A guide to UK supermarket loyalty schemes: From the Tesco Clubcard to the M&S Sparks card

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Loyalty cards are great, aren’t they? You’ve got to do your shopping anyway, so it makes sense to pick up a few points which can be put towards future purchases while you’re at it.

But with so many to choose from, which UK supermarket offers the best loyalty card? Bobatoo has everything you need to know in this guide to supermarket loyalty schemes.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco logo

Earning and spending with Tesco Clubcard

Every £1 that you spend (or £2 on fuel) earns a point towards your next set of Clubcard vouchers, with every 150 points valued at £1.50 when spent with Tesco.

To get more for your money, Tesco Clubcard offers days out and railcards, while they can also be redeemed for up to 3 times their value when used to shop with selected partners – these range from restaurants and cinemas to car insurance and breakdown cover providers.

You can see the full range of Tesco Clubcard deals and rewards on the Tesco website, or by downloading the Tesco Clubcard app.

What can I get with a Tesco Clubcard?

Tesco work with many different companies to offer various deals on a range of products and services.

For example:

A £1,100 spend at Tesco will earn you enough Clubcard points for entry into Alton Towers Resort – that sounds like a lot, but that's a little over 4 months’ worth of groceries for the average family!

A total of £650 spent at Tesco is enough to get you a a three-course meal at Pizza Express – the perfect treat all-year round.

Tesco Clubcard Plus

One of the newest additions to the Tesco Clubcard scheme is Clubcard Plus, which comes with a £7.99 monthly fee attached.

If you are a regular shopper at Tesco then you are likely to make that money back (and then some!), with up to £40 a month available in savings on everyday shopping.

Read more in our blog - Tesco Launches new £7.99 Clubcard Plus - but is it worth it?

How to get a Tesco Clubcard

You can apply for a Clubcard online and use the Tesco Clubcard App as a temporary card until your actual one arrives.


Morrisons More

Morrisons logo

Morrisons’ loyalty card, named the Morrisons More card, is free to use and allows customers to collect ‘More points’ when spending in-store, on fuel or in a Morrisons café.

Earning and spending with Morrisons More

For every £1 spent, customers will receive 5 Morrisons More points, with promotional events dotted throughout the calendar year allowing you to earn more.

You can earn 5 points for every litre of petrol you fill up at a Morrisons refuelling station. Members can earn points by scanning their Morrisons More card at the checkout, or by displaying the code from the Morrisons More app.

You need 5,000 points to earn yourself a £5 voucher, so you’ll have to spend at least £1000 before you’re able to benefit from the scheme.

Unlike some other loyalty schemes, you cannot use Morrisons More points at restaurants or for days out – they can only be spent at Morrisons.

How to get a Morrisons More card

To take advantage of the Morrisons loyalty scheme, you must register online or on the Morrisons More app. Your card will be sent to either your home address or your local Morrisons store.


Marks and Spencer’s Sparks card

Marks and Spencer logo

One of the higher end supermarkets in the UK, Marks and Spencer’s ‘Sparks card’ is free to use and allows shoppers to collect points by shopping in-store, as well as by writing product reviews and using their clothing ‘shwop’ service.

Earning and spending with an M&S sparks card

With the Marks and Spencer’s loyalty card, customers can earn 10 ‘sparks’ every time they shop, and an extra 10 sparks for every £1 they spend.

Members can also earn points by writing reviews for Marks and Spencer’s products online, or using the M&S ‘shwop’ clothing recycling initiative.

Unfortunately, there is a big drawback to the Sparks card and that is that the points you earn have no cash value – not even in M&S.

The more points earned, the greater access you’ll get to exclusive offers like early access to sales or invites to shopping events and food shows. After reaching a whopping 17,000 Sparks points, customers can access ‘experience rewards’, which include wine tasting trips and personalised styling sessions.

Every time you shop with an M&S loyalty card, money will be donated to a charity of your choice.

How to get a Sparks card

To benefit from Sparks card offers and rewards, simply create an account on the Marks and Spencer’s website – your card will be waiting for you when you next visit your local M&S.


Co-Op loyalty card

The Co-Op logo

Having a CoOp membership costs £1. This one-off payment will pay for a share in the Co-Op, entitling members to both a small say in how the company is run and a share of its profits.

You can also earn loyalty rewards on top of this!

Earning and spending with a CoOp loyalty card

Whenever customers buy a Co-Op branded item, they earn 5% cashback paid into their membership account, with an extra 1% paid to a local charity.

Any cashback received can be spent on any of Co-op’s services, from their convenience stores to their car insurance policies.

CoOp members will also gain access to exclusive discounts on home and travel insurance, as well as money off full service funerals and funeral plans.

How to get a CoOp loyalty card

To become a Co-Op member, enter your details and make a one-off payment of £1 on the Co-Op website.

You can also pick up and pay for a temporary membership card in any Co-Op store, with a permanent one sent to your address once you’ve registered it online.


Sainsbury’s loyalty card

Sainsbury's logo

While they don’t have their own specific loyalty card, Sainsbury’s is a key player in the Nectar card loyalty scheme.

A Nectar card rewards you with points when you shop in Sainsbury’s, whether that’s on food, clothing, petrol or home accessories.

Earning and spending with a Nectar card

For every £1 you spend with Sainsbury’s, or for every 1 litre of fuel you purchase at a Sainsbury’s refuelling station, customers receive 1 Nectar card point. You can also collect Nectar points when shopping on eBay.

Customer can use the points on a Nectar card towards a wide range of goods within Sainsbury’s stores or on the Sainsbury’s website, as well as in Argos and on eBay. You can also build up points to get money off a holiday with Expedia or entry to various theme parks and cinemas across the UK.

Find out more about where you can spend your points by downloading the Nectar card app.

Nectar often run competitions which you can enter for cash, family getaways and, of course, Nectar points.

They also run ‘Double Up’ events which allow you to redeem your points at double their value to be spent at Sainsbury’s stores.

How to get a Nectar card

To register for a Nectar card, visit the Sainsbury’s or Nectar website where you will be taken to a registration form. Once you fill out the relevant details, a card will be sent out to your home address.


Waitrose loyalty card

Waitrose logo

The Waitrose rewards scheme, myWaitrose, doesn’t have a points system. Instead, it opens you up to a world of discounts and freebies at Waitrose stores.

Earning and spending with myWaitrose card

You do not ‘earn’, as such, with a myWaitrose card, but you do get access to some interesting offers and discounts.

For example, every myWaitrose card holder can get a FREE cup of tea or coffee every time they visit a Waitrose store – however, the high-end supermarket has stopped providing cups to protect the environment, so you’ll need to bring your own reusable one!

Members also get a monthly copy of Waitrose Food Magazine and daily discounts on a range of products in-store. Customers will also be given discounts on selected products, personalised by using their purchase history.

If you want to earn loyalty points at Waitrose as well, you’ll need to apply for a John Lewis and Waitrose Partnership credit card.

What can I get with a myWaitrose card?

As a myWaitrose member, you get:

Exclusive access to monthly competitions, with prizes including tickets to food festivals, cases of wine and invitations to the Waitrose Cookery School.

20% off all fish on the fish counter at Waitrose every Friday, either when shopping in-store or having your food delivered on a Friday.

How to get a myWaitrose card

To register for a myWaitrose account, you’ll need to enter your details on the Waitrose website. You can print a temporary myWaitrose card which can be used instantly, until your permanent card comes in the post.

Loyalty cards may seem like they take an age to repay anything at all, but it all adds up! If you shop in any of the supermarkets mentioned, signing up to their loyalty schemes usually won’t cost a penny – you’ve got nothing to lose.

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