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What is any driver van insurance?

As the name suggests, any driver van insurance allows you to insure more than one person to drive a van.

This is useful for businesses who rely on more than one employee to get to a work site or to transport goods using a van, as well as private van owners who may want several family members to be able to drive the van.

The main benefit of any driver van insurance is the flexibility it provides compared to only insuring a single driver to use the van, as any driver that is named on the policy is able to drive the van at any time.

With this type of policy you can usually insure up to four people to drive a van, which means if one employee is unable to drive for any reason then another of the named drivers can step in without any disruption to your business. Similarly, private van owners can share the driving of a van between them.

Any driver van insurance policies are more expensive than if you were just buying a policy for one person, as you will be paying to cover several different drivers. However, it is likely to work out cheaper than if you were to arrange separate policies for each individual person to drive the van.

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Age of drivers

As with all forms of motor insurance, van insurance companies will use the age and driving history of the named drivers when calculating the cost of your premiums.

Therefore young and new drivers aged under 25 typically attract higher premiums as they are statistically more likely to have an accident and make a claim on the policy. So if you are adding a named driver under 25 onto your policy you can expect the cost of the premium to rise accordingly.

If you are able to limit drivers over 25 to the policy then you should be able to get cheaper any driver van insurance.

Not all businesses and families have the option to pick and choose the ages of their drivers, but if you can at least only add drivers who are over the age of 21 it will help with the cost of the insurance. It is also worth comparing quotes to insure young drivers on a single policy to drive the van, rather than include them on the any driver policy – so make sure you compare lots of quotes from a range of insurance companies before deciding on the best course of action.

As well as the age of the drivers, the other aspect that can significantly influence the cost of any driver van insurance is how you use your van. If it’s a private van and only used for domestic purposes then you can expect your premiums to be a lot less than if it is a commercial van being used for business purposes.

For more information on van insurance for different business types, see the below:

How big and heavy the van is will also play a part in how much any driver van insurance costs – as will what van insurance group it belongs to.

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