Green Flag breakdown cover review

  • Excellent smartphone app
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unlimited callouts

Green Flag Breakdown

Who are Green Flag?

Green Flag provide breakdown and recovery assistance to drivers across the UK. They are part of the Direct Line Group and were founded in 1971 as an alternative option to the RAC and AA.

They focus specifically on breakdown cover and offer a wide range of packages.

Green Flag's website home page

Green Flag's breakdown insurance packages

Green Flag offer an extensive range of breakdown insurance packages, ranging from basic roadside assistance to European recovery.

Their breakdown insurance is available as vehicle breakdown cover, personal breakdown cover, multi-vehicle breakdown cover and family breakdown cover.

Green Flag Rescue

Green Flag rescue is Green Flag’s core policy, offering the following benefits:

  • Covers breakdowns in carsvans, motorhomes or motorbikes.
  • Roadside assistance – A mechanic will be sent to fix your vehicle at the roadside if you break down further than a quarter-of-a-mile away from home.
  • Local recovery – If your car cannot be fixed at the side of the road, you, your vehicle and any passengers you have will be taken to a local Green Flag certified garage, no matter how far away that may be. You can also opt to be taken elsewhere, as long as it is either a) within 10 miles from the breakdown or b) no further than the nearest Green Flag certified garage.
  • Next-day collection – If the garage is closed, Green Flag’s vehicle collection means that they will pick your vehicle up from your house the next day to take it to a garage.
  • Pass the message – Green Flag will call anybody who you think needs to know that you have broken down, be that your spouse, your parents or your boss.
  • Unlimited callouts with no callout charge

Green Flag Rescue Plus

With Green Flag Rescue Plus you are entitled to all of Green Flag’s core benefits that come under their ‘rescue’ policy, as well as the added bonus of home-start recovery.

Home start recovery gives you additional access to a mechanic and recovery service when you break down at, or within a quarter-of-a-mile of, your home address.

Green Flag Recovery

Similar to Green Flag Rescue, a Green Flag Recovery policy will provide you with assistance at roadside if you break down.

The difference is that this policy comes with national vehicle recovery, meaning that if your car cannot be fixed at roadside, you, your vehicle and any passengers will be taken to a destination in the UK of your choosing.

However, if the breakdown is caused by a flat or damaged tyre, you will be limited to 10 miles unless all local garages are closed.

Green Flag Recovery Plus

Green Flag Recovery Plus is the provider’s most popular policy as it offers absolutely everything they provide within the UK.

As well as being entitled to all of the aforementioned benefits, you will be able to make use of their ‘onward travel’ cover.

Onward travel can be useful for those who tend to venture far from home, as if your vehicle cannot be repaired on the day, you will be given the choice of a hire car, overnight accommodation or reimbursed public transport costs to continue your journey.

Note: Costs are limited up to £100 for a hire car or £500 (£150pp) for hotel accommodation.

Green Flag Euro Plus

Finally, Green Flag’s most comprehensive breakdown cover policy is EuroPlus.

This is their most expensive cover as it provides you with all of their breakdown cover services both in the UK and across Europe.

Some of the benefits differ slightly, with the covered costs of a hire car rising to £850 in Europe and hotel accommodation costs limited to £45 per person, per day up to a total value of £500.

Optional Extras: Personal Breakdown Cover and Multi-Car Breakdown Cover

Green Flag’s personal breakdown cover will cover you against any breakdowns that occur while you’re in an eligible vehicle, whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

This can be purchased as an optional extra to your vehicle breakdown cover at an estimated cost of £20/year, or £1.83/month.

Green Flag’s multi-car breakdown cover allows you to cover up to 3 additional vehicles on your policy, as long as they are all registered to the same address.

You can get a quote for multi-car breakdown cover for up to 2 vehicles on the Green Flag website, but you will need to call them on 0345 246 2766 to add any further vehicles.

Breakdown Cover for Business Vehicles

Whether you have a fleet of 2 motorbikes or 200 vans, Green Flag offer breakdown cover for business vehicles to suit your needs.

Like with their individual breakdown cover, they offer roadside assistance, national recovery and European options to their business breakdown cover, starting at £74 per vehicle.

To get a personalised quote on breakdown cover for business vehicles, visit the Green Flag website.

A list showing all of Green Flag's policies and what they offer

Other Benefits

As well as offering an extensive range of emergency breakdown cover, Green Flag customers are entitled to a range of discounts from other insurance providers within the Direct Line Group. These include, but are not limited to:

The cost of Green Flag's breakdown cover

The cost of your breakdown cover policy can vary depending on your level of cover, vehicle and your address among other things.

This is a rough guide to the cost of Green Flag breakdown cover:

Green Flag Rescue Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance

Local recovery

Vehicle breakdown cover from: £25 per year OR £2.92 per month

Rescue Plus

Roadside assistance

Local recovery

Home start

From: £40 per year OR £3.67 per month

Green Flag Recovery

Roadside assistance

National recovery

From: £55 per year OR £5.42 per month

Recovery Plus

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Home start

Onward travel

From: £60 per year OR £5.50 per month

Green Flag Euro Plus Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Home start

Onward travel

European cover

From: £100 per year OR £9.17 per month

Optional Extra: Personal Cover

Cover yourself in any vehicle that you are able to legally drive in

From an additional: £20 per year OR £1.83 per month

Green Flag smartphone app

Green Flag’s smartphone app is one of the best in the business when it comes to breakdown cover.


  • Breakdown – Connect to a Green Flag employee with the touch of a button in the event of a breakdown.
  • Rescue Me – Allows Green Flag to pinpoint your exact location and track your technician when they are 20 minutes away.
  • Alert Me – For an extra £35, Green Flag will send you a small device to easily plug into your car, allowing you to monitor your car’s battery and engine performance. If they see anything that doesn’t look right, they’ll inform you of what action you should take.
  • Manage your account.
  • Access all of your policy documentation.

Bobatoo struggled to find any cons for Green Flag's app!

A screenshot showing what Green Flag's app looks like

Green Flag pros and cons


  • Excellent smartphone app
  • Wide range of policies available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exclusive discounts on insurance
  • Unlimited callouts


  • Member benefits not as extensive as some other providers
Why choose Green Flag?


When does my Green Flag breakdown cover start?

Your Green Flag breakdown cover will begin the day after your payment is taken unless you have requested a later start date.

Do Green Flag cover caravans and trailers?

Yes. Your caravan or trailer will be receive the same treatment as your vehicle, as long as it is:

Safely attached to your vehicle

Lighter than 305 tonnes

Within the size restrictions (7 metres long, 3 metres high & 2.55 metres wide)

Does Green Flag breakdown cover include repairs?

No – Green Flag do not offer the option to cover the costs of any repairs made to your vehicle.

How do I cancel my Green Flag breakdown cover?

You can cancel your Green Flag policy at any time.

If you cancel within 14 days of taking out a policy and haven’t had to use your cover, you will receive a full refund minus an £11.20 cancellation fee.

If you cancel after the 14 days, you will be entitled to a refund based on a pro-rata basis as long as you haven’t made a callout.

Cancellations after making a callout will not be refunded.

Is there a vehicle age limit for Green Flag breakdown cover?

There is no vehicle age limit on vehicle breakdown cover, however there is a 15 year limit when claiming on a personal breakdown cover policy.

Do Green Flag cover accidents?

Green Flag will recover your car in the event of an accident - you will need to pay extra for this as it is not included with your breakdown cover.

What to do if you break down – how to contact them

If you happen to break down, contact Green Flag via:

Phone: UK – 0800 400 600 Europe - +44 141 349 0516

Text: Text ‘RESCUE’ to 61009 (Charged at standard rate)

The Green Flag app

For answers to more generic questions on breakdown cover, head over to our Breakdown Cover FAQs page here.

Customer Experience

In order to get a fair and accurate representation of the service offered by Green Flag, we’ve scoured the internet for reviews left by customers on reputable review sites like Trustpilot.

From over 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot, Green Flag’s customers are fairly evenly split between ‘excellent’ and ‘bad’, averaging out as a mid-range 3-star rating.

3 star rating showing on Truspilot

A lot of happy customers have left positive remarks on Green Flag’s competitive pricing, suggesting they offer good value for money. There are also positive comments about their ‘easy-to-use website’ as well as their smartphone app.

However, some customers have left complaints about year-on-year price hikes despite not having made a claim, and many appear to have been left waiting a considerable amount of time to be recovered.

It is worth noting that all breakdown providers will sometimes experience issues with their service. Take a good look at the promises they make and weigh them up with both positive and negative reviews before making your decision.

Ratings (out of 5):

Trustpilot: 3 3.5

SmartMoneyPeople: 3.5

Reviewcentre: 2.5

Expert Ratings


    • 5 star for Recovery Plus
    • 4 star for Recovery
    • 3 star for Rescue and Rescue Plus


AutoExpress rates Green Flag as the 3rd best breakdown provider in the UK for 2018, ranking higher than other breakdown providers like AutoAid and the AA.

Their readers were particularly impressed by Green Flag’s prices and presentation of their recovery vehicles, but were let down by the level of service they received at the side of the road.

If you have a subscription to Which?, you’ll be able to see more in-depth reviews on Green Flag and other breakdown providers there.

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