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health insurance

How to save money on health insurance

There is nothing more important than your health, that’s a fact. That is why Bobatoo strives to offer affordable health insurance for our customers.

Circumstances can differ greatly from person-to-person, which is why Bobatoo works tirelessly to understand the individual needs of our customers, finding them the best possible health insurance quotes at the best possible price.

You can’t put a cost on your health, but Bobatoo will keep that cost as low as possible. Get a quote on your health insurance today.

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What is health insurance?

Health insurance is also commonly referred to as private medical insurance, as it covers the costs of seeking private medical treatment.

As we have the NHS in the UK, health insurance is not compulsory – however many people choose to take out a health insurance policy in order to access quicker treatment and better facilities.

A health insurance policy also provides the patient with more control and choice regarding their treatment.

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Benefits of health insurance

A health insurance policy can offer many different benefits to you and your family, including:

  • Avoid NHS waiting lists
  • Freedom to choose your preferred hospital and consultant
  • Have your own clean and private room in hospital
  • Hand-pick the level of cover that suits your family’s needs
  • Access medication and treatments that aren’t available on the NHS

Why do you need income protection?

State benefits provide only limited income if you’re unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment, so income protection helps you to manage your financial commitments and maintain your lifestyle.

If you choose a long term income protection policy, your payments will last until your death or until your retirement age, although this does depend on the type of cover that you choose. Like short term cover, it protects you if you become unable to work because of an accident or illness. However, it gives you more cover because it lasts a lot longer.

These two types of cover only protect your salary if you become ill or have an accident. As well as short term and long term income protection insurance, Bob tells us that there’s also a policy that covers unemployment too. This is known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover and protects you if you are made redundant or unemployed, as well as covering you if you have an accident or illness.


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