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How old does a van have to be to be a classic?

The criteria for a van to be a classic is usually based on the age of the vehicle. Unfortunately many insurers have different definitions of what makes a van a classic, so it is important to get quotes from as many different insurance companies as possible and compare what cover they are prepared to offer you.

In general terms, insurers will deem any van that was built more than 20 years ago as a classic – which means a rusty van from the early 90’s is in the same class as a vintage 1950s model.

As the criteria for a classic van is fairly loose, it is important to make sure you agree a valuation of your van with your insurer – rather than just being paid out the market value in the event of a total loss claim.

An agreed valuation means you will be buying insurance for what the van is actually worth, and takes into account any changes or modifications you have made to it. In order to get an agreed valuation for your van you will need to send photos to your insurer of the van and provide evidence of what changes have been made to it.

An agreed valuation is recommended as you may find you are under-insured in the case of a write-off if you only buy insurance for the current market value of the make and model of your van (which will take vehicle depreciation into account). All classic vans are different and have different value depending on the condition of the van, how it has been used in the past, how it has been looked after etc. so the ‘market value’ will often be less than the actual value.

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Is classic van insurance cheaper than standard van insurance?

It’s often assumed that insurance for a classic van is more expensive than for a standard van, but this is not always the case. Insurance companies know that owners of classic vans are more likely to take more care with their vehicle and won’t be using it as often or for things like transporting goods or people like a standard van would be used.

Classic vans also tend to do a lot less miles each year than standard vans, which can further reduce the cost of your insurance premiums as if you drive it less there is a reduced risk of having an accident.

It’s not all good news for classic van owners, though, as replacement parts for older and vintage vans can be much harder to find and may require more specialist mechanics – which can significantly increase the cost of any claim you make and therefore result in higher insurance premiums.

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How to get cheap classic van insurance

Although a classic van insurance policy can often be cheaper than a standard van policy, there are still a few things you can do to make it even cheaper. See our tips below on how to save money on insurance for your classic van…


The fewer miles you do, the lower the risk of an accident – so be honest and as accurate as possible with the amount of miles you drive your van each year during the quoting process.

Added security

Fitting your van with an alarm, immobiliser or an anti-theft locking device will likely lead to cheaper premiums as your van will be less of a target for thieves, and if you have a vehicle tracking device it will also be more likely to be recovered if it is stolen.

Join a classic van membership club

A lot of classic car and van membership clubs are recognised by insurance companies who may offer discounts to customers who are members. This is because the very fact you are a member of such a club is a clear sign that you are proud of your classic van and intend to take good care of it.

The cost of membership to a club may outweigh the discount provided by the insurance company, but that effectively means your are getting membership to the club – and all the benefits that brings – for practically nothing.

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How much does tenant’s home insurance cost?

It’s vitally important that tenant’s looking to rubber stamp a home contents insurance policy run down those premium prices – admittedly as it is for everyone else securing insurance products out there – as perhaps you’re operating within a tighter budget than homeowners.

At the end of the day tenant’s home insurance premium prices by and large reflect how much you value your personal possessions and the price you would put on them to replace. Sentimentality being removed from the practical equation, suffice to say.

Although sounding like hard work, by doing your initial maths homework you’ll potentially save yourself; if not huge amounts of money on your annual/monthly premiums, then by not having to foot any shortfall in subsequent pay-outs from your insurer in the event of a claim being settled and both parties disagreeing on pre-emergency values. You see honesty is the key word here and as we all know, honesty pays.

Also make sure you note separately any more expensive individual items (like TVs, mobile phones, cameras and jewellery for example) as these can be insured in their own right up to the limited value of £1,500 on average.

Growing numbers of tenant’s home insurance providers are urging policyholders to have some form of additional cover in place so as to protect your landlord’s contents against any accidental damage on your part. What if you spilt red wine or paint on a fitted carpet in the property for instance, and had to not only foot the bill but also compromise your deposit being returned in full at the end of your contractual term? By including accidental damage clauses and conditions within your policy then the insurer would stump up as a result of such an accident occurring.

What can I do to reduce the cost of tenant’s home insurance?

Insurers tend to reward policyholders that keep their possessions safe and secure with lower premiums, so make sure you have good door and window locks fitted throughout the house. Your landlord should do this as a matter of course, but if not make sure you request it as soon as possible.


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