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Do I need minibus insurance?

If you are carrying paying passengers in your minibus, ferrying the local football team to and from fixtures or just using it for your family, you will need specialist minibus insurance to make sure you are covered for all eventualities.

Finding cheap minibus and multi-purpose vehicle insurance can be difficult, so we’ve outlined all the different options available to you.

Having such a flexible multi-purpose vehicle like a minibus can come with a lot of advantages. It can be used as a taxi or by a school, nursing home, charity or other group/organisation as well as a family vehicle.

Due to their size, insurance can be expensive for minibus owners – especially if they are regularly used to carry lots of passengers as this carries more risk.

The first step to getting the cheapest minibus insurance quote possible is to compare quotes from as many different insurers as possible…

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Minibus taxi insurance

If you use your minibus predominantly for hire or gain a reward for its use (i.e. payment) then it is likely that you will need to look for specialist taxi insurance.

Taking on paying passengers means you have to have insurance to cover any injuries or property damage that may happen while in your minibus.

Commercial minibus insurance policies come with added liability cover so that any passengers’ medical bills and damage to their belongings in the unfortunate event of a collision is covered. As a result, the premium will likely be higher.

You can also get options for Minibus Breakdown Cover to make sure you’re not off the road and losing money for too long if you breakdown.

There are minibus insurance options for private hire as well as public hire, and you can also find minibus cover as part of a fleet policy if you have more than one.

Other common policy options for minibus/MPV taxi insurance include windscreen cover, legal expenses and public liability. When comparing quotes it is important to consider exactly what level of cover and what policy extras you might need, rather than simply opting for the cheapest as this can sometimes leave you under-insured.

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Van insurance for minibus

If your minibus is for private use only, or you use it for commercial use but do not receive a reward, then you could find cheaper premiums by looking at van insurance policies.

This option all depends on how many seats your minibus has, as many van insurers specify a maximum of nine seats. A minibus is basically a van that can carry up to 16 passengers (any more than that and it is classed as a coach), but because of the added risk of carrying more passengers it is unlikely that a van insurance policy would be possible for a large amount of seats.

At this point it is absolutely crucial that you fill out your quote accurately with regards to what you use your minibus for and how many passengers it carries. Failure to do this could mean your policy is void in the event of a claim – which could leave you severely out of pocket.

You should also notify your insurance company about any modifications you may have made to your minibus, as this could also affect the price of insurance.

Temporary minibus insurance

A lot of people only need short-term minibus insurance to cover them on a temporary basis – usually for a one-off occasion like taking the family on holiday or just for one trip e.g. helping out the local sports team or taking your children and their friends to their Prom etc…

If you are hiring the minibus for this then you may have insurance included in the hire price, but make sure you check the price as you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere. If you are borrowing the minibus from a friend on a temporary basis then it may be more cost effective to take out a temporary insurance policy, rather than being added onto another policy as a named driver.

Temporary insurance can be purchased ranging from one day to three months, so whatever reason you need a minibus you should be able to find an affordable quote to make sure you are fully covered.

As always, it is worth comparing quotes from different insurers to make sure you see the full range of prices and policy options available.


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