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How to save money on insurance

If you want to learn more about saving money on your insurance premiums, then you've come to the right place.

We've outlined all of Bob's top tips for each type of insurance below - helping you save money on life insurance, income protection insurance, home insurance, car insurance, health insurance and travel insurance.

Use the quick links below to see the money saving advice for each type of insurance, and read our latest guides here.


How to save money on life insurance

Let’s face facts; the clock is ticking and the odds of long-term survival are stacked heavily against us. But that doesn’t mean that we should be ripped off while we’re still in the land of the living every month by forking out for depressingly steep life insurance cover.

Instead seek out the most comprehensive policies currently out there, while keeping one eye on the most affordable premiums presently available.

To assist you in doing this, we’ve compiled a quick hit-list of ways in which you can save money on life insurance products, right here and right now. None of our suggestions are rocket science, yet they might be ones which many people might overlook or perhaps deem irrelevant. But trust us when we say that the pointers which follow will stand you in better stead for discovering the life insurance policy which suits both your personal needs and your pocket.

How to save money on car insurance

With some motor insurance policies leaving your bank account running on empty, it’s crucial that car owners shop around to get the green light on a policy that not only covers every eventuality but one that doesn’t leave them feeling an alternative road rage whenever they’re reminded of it. Which is generally every month, when the direct debit goes out.

With the RAC suggesting that one in every three of us pays over the odds for our car insurance, then it really is time we knuckled down and did something proactive about challenging this damning statistic.

So here’s a quick reminder as to how YOU can save money on motor insurance with immediate effect.

How to save money on home insurance

The first way to make sure you are getting the best deal on home insurance is to not be pressured into buying whatever policy your mortgage advisor or mortgage lender tell you to.

Many people think they have to go with a recommended policy in order for the mortgage application to go smoothly, but this is not the case and you can often find a cheaper policy yourself.

How to save money on income protection insurance

It’s right to shield yourself (and therein your dependants) from the spectre of losing your main income source by arranging income-protection insurance, but it’s certainly not just or proper to have to be held to ransom in terms of the policy premiums.

After all, we arrange income protection insurance so as to provide financial respite for ourselves and our immediate family/dependents in the unfortunate event that we should lose our job or see our ability to earn an income compromised in unforeseen ways with regards to serious injury or life-changing illness. And not to create even more stress as we move to shoulder the burden and fiscal cost should this unthinkable scenario present itself.

Which is why we’ve come up with this handy, bullet-point guide which outlines just how YOU can save money on income protection insurance.

How to save money on travel insurance

It’s one thing circumnavigating the globe, exploring new cultures and expanding your horizons (or simply just jetting off to somewhere infinitely sunnier/warmer than the UK on a regular basis), but just how much has your existing travel insurance policy premium curtailed your globe-trotting ambitions?

Below we share with you just a few of the best tips for locating the right deal for you, which we’d urge anyone planning a trip away to read and make note of.

How to save money on health insurance

The last thing anyone wants is to be faced with the onset of a serious illness or begin the often long and arduous rehabilitation process after recovering from an unavoidable injury. And by the same token nobody would be happy stumping up huge health insurance policy premiums year on year to cover them for such events playing out in the foreseeable future.

So read our tips below and learn more about saving money on health insurance, and specifically how you can get the best deals on the burgeoning health insurance market.

None of the tips are brain surgery-complex to get your head around, and by taking this at-a-glance, summarised advice, hopefully you’ll save an arm and a leg when arranging your health insurance.