Geoffrey car insurance review

  • Car insurance exclusively for safe and careful drivers
  • Renewing customers rewarded with lower prices
  • Free legal expenses cover

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About Geoffrey car insurance

Geoffrey Insurance – formerly Chaucer Direct – is an insurance company that specialises in offering cheap car insurance for careful drivers.

They offer a wide range of benefits and policy features to safe drivers, and boast a very good customer service record that has seen them win numerous awards.

One of the most attractive options from Geoffrey is that, instead of reserving their best prices for new policyholders they give the best discounts for drivers who renew with them. Meaning if you stick with Geoffrey car insurance and have a healthy No Claims history then you are likely to get quoted a cheaper premium price when you renew.

They use UK contact centres and provide every policyholder with a dedicated personal claims advisor – two promises that help them stay ahead of the competition when it comes to customer service.

Like all major car insurance companies, Geoffrey offer the standard levels of cover:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

To learn more, read our guide: What does ‘third party’ and ‘comprehensive’ car insurance actually mean?

The comprehensive policy from Geoffrey is the one that comes with the extra benefits, and is therefore the most expensive.

The features included in the comprehensive policy are:

  • Free legal expenses cover
  • Free courtesy car
  • No cancellation fees within six months
  • Uninsured driver promise – no loss of NCD
  • Dedicated personal claims advisor
  • UK contact centre
  • Fully qualified contact centre team
  • No credit card fees

Geoffrey Insurance also offer a host of optional policy extras such as:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Extra legal expenses cover
  • Guaranteed hire car
  • No-Claims Discount protection
  • Increased personal accident cover
  • Cover for replacement keys

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As well as car insurance policies, Geoffrey Insurance also offer Van InsuranceLearner Driver Insurance and Pet Insurance policies.

Van Insurance

Like their car insurance offering, Geoffrey aim to “provide drivers with the lowest van insurance prices and the best service in the business”. With a Geoffrey van insurance policy you get a free courtesy van, free legal expenses cover and everything else you get with the car insurance.

There’s also useful optional extras like business legal expenses cover and a guaranteed hire van.

Learner Driver Insurance

Geoffrey offers car insurance policies to cover provisional licence holders while they learn to drive. Learner drivers can use the policy to cover their parent’s or friend’s car while they learn without any risk to the car owners’ insurance. This is a great policy for learner drivers and is likely to work out cheaper than being added to someone else’s policy as a learner driver.

If you do have an accident while driving someone else’s car then the claim will be made through your learner driver policy, so the car owners No Claims Discount is not affected.

Geoffrey offers learner driver insurance for any car that is in insurance group 32 or less, and provides comprehensive cover to learner drivers for maximum protection.

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How much does Geoffrey car insurance cost?

As with all car insurance companies, the amount you pay for a premium from Geoffrey Insurance will depend on a host of different factors, including:

  • Your age
  • History of no claims
  • Make and model of your car
  • Your address
  • Where you park the car at home (on the road, driveway, garage etc…)
  • What you use the car for (commuting, driving for work etc…)
  • Annual mileage

However, as they target their policies at safe and careful drivers, Geoffrey Insurance is likely to be one of the cheapest quotes you find. Also, with their commitment to offering the best prices to drivers who renew with them you may find that over a long period of time Geoffrey car insurance is the most cost effective option.

Geoffrey car insurance online reviews

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Trust Pilot 5 4
Smart Money People 5
Review Centre 5
Average 4.75