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OhMyDosh Review – Make money online UK

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Want to make yourself a quick buck online, with no hidden charges or subscription fees? OhMyDosh might be just up your street.

OhMyDosh allows you to earn money by making purchases online, completing short surveys and taking out free trials. Any money you earn is transferred straight back into your bank account – but how exactly does OhMyDosh work?

What is OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh is a free-to-use type of cashback website which pays you for completing specific actions. These can include:

  • Making online purchases with selected retailers
  • Taking out trials for selected products and services
  • Taking short surveys
  • Entering competitions

OhMyDosh has something for everyone, with a wide range of categories from finance and insurance to fashion and beauty.

How does OhMyDosh work?

Unlike other cashback sites like Quidco, you do not need to make a purchase in order to receive money back from OhMyDosh – in fact, they have a whole category dedicated to ‘no spend’ offers!

To start earning easy money online with OhMyDosh, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign up to OhMyDosh and earn a complimentary 50p bonus

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2. Check your emails and verify your account to earn an extra 50p

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3. View the range of cashback deals on offer

OhMyDosh deals on website

4. Find a retailer you fancy and start earning money straight away

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When will my earnings show in my account?

Depending on the retailer that you have purchased with, the survey you have taken or trial you have signed up to, it can take up to 30 days for your earnings to show in your account balance.

When you first complete an action, the money that you earn will show as ‘pending’ in your account. Once everything has been verified (and you have earned at least £10), your money will show was ‘payable’ and you can withdraw your money.

How to withdraw money from OhMyDosh

The only restriction in place at OhMyDosh is that you must have earned a minimum of £10 before you can withdraw your funds – considering that you get £1 for free when you sign up, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can choose to withdraw your funds to either your bank or PayPal account, with the funds reaching your account within 3-5 working days.

How much can you earn with OhMyDosh?

The amount you earn will vary depending on the action you complete, but here are a few examples:

  • Earn £40 + a £90 reward card when taking out BT Superfast Fibre Broadband
  • Earn £12 when switching you energy supplier with Look After My Bills
  • Earn £2 when taking out a FREE 30 day trial for Amazon Music
  • Earn up to £300/month by completing paid surveys

Earn more with badges & leaderboards

On top of all of the incredible offers available on OhMyDosh, you can earn even more money by…well, earning more money!

The more you earn as an OhMyDosh member, the higher the leaderboards you will climb. There isn’t just bragging rights up for grabs either, with bonuses of up to £25 available to those who finish top at the end of the month.

OhMyDosh – is OhMyDosh ‘legit’?

It all seemed a bit too good to be true, so to make sure it lived up to our expectations, we decided to try out OhMyDosh for ourselves.

To begin with, we used one of the more popular money-making methods on OhMyDosh – signing up to free trials.

The first trial which caught our eye was for ‘hayu’, which is a free online entertainment streaming service dedicated to realty TV. By signing up to a free 30-day trial, we received a £4 bonus paid into our OhMyDosh account!

We did have to enter our card details, but as long as you cancel your free trial after 7 days, you won’t be charged the monthly £4.99 fee – make sure you wait 7 days though, otherwise you will not receive your OhMyDosh bonus.

>>> Sign up to OhMyDosh here <<<

Another free trial we signed up to was Amazon Prime Video, which gave us full access to hit shows like The Office, The Walking Dead, Modern Family and everybody’s favourite, Peppa Pig, for 30 days. To earn a bonus for this, you have to forward your confirmation email from Amazon to [email protected] – a slight inconvenience, but worth it for another £4 bonus! Again, remember to cancel your trial before the 30 days is up to avoid being charged.

Now, by this point, the whole of Bobatoo HQ was eager to start earning themselves – and by sending them a quick referral link, we were able to take advantage of that! A total of 4 people signed up using our link, earning us a sound £2 (50p each). The best part, though, is that when they eventually earn enough to ‘Dosh Out’, we’ll receive an impressive £5 bonus!

Finally, we completed a short survey by signing up to Complete Surveys (via the OhMyDosh link, of course!). The whole process took us around 10 minutes and earned us a £1.50 bonus.

In total, we spent less than 30 minutes of our day earning a total of £11.50 – more than enough for us to ‘Dosh Out’ our earnings.

OhMyDosh Reviews – OhMyDosh on Trustpilot

We had a great experience using OhMyDosh – and by the looks of it, so have many of their other customers, who have rated them 5 stars on Trustpilot.

OhMyDosh review on Trustpilot

From almost 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot, only 3% of customers have had a negative experience with OhMyDosh, while a whopping 94% say they would recommend it.

Start earning today – get an OhMyDosh login

To get started with OhMyDosh, simply click here – register with your details and you can start earning money in minutes.

And if you like what you see, why not try out some other reward sites such as Quidco, which is the UK’s best cashback website or 20 Cogs!

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