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Modified van insurance

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Van insurance

What counts as a ‘modified’ van?

Any change that is made to your van that is different from the factory standard is likely to be classed as a modification, and may therefore require a modified van insurance policy.

Some changes, such as spraying the van a different colour, are unlikely to affect your insurance, but you should still tell your insurer even for slight modifications like that.

Modifications that will almost certainly mean your van is classed as ‘modified’ can include:

  • Adding alloy wheels
  • Adding spoilers
  • Making changes to the suspension/steering/engine

Modified van insurance also applies if you convert your van i.e. into a campervan. or if you modify it so it can store and transport specialist items.

If you modify your van so it can be used for business purposes, then you will need specialist business van insurance.

Specialist modified van insurance companies can also help by providing policies for left-hand drive vans or grey imported vehicles.

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How do van modifications affect the price of insurance?

A modified van is likely to cost more to insure than a standard van because most insurance companies see any modification that isn’t security related (e.g. an alarm or immobiliser) as an increased risk.

This is because many modifications are made to vans in order to make them more powerful or faster, which insurers see as an increased risk of having an accident and making a claim.

As well as this, many modified van parts and accessories are more expensive to replace – so if you do end up having to claim on your policy it will be more expensive for the insurance company.

Your van could also be deemed a higher risk of attracting thieves or vandals if it features new and valuable modifications.

Due to the increased risk posed by modified vans, many insurance companies will not offer cover for any van that has been changed from the factory standard – which means you could be limited to more specialist insurers to cover your modified van.

Specialist modified van insurance

The plus side of arranging cover with a specialist modified van insurance company is that they tend to be more sympathetic when quoting for modified vans.

They know that the owners of modified vans are more likely to be reliable and responsible drivers, as they have invested heavily into getting their vehicle the way they like it, and may therefore reward the more careful owners with lower premiums.

Modified van insurers also have more freedom to get creative with their quotes, with some being known to further reduce the cost of insurance by increasing the excess you pay to effectively cover the cost of your modifications.

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