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Why choose one day car insurance?

Most car insurance policies run for 12 months, but there are certain occasions where it makes more financial sense to insure your vehicle for less than that.
Temporary car insurance is available that can cover you from between 1-3 months, which is handy for those who only need to insure their car for small periods e.g. for work, for the summer etc…But for some even 1-3 months is too long as they only want to cover their car for a single day. This is where dedicated 1 day car insurance policies come in.
You may find you need daily car insurance for a range of different reasons, including:
  • Borrowing a friend or family member’s car for a short trip
  • Using someone else’s car to help move your belongings e.g. to a new home
  • Using a car to visit friends or family
  • Taking your classic car out for a spin
  • Picking up large items e.g. furniture and white goods
  • Taking a car out for a test drive
  • An emergency which means you need to borrow someone’s car urgently

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With one day car insurance you get the following benefits:

  • Cover arranged instantly
  • Cover lasting from 1 – 28 days
  • No long-term contracts
  • Convenient car insurance as and when you need it
  • Fully comprehensive cover

What you need to get a quote

If you are ready to get a 1 day car insurance quote, you will need the following details in order to proceed:

  • Your driving licence and driving history details
  • Your full name and current address
  • Full details of the car you would like to insure
  • The date and time you want the cover to start

How much does one day insurance cost?

As you can probably guess, getting insurance on a daily basis is generally quite affordable. However, the overall cost will depend on a variety of different factors.

Like all car insurance policies, the insurance company will take into account several risk factors including: your driving history and level of no claims, the type of vehicle you wish to insure for the day, when and where you intend to drive it and so on.

Typically though, you will find that 1 day car insurance cover costs in the region of £10 per day – give or take. This can increase a lot though depending on what vehicle you wish to insure, so it is always worth comparing quotes to get the best deal.

Best One Day Car Insurance Providers

GoShorty logo

GoShorty provides short-term motor insurance policies for drivers aged between 18 and 75, covering cars, vans and learner drivers. Whether you need to borrow someone's car for a few hours, a weekend of a couple of weeks, GoShorty can provide instant cover.

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Insure4aday logo

Insure4aDay are a specialist temporary and short term car insurance company offering quick and simple one day car insurance with instant cover available.

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Aviva car insurance logo

Aviva offers a range of short term and temporary car insurance policies that can run from 1 – 28 days.

Aviva’s short term car insurance won’t affect the no claim discount on the vehicle’s main insurance policy and is quick and easy to arrange.

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day insure

Day Insure are another specialist short term car insurance company offering temporary insurance for cars and vans.

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RAC car insurance

RAC offer extensive pay-by-day car insurance which you can use to cover you for 1 day up to 28 days.

RAC promise immediate cover and provide a range of different options depending on what you need and when.

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