Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

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The only thing worse than breaking down in a car? Breaking down on a motorbike.

Without a roof over your head and, often, with nobody to keep you company, it is important that you’re back on the road as soon as possible. This is where motorcycle breakdown cover comes to the rescue.

What is motorcycle breakdown cover?

Motorbike breakdown cover is a policy designed to offer you protection if your motorbike, scooter or moped breaks down.

Bike cover is not included as standard on all breakdown cover policies so it is important to make sure that you have the right level of cover for your powered two-wheeler.

What are the different types of motorcycle breakdown cover?

Depending on how many bikes you ride, or how many people ride your bike, you might want to consider whether you want cover for yourself or for the bike.

Personal breakdown cover insures you on any motorbike that you ride, as long as it meets the requirements stated in your policy. Most providers will also cover you as a passenger.

Vehicle breakdown cover covers your motorbike, meaning that it’ll be protected against breakdowns no matter who is riding it – a good option if you share the bike with somebody else.

What is included with motorbike breakdown cover?

When purchasing your breakdown cover, you’ll have a few levels of cover to choose from. These include:

  • Roadside assistance – your breakdown cover provider will send a mechanic to rescue you, where they will attempt to repair your motorcycle. If it can’t be repaired within an hour, you and your bike will be taken to a nearby garage.
  • Motorcycle recovery – with motorcycle recovery, you’ll get access to nationwide breakdown cover for your motorcycle with recovery to any destination in the UK (ideally your home, or a favoured garage).
  • Onward travel – with onward travel you get a few extra benefits which are great if you’ve broken down far from home. These include the choice of reimbursed public transport costs or overnight accommodation.

When you buy your policy you’ll also be presented with a range of optional extras, such as:

  • At-home cover – extend your level of breakdown cover to get protection within a short distance of your home, perfect if your bike won’t start in the morning.
  • European motorcycle breakdown cover – get protection when riding your bike through Europe.
  • Misfuelling – protect yourself and your bike if you fill up with the wrong fuel.

To learn more about motorcycle breakdown cover and the levels of protection available, head over to Bobatoo’s complete guide to breakdown cover here.

What motorcycle breakdown cover doesn’t include

Even with the most comprehensive level of motorbike breakdown cover, there will be things which your provider will not cover. These typically include:

  • Breaking down on private land – if your motorcycle breaks down on land which is privately owned, it may be difficult for your provider to assist you. They may charge an extra fee if your bike has been particularly difficult to recover.
  • Road accidents – if your breakdown has come as a result of an accident or collision on the road, your provider may refuse to help you. Even if they do agree to help, they may need to get the go-ahead from the emergency services first.
  • Failure to maintain your bike – if you fail to complete basic maintenance on your motorcycle and break down as a result, your provider may be within their rights to refuse you assistance.

How much is motorcycle breakdown cover?

As is the case with any insurance policy, the cost depends on your level of cover.

Statistics from MoneySupermarket suggest that the average cost of an annual breakdown cover policy for motorbikes is around £37, but this will vary depending on:

  • Your level of cover
  • Your choice of personal or vehicle breakdown cover
  • The number of motorcycles on your policy
  • The make, model and age of your motorcycle

Who provides breakdown cover for motorcycles?

The following companies are currently some of the best in the UK that provide breakdown cover:

Tap on the links above to read Bobatoo's full reviews of different providers' policies, pros, cons, and costs!

For peace of mind knowing that you won’t be left stranded, Bobatoo highly recommends getting a breakdown cover policy if you own a motorbike, as it’ll save you money in the long run should anything happen.

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