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Metro Bank Review

Excellent customer service

Extended opening hours

Simple range of standard accounts

Children's banking available

Metro Bank logo
Metro Bank logo

Who is Metro Bank?

Metro Bank is a UK-based retail bank, founded in 2010. At the time, Metro Bank was the first new high-street bank to open its doors in the UK in more than 150 years. They pride themselves on offering one-to-one customer service in all of their branches, 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm and aim to keep their services as simple as possible.

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Metro Bank Current Accounts

Metro Bank is focused on keeping banking straightforward for account holders, which is why they only offer two core current accounts – a Metro Bank current account and a Metro Bank cash account.

Metro Bank Current Account

  • Must be 18+
  • Contactless debit card
  • Access to e-wallet services
  • Open an account online or in-branch
  • Arranged overdraft

Metro Bank Current Account

  • Must be 11+
  • Cash withdrawals up to £300 per day
  • In-store payments up to £1000 per day
  • Make online payments
  • No overdraft
  • Can't set up Direct Debits

Metro Bank Current Account

The Metro Bank current account is its most popular personal banking product and can be opened either online or in one of the 68 Metro Bank branches around the UK. When opening an account, you will receive a contactless debit card as well as access to e-wallet services like Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.

Metro Bank current account details.

So, what do I need to open a Metro Bank account? You must be at least 18 years old and have UK residency, as well as proof of identity and address (eg. passport, driving licence etc.) If you are a non-UK, EU, EEA or Swiss national then you will be required to provide evidence of a valid visa or residence permit.

You can open an account online by uploading an image of your photo ID and a selfie to prove your identification (non UK, EU, EEA or Swiss nationals cannot open an account online) – alternatively, you can visit a Metro Bank branch.

You can also get a Metro Bank overdraft with a current account, with a typical interest rate of 15% (subject to approval) – you will receive text notifications if you go over your arranged limit with advice on how to minimise interest charges.

Metro Bank Cash Account

A Metro Bank cash account is available for all UK residents of the age of 11 and over, making it a great option for those wanting to introduce children to the concept of banking.

To set up a cash account for yourself (aged 16+) then you’ll need to provide proof of identity and address. If opening an account for somebody aged 15 or under, you will need this information for yourself plus one of the following for the child

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • NHS medical card
  • Child benefits
Cash account details

Metro Bank cash accounts allow you to withdraw cash (up to £300 a day) and make in-store payments (up to £1,000 a day) with your cash card. If you want to pay more, you will need to provide Metro Bank with at least 24 hours’ notice.

You can also use the card to make payments online, but you can’t use it to set up Direct Debits or apply for a Metro Bank overdraft.

There are limited locations outside of the UK where you can use your card, but you are able to use it anywhere that the ‘Link’ logo is displayed (eg. Gibraltar, France, Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

Metro Bank Abroad – How to Spend Money Abroad with Metro Bank

With a Metro Bank current account, you won’t be charged extra for any payments or cash withdrawals you make across Europe. Any transactions will be converted using the MasterCard exchange rate on the day of purchase.

If taking out cash, Metro Bank customers should remember to always select the local currency rather than pounds – this will prevent the ATM provider from adding their own conversion rate.

Outside of Europe, card purchases are charged at 2.99% while cash withdrawals incur the same charge plus a £1.50 fee.

Switching to Metro Bank – The Current Account Switch Service

Switching to Metro Bank is easy thanks to The Current Account Switch Service, which guarantees to have all of your banking services switched within 7 days.

Any existing Direct Debits will transfer over, as well as your existing balance – future payments (both incoming and outgoing) will be redirected, while anybody attempting to send you money will be notified that you have changed banks.

Metro Bank Savings Accounts*

Instant Access Savings Account

  • Interest rate (AER): 0.55%
  • Instant access to savings
  • Minimum £1 balance

Young Savers Account

  • Interest rate (AER): 1.65%
  • Instant access to savings
  • Minimum £1 balance
  • Maximum age of 21

Fixed Term Savings Account

  • Interest rate (AER): Between 0.60% and 1.65%
  • Instant access to savings
  • Minimum £500 balance

Metro Bank offers a range of savings options for account holders looking to put some of their money aside.

A Metro Bank Instant Access Savings Account is available for anybody over the age of 16, with an interest rate of 0.55% AER paid on a monthly basis on balances over £1. Money can be deposited and withdrawn at any time.

A Metro Bank Young Savers Account offers an interest rate of 1.65% (paid monthly) for members aged 21 and under. Children under 15 can take loose change to a Metro Bank branch to store them in their savings account, as well as receive special prizes and a £5 bonus after 5 visits.

A Metro Bank Fixed Term Savings Account offers between 0.60% and 1.65% interest on balances above £500, depending on the chosen term (between 3 months and 3 years). Money can be withdrawn outside of your term for free by closing the account within 14 days of it opening, but charges will apply after this period.

Metro Bank ISAs*

For an alternative way of saving, Metro Bank ISAs are available for customers looking for access to their money on both an instant and fixed-term basis.

Instant Access Cash ISA

  • Interest rate (AER): 0.90%
  • Instant access
  • Must be 16+

Fixed-Rate Cash ISA

  • Interest rate (AER): Between 1.40% and 1.85%
  • Access after the set term (lose 190 days' interest if accessed before)
  • No partial withdrawals (account closure only)
  • Must be 16+

A Metro Bank Instant Access Cash ISA offers an interest rate of 0.90% on savings above £1 (paid annually), available for anybody over the age of 16. Money can be withdrawn instantly.

A Metro Bank Fixed Rate Cash ISA offers a maximum 1.85% interest for account holders willing to store their money away for a maximum of five years. Partial withdrawals are not possible, so if you wish to withdraw money before the end of your term, you will have to close the account and lose 190 days’ interest.

Metro Bank Online Banking – Customer Experience

More and more people are deciding to do their banking online, which is even more important in regards to Metro Bank as they do not have a huge number of physical branches.

Details about Metro Bank's mobile banking

Metro Bank’s online banking allows you to check your current balance and view recent transactions, as well as transfer money between your current, cash and savings accounts.

You’ll also be able to make payments to other people and organisations and register for new current accounts, savings accounts and ISAs – if you’d rather, you can set your preferences to ‘online only’ meaning that you won’t receive any paper statements through the post.

With online banking, you can manage your contact details and preferences at the click of a button, while you can also cancel your debit or cash card if it goes missing and order a new one.

Metro Bank App – Mobile Banking

As well as being able to bank online, Metro Bank customers can use the Metro Bank app to access their accounts via their smartphone.

From more than 40,000 reviews on both the Apple and Google app stores, the Metro Bank app has an impressive combined average rating of around 4.8/5.

Metro bank mobile banking app

The Metro Bank app makes it easy to log in and manage your finances with both Touch and Face ID optimisation on relevant devices.

You can use the app to view the current balance of all of your Metro Bank accounts, as well as transfer money to new and existing payees and view any existing Direct Debits and standing orders. Similar to Metro Bank online banking, you are also able to cancel and order new cards if yours goes missing.

You can safely share your account details using the Metro Bank app via WhatsApp, email and text message, making it quicker for users to receive payments from friends and family.

Metro Bank Extras

Metro Bank safe deposit boxes

As a Metro Bank customer, you get the option to pay for a safe deposit box at one of their branches. For all of your expensive assets which can’t be placed into a bank account, this is a safe way to store anything from expensive jewellery to confidential documentation (like a will).

You can choose from 5 different sized safe deposit boxes, starting at £20/month for an extra small box. To find out where your local safe deposit box is, search for ‘Metro Bank near me’ online or visit the Metro Bank website.

Metro Bank coin machine

Metro Bank customers can turn their spare change into savings by using one of the Metro Bank coin machine’s found in their branches.

Known as ‘magic money machines’, they are free to use (unlike the ones found in supermarkets which take a cut of your money) and available in every Metro Bank branch. Also, if your child can guess how much their coins are worth, they could win a prize!

Metro Bank Customer Reviews

Looking at customer review websites like Trustpilot is a great way to gauge just how happy existing customers of a company are.

From over 1,500 reviews on Trustpilot, Metro Bank have averaged a rating of 4/5.

Metro Bank Trustpilot review

Many of the positive Metro Bank reviews are in relation to the ‘excellent’ customer service received in-branch, while others were impressed with the idea of holding a safety deposit box within their local bank.

In particular, customers were happy with the bank’s long opening hours and the ability to get a debit card instantly when setting up an account.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, some customers say that they were put off by the lack of branches around the country, stating that it is simply not convenient to bank with them unless you live near a branch.

Pros and cons of Metro Bank


  • Long opening hours
  • Excellent customer service
  • Simplified range of accounts
  • Easily apply online and in-branch
  • Good choice for children's banking


  • Lack of branches
  • Lack of accounts could be limiting

On the face of things, Metro Bank UK looks like a really good option for anybody looking to set up a current account – as long as you have a branch located nearby.

The customer service on offer, as per customer reviews is excellent and registering for an account shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes – the simplified range of accounts available might be limiting to some, but prevents confusion for those who are not as confident with banking.

Metro Bank Contact Information

If you want to get in touch, you can call Metro Bank on: 0345 0808 500.

You can also find them on Twitter under the handle: @MetroBank_Help.

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*All rates correct as of January 2020