Co-op car insurance review

  • 70% No Claims Discount
  • Courtesy car
  • 24 hour accident recovery service
  • Key replacement

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Co-op car insurance products

Co-op offer comprehensive car insurance policies that come with a lot of features as standard. They also offer specialist policies such as business use car insurance, European car insurance, learner driver insurance, new driver car insurance, over 50’s car insurance, sports car insurance and dedicated women’s car insurance.

Co-op comprehensive car insurance

Co-op’s comprehensive policies come with a lot of great features as standard, as well as a choice of optional extras to further increase your level of cover. Co-op only offer comprehensive car insurance, so you will not be able to find cover for third party only or third party, fire and theft.

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As standard, you get:

No Claims Discount – 70% No Claim Discount for 5 or more claim free years

Courtesy car – While your vehicle is being repaired by a Co-op approved repairer after an accident

24 hour accident recovery service – If you are unable to drive your car safely after an accident Co-op can arrange for it to be recovered

Key replacement – Co-op will arrange and pay for your locks to be replaced (up to a cost of £750) if your keys are stolen

As well as this, if you take out a comprehensive car insurance policy with Co-op you can choose any of the following optional extras:

Learn more about Co-op’s comprehensive car insurance policy:

Co-op business use car insurance

A standard car insurance policy will cover you for driving to and from work, but if you use your car for work then you may need to add business use to the policy. Even if you need to drive to another site for work, or transport goods in your car, you might find your standard car insurance policy doesn’t cover you.

This is because using your car for work leads to you facing a higher level of risk e.g. driving on unfamiliar roads, using the car more etc.

Subsequently, adding business use to your policy is likely to increase the cost – but it is worth it if you need to make a claim.

Co-op’s Business Use Insurance offers cover for most jobs and any driver who uses their car to drive between places for an employer. So if you have to use your car for things like driving between offices and going to meetings, then you and any named drivers will be covered.

Co-op European car insurance

Driving your own car when your abroad can be cheaper than hiring a car, but you need to make sure it is covered to be driven on European roads.

Co-op car insurance gives you eight days of cover when driving in the EU, and some other European countries, but if you intend to be away for longer than eight days you will need to arrange extended foreign use cover.

Co-op learner driver insurance

Insurance for learner drivers has grown in popularity in recent years, which could be down to the increasing cost of learning to drive. Research by the DVSA has found that the average learner driver requires 47 hours of driving lessons and practice before they pass.

Therefore, spending as much time as possible practicing in your own car rather than paying for lessons can help keep the costs down. As being added to a parent’s car insurance policy as a named driver could increase their premiums and risk their No Claims Discount, many learner drivers are deciding to get their own insurance for while they learn.

Co-op new driver car insurance

New drivers have to pay the most for car insurance, as insurers see them as a higher risk than more experienced drivers.

Co-op offer a black box car insurance option known as SmartBox to help young drivers keep the cost down. This monitors how safely you drive and charges you accordingly. The SmartBox takes into account:

  • your average speeds on different types of road
  • how fast and hard you accelerate or brake
  • what time of day you drive
  • how fast you take corners

Co-op over 50’s car insurance

If you’re aged 50 or over, then you get all the benefits of being an experienced driver – so long as you have a clean claims record.

However, Co-op don’t offer any extra benefits to the over 50’s other than what comes as standard on their comprehensive policy – so all you get is a much cheaper premium for comprehensive cover thanks to your age and experience.

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How much does Co-op car insurance cost?

As with all car insurance companies, the amount you pay in premiums for Co-Op car insurance will depend on a host of different factors, including:

  • Your age
  • History of no claims
  • Make and model of your car
  • Your address
  • Where you park the car at home (on the road, driveway, garage etc…)
  • What you use the car for (commuting, driving for work etc…)
  • Annual mileage

Co-op car insurance online reviews

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