Kerching and Win: Get Cashback When Shopping Online and Earn Money with Surveys

By Bobatoo
August 21, 2019

Kerching and Win is a cashback website that offers shoppers the chance to earn cashback on their purchases with some of the UK's most popular retailers, and members can also benefit from Kerching's featured offers and earn money by completing surveys.

New customers are rewarded with a £5 bonus when signing up, too!

What is Kerching and Win and how does it work?

Kerching and Win is a cashback site that gives shoppers the opportunity to earn some cash back from their purchases when shopping online. It is completely free to use and costs nothing to sign up, and on top of this, new customers are rewarded with a free £5 bonus.

They have more than 350 retailers to choose from on their website, from hotels to jewellery stores and clothes shops to auto-energy switching sites, which will reward you with up to 15% cashback in exchange for your purchases – similar to popular cashback sites like Quidco and TopCashback.

Kerching even states that they provide more competitive cashback rates than other popular reward sites in the UK, so it’s certainly worth comparing deals offered by a few different cashback sites to make sure you’re always getting the best deal.

Once you’ve built up your cashback to a total of £20 or more, you can then withdraw your balance from your Kerching and Win account to your PayPal account.

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Featured offers and surveys - More ways to earn money online with Kerching

As well as earning some money back from your online purchases, you also have the chance to earn money by completing surveys and signing up to featured offers - most of which won’t cost you a penny.

By completing surveys, Kerching members can earn as much as £10 per hour, with some taking just 15 minutes to complete and others taking up to 1 hour to complete.

Additionally, you can get one of Kerching and Win’s featured offers as another way of earning cash back on the website. Most offers won’t cost you anything, while others might cost a small amount, so you don’t have to pay to earn every time!

Some featured offers currently available (as of July 2020) include:

  • Sign up to Look After My Bills to switch to a new energy provider for free and earn £15 cashback
  • Sign up to Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial and earn £2
  • Sell your old phone to O2 and earn £1 cashback
  • Purchase a NOW Broadband package and earn £10 cashback

With hundreds of amazing deals available, you can build up large amounts of cashback, which makes shopping all that more worthwhile!

You can even earn extra money by completing your profile on the Kerching website and every time you refer a friend to sign up with a special link provided to you by Kerching and Win.

Partnered retailers – Where can I earn cashback?

Kerching and Win is partnered with more than 350 online retailers, so there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some great deals.

Some of the most popular retailers partnered with Kerching and Win include:

  • Boohoo
  • B&Q
  • Ebay
  • Hallmark hotels
  • Iceland
  • LookAfterMyBills
  • Topshop
  • Wayfair
  • Wowcher
  • UK Tool Centre

The amount of cashback you earn will differ from retailer to retailer, so make sure you compare a range of deals for the purchase you intend to make.

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Sign up to Kerching and Win to start earning now

It takes just minutes to start earning cashback with Kerching and Win – in fact, you can sign up right here!

To get started with Kerching and Win, simply:

1. Visit the Kerching and Win website here

Kerching and Win website

2. Create a Kerching login using an email address and password.

Screenshot of step one of Kerching's sign-up process

3. Check your emails for a verification link (check your spam or junk file if you can’t find it!).

Email from Kerching confirming the sign-up process

4. Sign in to your new Kerching and Win account.

Kerching 4

5. You’re in! Start earning by searching for your favourite retailers in the search bar, or browse the ‘Find a Retailer’ tab on the top right of the screen. You can also check out their latest featured offers and surveys as an extra way to earn online.

Kerching and Win account

Is Kerching and Win safe?

Yes! In fact, Kerching and Win has been awarded a 4.6 star rating on UK customer reviews site, Trustpilot, with 81% of 86 reviews rating the site as Excellent.

Kerching and Win Trustpilot rating

To get your £5 bonus as a new member and to start earning money and taking advantage of the amazing deals on offer, sign up by using the green button below!

For more information regarding other cashback sites available, see our related pages below.

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