How to Find Out Who Your Car Insurance is With

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As many UK drivers arrange their car insurance annually, it’s understandable to suddenly question whether or not your car has valid insurance and even forget who your policy is with, what with everything else going on in our lives. 

“I can’t remember my car insurance company - Is my car even insured?!” 

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While a lot of people find themselves asking these questions, every individual that drives a vehicle must have a valid insurance policy that provides enough cover for you and your situation, so it’s important to make sure you are covered at all times. 

You have a legal responsibility to ensure that your car is insured before driving it, and the same goes for arranging tax and getting an MOT, both of which are legal requirements, too. Without them, you are likely to get into trouble, which will lead to an automatic increase in your car insurance premiums. 

With many drivers auto-renewing their cover every year with the same insurer, it is easy to forget who your insurance is with, let alone know if your vehicle is insured at all. 

To help you out, our complete guide tells you exactly how to find out whether or not your car has insurance, and which company your insurance policy is with. 

In this guide: 

Is my car insured? 

How can I find out who my car insurance is with? 

How to find out if someone else has insurance 

Is my car insurance due? 

Save money on car insurance today by switching providers

Is my car insured? 

If you’re not sure whether or not you have valid car insurance, you will need to check your vehicle’s insurance status first before finding out which insurance company you have a policy with. 

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How to check car insurance 

To find out if your car has insurance, you simply need to check the Motor Insurance Database (MID) by visiting the free AskMID website, a legitimate site that is also used by the police and DVLA to spot uninsured drivers on UK roads.  

All you need to do once you’re on the site is type in your registration plate number and it will tell you whether or not your vehicle has valid insurance. 

AskMID - Check your car insurance

If your vehicle is not covered, do not attempt to drive it until you have purchased a sufficient car insurance policy, otherwise you will be driving around illegally. 

Then, as long as you have paid for insurance, road tax and have a valid MOT (if the car is more than 3 years old), you can drive on UK roads. 

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Learn more about AskMID in our detailed guide: Checking Your Insurance with AskMID

How can I find out who my car insurance is with? 

If you know that your vehicle definitely has a valid insurance policy, but you can’t remember which company you took cover out with, there are a few things you can do to find out who you are insured with. 

1. Firstly, check your emails. You can type in ‘car insurance’ in the search bar at the top of your inbox and it should bring up any related emails. If you didn’t delete the email when you first took out the policy, you should be able to find it this way. If you do, you’ll then be able to get the name and other details of your car insurance provider.  

2. If you don’t have any joy with your emails, the next best place to look is your bank statement. You’ll need to go through your statements for each month of the past year to look for a payment that was made to an insurance company. If you pay for car insurance monthly, it should be easier to spot the payment; if you pay annually, you’ll need to look for a larger, one-off payment. 

3. If you’ve tried the aforementioned steps and you still can’t find your insurance provider’s details, you can complete a free Subject Access Request form from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) and they will be able to check your insurance history for the last 7 years, so you can find out who you were last insured with and any other previous car insurance policies you have had during that period. 

If you successfully manage to find out who your insurance is with, you will then be able to check the details of your insurance policy, including the type of cover you have and the start and end date, etc.  

You can do this by either contacting them directly or signing into your account online via their website. 

How to find out if someone else has car insurance 

If you want to check the insurance details of someone else’s vehicle, you can also do this via the AskMID website

The main reason for checking a third party’s insurance details via the MIB is usually due to being involved in a road traffic accident with someone who is refusing to give you their insurance details, for example. 

While checking your own insurance details on AskMID is free, you will be charged a small, one-off fee of £4.50 to acquire the insurance details of a third party. 

Is my car insurance due? 

The only ways to find out whether or not your car insurance is due to expire is to check the details of your policy or contact your insurance company directly. 

Generally, your insurance company will inform you of your renewal date and cost around 28 days before it’s due to expire. If you don’t hear anything, you’ll need to get in touch with them to find out how much it’s going to cost you. 

Once you’ve contacted your insurance company or checked your policy online, you should then know exactly when your car insurance ends. 

Many people tend to stay with the same insurer year on year, so they do nothing and simply wait for their insurance company to automatically renew their policy. 

For many people, this is the easiest option, but by remaining loyal to your insurer, you are more likely to be paying too much for your insurance, especially if you’ve been with the same company for years.  

Typically, car insurance companies reward new customers with cheaper premiums, simply because they want to offer an appealing incentive to make them join. 

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While this is a good tactic, many drivers are left unaware that there is a way to save a significant amount of money on cover, and that’s by switching providers. 

Switch today and save money on car insurance 

To cut the cost of your car insurance, you will need to do a little research. 

As mentioned above, your car insurer will contact you around 28 days before your policy is due to be renewed. When they do this, they’ll give you a price as to how much it’s going to cost to renew your policy with them. 

To compare your renewal price to car insurance quotes offered by other companies in the UK, we highly recommend that you use a comparison site, or even a few different ones if you really want to dig deep with your research. 

As recommended by MoneySavingExpert’s Martin Lewis, you should start comparing quotes online between 3 and 4 weeks before you need your next insurance policy to begin. This way, you’re likely to get the best prices. 

If you compare quotes and find that they’re cheaper than the one currently being offered to you by your insurance provider, then you’ll be much better off switching providers to save money. 

If you decide to do this, you’ll need to contact your insurer to let them know so that they don’t automatically renew your policy and charge you. 

If you’re lucky, they may offer you a better deal or be able to match the cheapest quote you’ve found. If they do, great! But if not, just cancel your contract with them. 

You can start comparing quotes right now with Bobatoo by tapping the button below. Alternatively, see our related guides below for more useful information regarding car insurance. 

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