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What is impounded car insurance?

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle gets impounded, you will need to act quickly to get it released.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to do is make sure the car is insured, as the authorities will refuse to release it unless it is insured to drive on UK roads.

Once a car is impounded you need to display proof that the vehicle has at least 30 days insurance cover before it is released (as per the National Police Protocol), which is why temporary car insurance policies are ideal if you have an impounded car.

Most of the more well-known car insurance companies don’t offer specialist impounded car insurance policies, so you will most likely need to go with an insurer that offers temporary car insurance. These companies usually offer instant cover online and email your policy certificate to you immediately, so you can retrieve your impounded car quickly.

Most standard temporary policies do not cover impounded vehicles. In order for your vehicle to be released it is important that your insurance policy meets the following criteria:

  1. The car must be covered for a minimum of 30 days.
  2. The policy must specify that it covers impounded vehicles.

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Why do the Police impound uninsured vehicles?

Section 165A of the Road Traffic 1988 gives the Police the power to seize and impound any vehicle that is either being driven without insurance, or if the driver doesn’t have a valid driving licence.

If the Police are unable to establish whether a car has the appropriate insurance cover then they will impound it and charge the owner a release fee – as well as storage fees that are charged by the day. If your car is impounded then you will be given a S.165 notice by the Police, which will inform you that there is a strict 14 day limit on the impound, and if you fail to collect the vehicle before then there is a risk that it could be crushed.

The rising storage fees and risk of losing your car altogether mean that it is important to act quickly and get at least 30 days insurance cover in place so you can reclaim your car from the impound.

Time is crucial in these situations as the longer you leave your car in the impound the more expensive it will be overall. The impound storage fees are £20 per day, which can add up to a large and unwanted expense you have to pay.

As time is of the essence the specialist temporary and impounded car insurance companies have very simple and straightforward processes to help you get instant cover online for at least 30 days – helping you save time and money in the long run.

What you need to retrieve an impounded car

If your car has been impounded, you will need to get a few things sorted before you can retrieve it:

  • Proof of insurance for at least 30 days (Certificate of Insurance)
  • Proof of your identity (Driver’s licence)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (V5 document)
  • Proof of your address (standard utility/council tax bill or bank statement etc…)
  • The vehicle’s MOT certificate


What you get with impounded car insurance cover

  • 30 day insurance (the legal minimum to release your vehicle)
  • Third party only cover
  • Instant cover online
  • Certificate of Insurance emailed directly once accepted
  • Cover acceptance for drivers with a pending conviction for driving without insurance (IN10)

Is one day insurance enough for an impounded car?

No. The legal limit to retrieve an impounded car is 30 days insurance cover. So if your car has been impounded because it was uninsured then you will need to take out a policy of at least 30 days in order for the authorities to release it.

Is standard temporary car insurance suitable?

There are a lot of temporary and short term car insurance companies out there, but not all of them are suitable for impounded car insurance. Some of them will only offer short term insurance for up to 28 days, which is less than the required 30 days to release an impounded car. Also, some simply will not offer policies for impounded cars – which is why it is important to do your research and check before buying any kind of insurance.

Can I get insurance if I have a pending conviction for no insurance?

Yes, it is possible – which is another reason to look for a specialist impounded car insurance company, as they will offer policies suited to drivers with a pending no insurance (IN10) conviction.

Can I get insurance and retrieve my car on the same day?

Yes – many impounded car insurance companies offer instant cover online and will then email you your Certificate of Insurance so you can produce it at the impound and release your car.

Can I add an extra driver to impounded car insurance?

No, there are currently no specialist insurers who offer policies that allow for added drivers.

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