Multi-Car and Family Breakdown Cover

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Breakdown cover is a useful insurance policy to have, but for households with more than one car, taking out multiple policies can be confusing and expensive – this is how multi-car breakdown cover can help.

What is multi-car breakdown cover?

Multi-car breakdown cover is a type of insurance which allows you to add multiple cars to the same policy.

Multi-car cover usually comes at a discounted rate, making it a cheaper option for households with more than one car.

This joint breakdown cover is sold as a vehicle breakdown cover policy, meaning that you are only covered in the vehicles registered on the policy.

What is family breakdown cover?

Family breakdown cover is similar to multicar cover in the sense that it can work out cheaper than purchasing multiple policies. With family breakdown cover, you can add other members of your household to a single policy which will provide cover in any vehicle they are travelling in, either as a driver or passenger. You can also choose to purchase cover for all of the vehicles registered at your home, meaning that they will be covered no matter who is driving.

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What does multi-car breakdown cover include?

Like with a standard, single car breakdown cover policy, your level of coverage will depend on what policy you choose.

Your typical options will be:

Roadside assistance ­– if your car breaks down, your breakdown cover provider will send a mechanic to repair it. If it can’t be fixed at roadside and within an hour, it’ll be taken to a nearby garage along with yourself and any passengers.

Vehicle recovery – similar to roadside assistance, but if you break down, you can choose to be taken to any specific location in the UK, making it ideal if you tend to travel far from home.

Onward travel – a comprehensive level of breakdown cover, onward travel provides you with all of the benefits of vehicle recovery as well as a few extras. These include a range of alternatives to get you on your way, such as a hire car, reimbursed public transport costs or overnight accommodation.

You’ll also have the choice of adding some additional extras to your policy, including:

  • At-home cover – cover if you break down at (or usually within a quarter-of-a-mile of) your home.
  • Key cover – cover for your keys and locks if lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Misfuelling cover – cover for your car if you fill up with the wrong fuel
  • European cover – cover for driving across Europe (check your policy for specific countries)

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What isn’t covered by breakdown cover?

Even with the most comprehensive policy, there will be some exclusions to your breakdown cover:

  • Breakdowns on private land – your breakdown cover provider might not tend to your vehicle if it is on land which is inaccessible, or not easily accessible.
  • Livestock – travelling with your family pet is okay, but if you’re towing a trailer with livestock then you may need additional cover.
  • Car accidents resulting in a breakdown – if your car has broken down as a result of a road accident, your provider might refuse you cover.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance – if you do not regularly check your car’s tyres, oil or other basics then your cover might be invalid.

To make sure that you’re getting the right level of cover, be sure to read your policy documents thoroughly or raise any specific questions you have with your provider.

How much does multi-car breakdown cover cost?

Like with any other insurance policy, the cost of your premium will depend on the level of cover that you choose.

With a multi-car breakdown policy, the more cars you cover the higher your premium will be – but this still usually works out cheaper than purchasing individual policies.

For example, buying 2 separate basic RAC breakdown cover policies would set you back £90 a year, whereas a policy with 2 cars on it costs £81 – a saving of nearly 10%.

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Where can I get multi-car breakdown cover?

There are a number of providers who offer multi-car breakdown cover, so use online comparison sites like GoCompare and Compare the Market to get the best price.

Before choosing your provider, be sure to read through Bobatoo’s extended range of breakdown cover reviews.

You can also get multi-car breakdown cover as part of an Admiral multi-car insurance policy, who offer unlimited callouts and misfuelling cover as standard in their breakdown cover.

Popular choices also include Green Flag multi-car breakdown cover, Aviva multi-car breakdown cover and RecoverCover multi-car breakdown cover.

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