether it’s a novelty fleece with music and flashing lights or a simple pullover that your Grandma knitted all those years ago (we know, it’s itchy, but she’d be devastated if you didn’t wear it!), Christmas jumpers are one of the best parts of the festive buildup.

So whether you’re looking to impress the guys at the office, stand out at the Christmas party or simply rest easy knowing that you have the best Christmas jumper in town, we’ve collated a list of our favourites to share with you.


Christmas jumpers for men

Christmas jumpers for women

Kids' Christmas jumpers

Novelty Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumpers for men

#1 – ‘Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animal!’ jumper

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal jumper

Taken from everybody’s festive favourite, Home Alone, the phrase: “Merry Christmas, ya’ filthy animal!” has been in circulation for years – and now, you can have it on your Christmas jumper!

#2 – Game of Thrones Christmas jumper

Game of Thrones themed Christmas jumper

One of the most popular TV shows in recent years, and people still can’t get enough of Game of Thrones – this jumper is a great choice for any fan.

#3 – Marvel Avengers Christmas jumper

Marvel Avengers Christmas jumper

It’s been a busy year for Marvel fans, so what better way to celebrate than with this Marvel Christmas jumper? With a nod to all of your favourite superheroes, this jumper is sure to be a hit.

#4 – Harry Potter Christmas jumper

Harry Potter Christmas jumper

It’s shown on repeat every December, so why not settle down for this year’s Harry Potter marathon in this comfy Hogwarts Express Christmas jumper?

#5 – 3D Reindeer Christmas jumper

3D reindeer Christmas jumper

This reindeer Xmas jumper comes with some standout 3D features, including a nose, tail and bow tie!

When is Christmas jumper day 2019?

National Christmas jumper day is on Friday, December 13th 2019.

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Christmas jumpers for women

#1 – ‘A very Merry Christmas’ tree jumper

A very merry Christmas tree jumper

With fluffy 3D baubles on the front, this tree-themed jumper is perfect for the holiday season.

#2 – Classic ‘ugly’ Christmas jumper

Stitched Christmas jumper

This may not seem a looker at first, but we think that this ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater might just help you stand out from the crowd this year – whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you!

#3 – Star Wars Christmas jumper

Star Wars Christmas jumper

Chew-better have a Merry Christmas whilst wearing this Chewbacca Christmas jumper - the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any Star Wars superfan!

#4 – ‘Elfie’ Christmas jumper dress

Elf Christmas jumper dress

If you’re looking for something a little different to a traditional Christmas sweater, this Christmas jumper dress could be just the thing! With the name ‘Elfie’ embroidered on the front and a fuzzy hood at the rear, this dress is sure to keep you warm on Christmas Jumper Day this year.

#5 – Pink snowman Christmas jumper

Pink snowman Christmas jumper

If you’re looking for something that is the perfect mix of festive and classy this Christmas, this pink, fuzzy snowman sweater is the perfect choice.

Kids' Christmas jumpers

#1 – Fortnite Christmas jumper

Fortnight playstation game Christmas jumper

Know a child who is obsessed with Fornite? Of course you do! This Fortnite Christmas jumper features the battle bus, some festive loot drops and various Fortnite dances for good measure.

#2 – Paw Patrol Christmas jumper

Paw Patrol Christmas jumper

Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, Paw Patrol, is a favourite among children, so this Paw Patrol Christmas jumper should go down a treat this year!

#3 – Frozen Christmas jumper

Frozen Christmas jumper

With Frozen 2 released in time for Christmas 2019, your mini Elsa or Anna is sure to love this Frozen Christmas jumper so much that they won’t want to Let It Go!

#4 – Minecraft Christmas jumper


Still one of the most popular video games for children young and old, this Minecraft Christmas jumper is perfect for the young gamer in your life.

#5 – Peppa Pig Christmas jumper

Peppa Pig Christmas jumper

Peppa and friends will be swapping muddy puddles for snow angels this Christmas, and your little one is sure to love this Christmas jumper featuring everybody’s favourite pig!

Novelty Christmas jumpers

#1 – ‘Naughty and Nice’ joint Christmas jumper

Two people wearing a joint Christmas jumper

Not quite as practical as the other jumpers on this list, but this joint Christmas jumper is sure to raise some eyebrows at the Christmas party.

#2 – Rudolph Christmas jumper with lights and music

Rudolf Christmas lights jumper

This list just would not have been complete without an all-lights, all-music festive Christmas jumper. This cute Rudolph sweater lights up at the press of a button and plays music when you press the nose or give somebody a tight Christmas hug.

#3 – ‘Tesco value’ Christmas jumper

Tesco value funny Christmas jumper

There isn’t much festive about this Christmas jumper, but we love the irony behind it! Whatever happens, this ‘Tesco value’ Christmas jumper will definitely get some laughs.

#4 – Donald Trump Christmas jumper

Donald Trump Christmas jumper

Like him or loathe him, this Donald Trump Christmas jumper is, at the very least, a bit different from your usual.

#5 – ‘All I Want for Christmas is EU’ jumper

All I want for Christmas is EU

‘Tis the season to try and sort out Brexit…or was that last season? We can’t quite remember. Either way, a comical play on words always results in a great Christmas jumper.

Merry Christmas from Bobatoo

Everyone at Bobatoo would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We appreciate that it can be an expensive time of year, so remember to check out some of the incredibly useful money-saving advice we have, such as how to do Christmas dinner cheap and the best free Christmas money-saving apps.


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