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The government-run organisation, Highways England, recently revealed that vehicle breakdowns had reached a five-year high between 2018 and 2019. Over 224,225 car breakdowns occurred during that time, which is a 15% increase on the previous year.

How many of these people had the right level of breakdown cover in place? Not enough. How many people have cover but pay too much for it? Too many!

Car breakdown insurance is a type of policy that is able to help you get back on the road as soon as possible if your vehicle breaks down. Policies usually provide roadside assistance, national recovery, trailer cover, alternative travel, and sometimes even overnight accommodation.

You could get cheap breakdown cover in the UK from just £26.99 a year with Liberty Cover, which is over £30 cheaper than The AA’s most basic policy.

Thousands of people in the UK pay over the odds for car protection from well-known breakdown cover providers, while smaller companies like Liberty Cover offer just as much protection (or even more, in many cases), at a far more affordable cost.

Before you commit to a policy, here’s our full review of Liberty Cover - including its insurance packages and how you could benefit from its services.

What is Liberty Cover?

Liberty Cover is a reliable, UK-based provider of breakdown insurance starting from £26.99 a year.

With their help, you could get all sorts of car breakdown cover with absolutely no excess to pay yourself, with the most premium packages offering EU roadside assistance, EU national recovery, EU overnight accommodation, and much more.

Is Liberty Cover safe and legit?

Liberty Cover is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an appointed representative of Affinity Select Insurance Services Limited, so you can guarantee that your premiums are in safe hands and that you will be protected against any unfortunate vehicle breakdowns.

Liberty Cover breakdown insurance plans

To make things as easy as possible for its customers, Liberty Cover offers three separate plans – Gold, Silver and Bronze – which differ in terms of the level of protection they provide and cost.

Bronze breakdown cover

The Bronze breakdown cover plan from Liberty Cover provides policyholders with:

  • National recovery (UK)
  • Roadside assistance (UK)
  • Trailer cover (UK)

It’s also worth noting that you pay no excess if ever you are unfortunate enough to need to use the services provided, and there are no hidden fees. With this vehicle breakdown insurance from Liberty Cover, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will be protected if ever your car lets you down on your journey, wherever it may be in the UK.

If you’re looking for cheap breakdown cover that still provides a sufficient level of protection against the cost of roadside assistance and recovery, this plan is perfect for you. Those looking for a more extensive level of cover may want to consider a Silver or Gold plan, however.

Silver breakdown cover

The next level up from the Bronze package is the Silver breakdown cover plan, which offers the same protection as Bronze with the addition of home assist, alternate travel, and overnight accommodation across the UK when required.

It costs slightly more than Bronze cover, as you’d expect, but provides great value-for-money with the following inclusions:

  • National recovery (UK)
  • Roadside assistance (UK)
  • Trailer cover (UK)
  • Home assist
  • Alternative travel (UK)
  • Emergency overnight accommodation (UK)

Despite offering a far greater level of protection, it actually costs less than The AA’s most basic breakdown cover!

If you’re someone that only ever drives in the UK (and not elsewhere in Europe), this Silver plan is the best breakdown cover package for you. It provides all the relevant protection that you need while on the road, and if your vehicle ever breaks down, you know that you are in safe hands.

Not only do you get roadside assistance and recovery, but you can also make use of various other premium services to get you home safely or to nearby accommodation. Again, you never pay a penny in excess if you are ever required to call upon any of the above services.

If you do enjoy the occasional trip abroad and enjoy the freedom of driving overseas, then a Gold breakdown cover package could be for you.

Gold breakdown insurance

The Gold breakdown cover package from Liberty Cover is the most premium and extensive level of protection on offer, providing insurance across the whole of the EU, rather than the UK alone.

It is the best breakdown cover policy available at Liberty Cover and provides a level of protection that certainly competes with, if not surpasses, the industry’s most well-known providers.

Here’s a full list of the services offered as part of the Gold breakdown cover policy:

  • National recovery (EU)
  • Roadside assistance (EU)
  • Trailer cover (EU)
  • Home assist (EU)
  • Alternative travel (EU)
  • Emergency overnight accommodation (EU)

Your car breaking down is a scary experience as it is, but if it happens somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, it can make the situation feel a lot worse. This is why you should always have breakdown cover in place that protects you and ensures that you will be safe if ever your car breaks down, regardless of where you are in Europe or the UK.

The Gold breakdown insurance package from Liberty Cover provides complete peace of mind for policyholders, who receive customer service that is second-to-none and a level of cover to protect against all eventualities.

It’s also worth noting that all policies (Bronze, Silver and Gold) also offer car key cover to protect against any lost or damaged keys, and an optional message service to inform the policyholder’s home or office of the situation.

How much does breakdown cover cost with Liberty Cover?

Due to the three packages on offer at Liberty Cover, you are able to choose the right policy for you in terms of both your required level of protection and your budget.

Here’s how much each of the breakdown cover packages cost at Liberty Cover:

  • Bronze: £26.99 a year
  • Silver: £39.99 a year
  • Gold: £67.99 a year

Liberty Cover vs. The AA breakdown cover

You’ll notice that the mid-tier Silver package from Liberty Cover is actually around £20 cheaper than the most basic breakdown cover policy from The AA, while offering more protection! So, how exactly do both policies compare?

Liberty Cover: Silver Package

  • Cost (per year): £39.99
  • Roadside Assistance (UK): Yes
  • National Recovery (UK): Yes
  • Trailer Cover (UK): Yes
  • Home Assist: Yes
  • Alternative Travel: Yes
  • Emergency Accommodation: Yes
  • No Excess: Yes

The AA Basic Breakdown Cover Policy

  • Cost (per year): £59.99
  • Roadside Assistance (UK): Yes
  • National Recovery (UK): No
  • Trailer Cover (UK): No
  • Home Assist: No
  • Alternative Travel: No
  • Emergency Accommodation: No
  • No Excess: No

As you can see, Liberty Cover’s Silver package provides a far more extensive level of cover than that offered by The AA’s most basic policy, but it does so at a considerably cheaper cost. So, if you get more cover AND a more affordable premium, why wouldn’t you opt for Liberty Cover?

How does it work?

Liberty Cover offers a straightforward online service, where you can go through the whole process of taking out cover with minimal effort.

To begin, you must choose the right level of cover for you and choose ‘Select Plan’. You are then asked to complete a simple form with some basic personal details, such as your name, address and phone number.


Liberty Cover sign-up form


You are then simply required to enter your vehicle’s registration number and your preferences in terms of the type of cover you’d like, as is standard with near-enough all UK and EU breakdown providers.

The benefits of breakdown cover

Breakdown cover can protect you against all sorts of eventualities and can get you out of many situations that could otherwise put you in harm’s way (or at least leave you out-of-pocket).

The main benefits of car breakdown insurance from Liberty Cover include:

  • You get invaluable peace of mind for the year
  • You avoid being stranded if your car breaks down
  • The cover is extensive (home assist, emergency accommodation, etc.)
  • Annual cover is affordable
  • You pay no excess

There’s no doubting that Liberty Cover is one of the best providers of affordable breakdown cover in the UK, with policies on offer to suit all budgets and requirements. Simply head over to the Liberty Cover website to get your cover today using their easy-to-use online service.

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