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Esure car insurance products

Esure is a British insurance company, founded in 2000. They offer motor insurance alongside their 2 other core products: home and travel insurance.

They also provide multi-car insurance, which offers a discounted rate on your car insurance when you insure more than one car.

Unlike some rival providers, Esure do not provide insurance for larger vans (such as Ford Transit vans) or motorbikes.

What cover do they offer?

Esure only offer two levels of car insurance: third party, fire and theft (TPFT) and fully comprehensive. They do not offer third party only cover.

Third party, fire and theft

Esure’s third party, fire and theft car insurance policy is their cheapest level of cover, providing:

  • Cover for any damage done to the vehicle of another driver’s property
  • Cover for any injury sustained by the other driver if you were at fault
  • Cover if your car sustains fire damage
  • Cover if your car is stolen, or damaged by theft

Esure also include the following benefits as part of their third party, fire and theft cover:

  • Unlimited legal liability in the event of death or injury to a third party
  • Up to £20 million legal liability towards damages to a third party’s property
  • Guaranteed repairs from approved retailers for 5 years
  • Cover for fitted in-car entertainment systems, with up to £1000 worth of cover if stolen

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive car insurance (or just comprehensive car insurance) provides you with some of the best protection possible and comes with a range of optional extras, too.

This policy offers:

  • Everything covered by third party, fire and theft cover as mentioned above
  • Cover for your own car in the case of an accident
  • Cover for any accidental damage to your car
  • Cover for damage to your car when the culprit is unknown
  • Third party only cover when driving somebody else’s car (exclusions apply)
  • A courtesy car while yours is being repaired
  • A new car replacement if your car is less than 1 year old and the cost of repair is more than 55% of the manufacturer’s latest list price

Esure’s comprehensive car insurance policy allows you to add extra cover to your policy like misfuelling coverbreakdown cover or motor legal protection.

Esure’s fully comprehensive cover also comes with third party only insurance when driving in Europe. You can upgrade to this level of cover by contacting them directly, ideally 7-10 days before departure.

To learn more about the different levels of cover available when buying car insurance, read Bobatoo’s guide on third party and comprehensive car insurance.

Esure car insurance - optional extras

As mentioned previously, esure’s comprehensive policy allows you to add a number of extras to your policy for an added cost.

Motoring legal protection

Sometimes known as legal expenses cover, motor legal protection provides cover for any legal costs associated with a car accident where you are not held responsible.

Esure will pay out up to £100,000 to defend you if you are charged for committing a motoring offence and up to £10,000 to represent you if you find yourself stuck in a dispute with a government agency, the police or an insurer.

Motoring legal protection also covers you for the recovery of losses which aren’t included in your car insurance policy, including:

  • Travel expenses following an accident
  • Fees and expenses for a solicitor
  • Estimated loss of earnings
  • Costs relating to the driver’s injury or death
  • Costs to repair an attached caravan or trailer
  • Costs forced upon you by a court
  • Your policy excess

Breakdown cover

Esure offer breakdown cover as an optional extra to their car insurance, provided by the RAC.

When adding breakdown cover to your policy, you will be given the choice of either roadside assistance, home recovery or vehicle recovery – the level of cover offered by these 3 packages vary.

For a more detailed look into the different levels of breakdown cover, read Bobatoo’s complete guide to breakdown cover here.

Personal injury benefit

Personal injury benefit will pay out varied amounts of money when an accident occurs resulting in injury or death.

Cover will be provided for injury or death whilst:

  • Travelling as a passenger in the insured car
  • Driving the insured car
  • Getting into or out of the insured car

The maximum payout amount is £100,000, which will only be paid if you were deemed to be at-fault for the accident. Any non-fault claims will pay out at a maximum of £30,000.

The cover also includes a medical expenses benefit, which provides payment towards medical procedures, overnight hospital stays, dental procedures and physiotherapy.

Car hire benefit

Esure’s car hire benefit will provide you with a hire car for up to 21 days in the event that your car is either written off or stolen.

The period of time that you are eligible for a hire car can be extended at a discounted rate if you require the car for more than 21 days.

Key cover

Esure’s key cover provides insurance for your car and garage keys in the case of loss, theft or accidental damage. The cover provides:

  • The cost of retrieving keys that have been locked inside the car
  • Transport costs if you need to get home to pick up a spare key
  • The cost of replacing car keys and reprogramming the alarm system in your car
  • The cost of replacing a lost or stolen garage key
  • The cost of replacing the lock on your car/garage if necessary
  • Transportation costs to get you, your passengers and your car to a suitable garage to replace or repair your key and locks

Misfuelling cover

If you happen to fill your car with the wrong fuel, misfuelling cover will pay for:

  • The RAC to drain, flush and clean your car’s fuel system
  • Replenish your petrol tank with up to 10 litres
  • Transport you, your car and any passengers to a nearby garage if necessary

The cover also entitles you to a hire car in the event that your car cannot be fixed on the same day, as well as costs of overnight accommodation for you and up to 8 passengers if deemed necessary.

Claiming on this cover will not affect your no-claims discount.

How much does Esure insurance cost?

As with most forms of insurance, the cost of your premium will depend on a range of factors. These include:

  • Your age
  • Your no-claims discount
  • The make and model of your car
  • Your home address
  • Where you park your car at night
  • Where you park your car throughout the day
  • What you use your car for (social, domestic, business etc.)
  • Estimated annual mileage

The price of car insurance can vary from person to person. Shop around online using price comparison websites to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

If you’re looking to save money on your car insurance premiums, take a look at Bobatoo’s tips for cutting car insurance costs here.

Esure customer reviews

See below for the latest customer ratings on Esure’s car insurance, taken from a host of reputable customer review websites.


Review company Rating (out of 5)
Trustpilot 4 3.75
SmartMoneyPeople 3
Reviewcentre 1.5
Average 3

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