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Hyundai Ioniq Lease Deals

Described as the ‘all-electric family car that charges faster than a smartphone’, this Hyundai electric car, the Ioniq, features on a growing list of the best mid-range EVs currently hitting UK roads.

The perfect combination of a traditional car design and a modern, greener and more efficient future, the Ioniq Electric manages effortless elegance in both its interior and exterior with all of the modern conveniences which we have come to expect from an electric vehicle.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric range, features and more - what you need to know

Featuring a 38kWh battery, the Ioniq Electric can travel up to 194 miles on a single charge – that’s near enough the equivalent of driving from London to Manchester. Perhaps the most attractive part of this particular electric car’s performance, though, is its super-fast charging time. The Ioniq Electric promises a 0% to 80% charge in less than an hour, living up to Hyundai’s statement that it charges ‘faster than a smartphone’.

The Ioniq Electric can achieve a 100% charge in as little as 6 hours and 5 minutes from a designated, at-home charging output. The car comes with an ‘emergency occasional’ cable which can be used in any 3 Pin electricity outlet with a total charging time of around 19 hours – a great solution if you’re travelling somewhere with no dedicated charging stations nearby.

With a free 5-year subscription to Hyundai’s LIVE services included, your drive couldn’t be easier. Access everything from up-to-date traffic and weather information to places of interest, parking locations and electric car charging stations situated on your route.

With Bluelink Connectivity as standard, you’ll be able to control the Ioniq’s futuristic tech directly from your smartphone. The Bluelink app allows drivers to:

  • Set charging times to make the most of cheaper, nighttime electricity rates.
  • Remotely heat and defrost the car to your desired temperature, which is perfect for cold mornings.
  • See the charging status to remotely check the car’s battery level.
  • Remotely lock and unlock, because we all forget to lock the car from time-to-time.
  • Find a lost parking space when you just cannot remember where you parked.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric can reach a speed of 62mph in 9.9 seconds in sport mode and 10.2 seconds in normal mode, achieving a top speed of 103mph. Available in both a Premium and Premium SE model, both achieve the same results on the road but feature various visual, comfort and convenience related differences.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric price varies between £32,311 and £34,950.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric models

ModelFeaturesPrice (starting from)
Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium
  • EV range of up to 194 miles (subject to driving conditions)
  • 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds (in sport mode)
  • Top speed of 103mph
  • 16” alloy wheels
  • Keyless entry
  • Heated leather steering wheel
  • Sat nav
  • Apple Car Play/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Park pack (featuring parking air, rear traffic monitor & park assist)
  • Lane departure warning system & lane keep assist (LKA)
From £32,311
Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium SEAs well as the benefits listed above, the Ioniq Electric Premium S has:
  • Ventilated driver’s seat
  • Electric driver’s seat adjustments
  • Heated rear seats
  • Front & rear parking sensors
  • Blind spot detection
  • Lane follow assist (LFA)
  • Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA)
From £34,950

Best Hyundai Ioniq lease deals

Whether you’re looking for your first ever electric car or simply in the market for an upgrade, getting the best electric car lease deal is a great option. More and more car buyers are opting for lease deals in the UK, allowing drivers to get the most out of a car for a period of time before trading it in for a newer one at the end of their term.

To give you an idea of how much it would cost to lease a Hyundai Ioniq Electric, we’ve done some research to dig out the best deals on the market right now (as of January 2020).

All of the prices listed below are based on monthly payments over a 48-month lease term and they are all on personal contract hire (PCH).

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium lease deals

Lease companyModelInitial payment (inc VAT)Monthly payment (inc VAT)Get deal
Complete LeasingHyundai IONIQ Premium Hatchback Electric 38.3kWh 136bhp 5Dr Auto£1,000.80£333.60Link
Select Car LeasingHyundai iOniq Hatchback 100kW Premium 38kWh 5dr Auto [2020]£2,530.48£281.16Link
Intelligent LeasingHyundai Ioniq Electric Hatchback 100kW Premium 38kWh 5dr Auto£2,084.38£231.60Link
Leasing.comHyundai Ioniq Electric Hatchback 100kW Premium 38kWh 5dr Auto£2,161.99£218.11Link
Nationwide Vehicle ContractsHyundai Ioniq 100kW Premium 38kWh Auto Car Leasing£1,829.10£304.85Link
Lease PlanHyundai Ioniq Electric Hatchback100kW Premium 38kWh 5dr Auto£1,623.00£271.00Link

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium SE lease deals

Lease companyModelInitial payment (inc VAT)Monthly payment (inc VAT)Get deal
Complete LeasingHyundai IONIQ Hatch Elec 38.3kWh 136 Premium SE 5Dr Auto£1,087.20£362.40Link
Select Car LeasingHyundai iOniq Hatchback 100kW Premium SE 38kWh 5dr Auto [2020]£1,884.35£314.06Link
Intelligent Car LeasingHYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC HATCHBACK 100kW Premium SE 38kWh 5dr Auto£1,821.94£303.66Link
Leasing.comHyundai Ioniq Electric Hatchback 100kW Premium SE 38kWh 5dr Auto£1,050.60£350.20Link
Nationwide Vehicle ContractsHyundai Ioniq100kW Premium SE 38kWh Auto Car Leasing£1,838.16£306.36Link
LeasePlanHyundai Ioniq Electric Hatchback100kW Premium SE 38kWh 5dr Auto£1,769.00£295.00Link

If you’re unsure about leasing the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, we have some other great electric car lease deals which may be right up your street at Click below to find out more!