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46 minute response time

Website is easy to use

A good range of policies and benefits available

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Who are LV=?

Liverpool Victoria – commonly known as LV – is one of the UK’s largest insurance companies.

They provide insurance for vehicles, homes, travel, pets and landlords as well as offering a range of other services.

They have been trading for over 175 years, having been founded in 1843, and provide for over 5 million customers in the UK.

For breakdown cover, they trade under the name LV= Britannia Rescue.

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Breakdown insurance packages – what they have to offer

LV= Britannia Rescue offers 5 levels of breakdown cover, ranging from basic roadside assistance to their most comprehensive UK & European breakdown cover policy.

All of their policies are available to upgrade to personal breakdown cover, which protects you financially against breakdowns in any car that you are in – either as a driver or passenger.

Roadside Assist Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance gives you access to a mechanic, who will try to fix your car at the side of the road if you are more than a quarter of a mile away from home.

You will also get the benefit of local recovery for you, your passengers and your vehicle to a location of your choice - it must be within 10 miles of the place where you’ve broken down.

Roadside & Home Assist Breakdown Cover

As well as receiving the benefits of roadside assistance and local recovery, home start breakdown cover gives you access to recovery services when you break down at home.

Perfect for when you can’t start the car on a frosty morning, home assistance extends your cover to when you’re within a quarter of a mile of your home address.

UK Recovery Breakdown Cover

Similar to the basic Roadside Assist, UK Recovery breakdown cover will give you access to a mechanic when you break down at the roadside.

However, if they are unable to get you going again, you, your vehicle and your passengers get to choose anywhere in the UK to be recovered to – perfect if you find yourself far from home.

UK Recovery & Home Assist Breakdown Cover

UK Recovery & Home Assistance breakdown cover is LV= Britannia Rescue’s most comprehensive UK breakdown cover.

It gives you all of the aforementioned benefits, as well as the option of a hire car, overnight accommodation or alternative transport if your vehicle can’t be fixed on the day that you break down.

UK & European Assist Breakdown Cover

Finally, UK & European Assist breakdown cover gives you peace of mind both in the UK and Europe.

You are entitled to everything that LV= Britannia Rescue has to offer both in the UK and Europe, as well as access to a hire car if you break down within 7 days of a pre-arranged trip.

For more information on LV: Britannia Rescue’s breakdown cover you can visit their website, or for a more detailed look at the benefits of breakdown insurance, read our complete guide to breakdown cover here.

Other Benefits

When purchasing any of their products, you are immediately entitled to a range of other benefits offered by LV=. Some of these include:

  • LV= Health & Wellbeing Line – You and your family get exclusive access to a 24/7 hotline, offering free health and legal advice, as well as access to trained counsellors.
  • Discounts on LV= insurance – You will be entitled to exclusive discounts on car, home, pet and travel insurance with LV=.
  • Financial help – After a year’s membership, you will be able to request financial help if you, or a member of your family, are struggling financially. This includes requests for specialist equipment and home adaptations after illness or injury.


LV= Britannia Rescue breakdown cover cost

The prices of the following policies and add-ons can vary, depending on your specific requirements:

Roadside Assistance breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

Local recovery

Vehicle breakdown cover: £30 per year / Personal breakdown cover: £56 per year


Roadside and Home Assist

Roadside assistance

Local recovery

Home assistance

Vehicle cover: £63 per year / Personal breakdown cover: £89 per year


UK Recovery breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery mechanic can’t get your car back on the road.

Vehicle cover: £70 per year / Personal breakdown cover: £113 per year


Recovery and Home Assist breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Home assistance

Onward travel

Vehicle cover: £99 per year / Personal breakdown cover: £147 per year


UK and European Assist

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Home assistance

Onward travel

European Cover

Vehicle cover: £142 per year / Personal breakdown cover: £190 per year


LV= Breakdown Cover Pros and Cons


  • 5 policies available, meaning you can choose one that suits you.
  • 46-minute average response time.
  • 89% of customers have been able to complete their journey.
  • Member benefits – access to exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Easy-to-use website for managing your policy


  • No smartphone app – Unlike some other providers, like Green Flag and the AA, LV= doesn’t offer a smartphone app to manage your account with.
LV= Britannia Rescue's policy details



Will Brexit affect my breakdown cover?

LV= Breakdown Rescue’s European Assist breakdown cover currently protects you against any breakdowns that occur in Europe – they are working to ensure that this does not change post-Brexit.

Can I pay for LV= breakdown cover monthly?

No, LV= do not currently offer the option to pay in monthly instalments. However, they can offer you a short-term breakdown cover policy which runs on a month-by-month basis. Find out more by calling them on 0800 022 3948.

How do I transfer my breakdown cover to my new vehicle?

If you have LV= breakdown cover and wish to transfer it to a different vehicle, you can do so for no extra cost by calling 0800 756 8700.

Are other members of my household covered by my breakdown cover?

Yes, anybody who can legally drive the vehicle (with the policyholder’s permission) is covered against breakdowns.

Can I upgrade my breakdown cover?

Yes. You can upgrade your LV= breakdown cover at any time. However, you can only downgrade your policy at the time of renewal or within 14 days of receiving your documentation.

Does LV= breakdown cover include repairs?

No. Unless it is otherwise stated in your policy, do not assume that the cost of any repairs is covered by your breakdown cover.

When does my breakdown cover start?

Your LV= breakdown cover will start on the day after you have taken out your policy.

Do LV= offer motorbike breakdown cover?

Yes – however, it is only available as an add-on to their motorbike insurance.

Will LV= recover my caravan or trailer?

Yes. Your caravan or trailer will be covered along with your vehicle, if it is safe to do so.


Customer Experience

Trustpilot is one of the UK’s most popular certified customer reviews websites, allowing customers to rate companies like LV= Britannia Rescue on their level of service.

Note that, as LV= offer a range of services, some of these reviews include customers who have taken out car insurancehome insurance or one of LV’s other policies, meaning that not all reviews will reflect accurately on their breakdown cover.

From around 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, 74% have rated LV= as ‘excellent’, with a further 15% rating them as ‘great’ – their ratings average out as 5 stars.


LV= showing 5 star rating on Trustpilot

Some of the recent positive reviews include comments on their ‘easy-to-use’ website, reasonable prices and helpful phone service.

Negative reviewers include customers who have said that they were disappointed not to be allowed to use prepaid credit cards and they were also frustrated with the speed of response on the online live chat.

Remember that all breakdown cover providers may encounter issues in some instances, so it is better to look at a variety of ratings than being put off by a few negative individual ones.

Ratings (out of 5):

Trustpilot: 5 3.5

SmartMoneyPeople: 5

Reviewcentre: 3

Average: 4.1/5

Expert Ratings


  • 5 star for: UK Recovery & Home Assist Breakdown Cover.
  • 4 star for: UK Recovery Breakdown Cover.
  • 3 star for: Roadside Assist Breakdown Cover and Roadside Assist & Home Assist Breakdown Cover.


In AutoExpress’s recent study, they rated LV= Britannia Rescue as the 2nd best breakdown provider in the UK for 2018, just behind GEM Motoring Assist.

If you have a membership with Which? you will find many more customer reviews there.

What happens if I break down? – How to contact them

If you break down and are covered by LV= Britannia Rescue, there are two phone numbers you can reach them on:

  • 0800 929 111 or 01484 435 806 – both open 24/7

If, after reading this LV= Britannia Rescue review, you are not completely sold on their service then you may want to take a look at our other breakdown cover reviews here.


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