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Quidco vs TopCashback - a review

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It may sound too good to be true, but you could be getting free cashback on your shopping, both online and in-store!

Cashback sites Quidco and TopCashback are two of the best cashback sites in the UK, offering you a percentage of your money back when you use their website to click through to another to buy your product.

There are fine margins between the two websites, but Bobatoo has delved deep into the world of cashback to help you decide which site you should use to start saving money.

Quidco – The UK’s number 1 cashback site

What is Quidco? – When was Quidco founded?

Quidco was founded in 2005, growing into the number 1 site for cashback in the UK. They have over 7 million users who have accumulated over £400 million cashback in total!

Quidco work with more than 4,500 of the country’s most popular shopping brands, offering cashback deals on everything from takeaways to holidays.

How does Quidco cashback work? – What does cashback mean?

As a Quidco member, you will earn cashback on all of your shopping when you use one of Quidco’s links. This means that every time you make a purchase through them, you will receive a percentage of your money back – this will be paid into your Quidco account, ready to be withdrawn.

For example, instead of typing ‘Amazon’ or ‘Argos’ into your web browser, head to Quidco first. Search for ‘Amazon’ or ‘Argos’ on there, then use one of the Quidco Amazon or Quidco Argos links, which will take you directly to the retailer’s site.

Quidco also have a smartphone app, which works exactly the same – just tap on your chosen retailer and start shopping!

From then on your shopping experience will be exactly the same, except you may get a little cashback bonus at the end of it – what’s not to love?

Quidco cashback banner

How long does Quidco take to pay?

The cashback you receive from Quidco is their referral commission, which they get paid by retailers for referring you to their website. For this reason, it can take up to 3 months for your cashback to show in your Quidco account.

How to withdraw cashback from Quidco

Once you have received your cashback, you’ll be able to withdraw it from your account to spend wherever you like.

Quidco offer withdrawals to PayPal or directly to your bank account, but you’ll get more for your money by using your cashback to buy a store specific gift card as you will often receive an uplift on your cashback balance.

You can also decide to donate your cashback to charity, with over 13,000 available to choose from on the Quidco website.

Using Quidco in-store

You can use Quidco to get cashback on in-store or restaurant purchases by linking your debit or credit card to your account.

There is a much more limited range of retailers for in-store purchases, but a wide range of popular restaurant chains.

Quidco Premium - Is it worth it?

Quidco launched its premium service to provide members with the best cashback experience possible, including cashback rates of up to 10%, removal of online ads and higher payout bonuses. All you need to do is give back £1 of your monthly cashback, known as a Quidco Premium retention fee.

During the months that you haven’t made any purchases through Quidco, you will not be charged the £1 fee.

You can downgrade from Quidco Premium at any time.

Quidco reviews

Quidco has an impressive 4 star rating on customer review site TrustPilot, with 89% of almost 80,000 reviewers rating it as either ‘great’ or ‘excellent’.

Quidco Trustpilot review

Many customers have said they are happy with how easy the site is to use, with some claiming to have saved ‘hundreds of pounds’ when purchasing items through Quidco.

Bobatoo’s verdict

We love Quidco here at Bobatoo – and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t, too!

With a cashback guarantee that promises to beat rates offered by competitors, it is clear to see why it is the UK’s top cashback site.

With a wide range of top retailers signed up, there aren’t many places where you won’t be able to get cashback – remember, even if it’s only a few pence, it all adds up!

To start earning your free cashback today, sign up to Quidco here – as a new member, you’ll get a £10 bonus after your first purchase!

TopCashback – The UK’s highest paying cashback site

What is TopCashback? – When was TopCashback founded?

TopCashback was founded in 2005 and claims to be the highest paying cashback site in the UK. They have over 9 million registered members with a combined £75m+ saved last year.

They have partnered with over 5,000 retailers both online and in-store across the UK.

How does TopCashback work?

When you make a purchase through TopCashback, they pass 100% of the referral commission that they earn onto you.

For example, when you use a TopCashback Amazon or TopCashback Argos referral link, they get paid a commission. This commission is then passed on to you and paid into your TopCashback account.

You can also use the TopCashback smartphone app, which offers the same cashback rates as their website.

Once you access the retailer’s site, you can continue shopping as usual.

How long does TopCashback take to pay?

There are three stages that your cashback will go through when making a purchase through TopCashback: pending, confirmed and payable.

When the transaction is ‘pending’, it means that your purchase has been verified by the retailer – however, they are yet to check that it has met all of the relevant terms and conditions in order to issue your cashback.

When your transaction shows up as ‘confirmed’, the merchant has agreed that your purchase has met all terms and conditions and your cashback is due to be paid.

Finally, when your cashback shows up as ‘payable’, the retailer will have invoiced TopCashback with their commission fee which they will then pass onto you. This can take up to 90 days.

How to withdraw money from TopCashback

Once your cashback has become ‘payable’, you can request for your cashback to be paid out.

You can get your cash paid into your bank or PayPal account or onto a Love2Shop gift card, or alternatively, you will get paid an extra bonus of up to 10% when turning your cashback into a store specific gift card.

You can also use your cashback to donate to one of over 300 charities who partner with TopCashback.

Using TopCashback in-store

TopCashback’s OnCard feature allows you to register a debit or credit card to your account, meaning that you can earn cashback from selected retailers when you shop in-store.

You can also upload a picture of your receipt to the TopCashback website to earn in-store cashback.

TopCashback reviews

TopCashback prides itself in having a 5 star TrustPilot rating, with 95% of nearly 90,000 users rating it either ‘great’ or ‘excellent’.

Topcashback Truspilot review

Similarly to Quidco, members have been quick to point out how easy the website is to use. Some have also shared their experiences of saving money on their car insurance, home insurance and holidays.

Bobatoo verdict

TopCashback is clearly a great cashback website, offering a similar range of services to Quidco with great customer reviews.

Their commitment to offering the best cashback rates makes it a good option for those looking for an added cashback bonus, while its extensive range of cashback partners means that you’re always likely to get some return on your purchases – no matter how big or small.

You can sign up to TopCashback here.

Cashback FAQs

Is TopCashback better than Quidco?

Both Quidco and TopCashback offer cashback with a huge number of retailers across the UK, many of which are the same.

Have a look at the Quidco website to see how they compare to TopCashback, then make the decision for yourself.

Can you use Quidco and TopCashback at the same time?

Unfortunately not.

You are welcome to hold an account with both sites, but cannot use them in conjunction with each other.

For example, if you use a Quidco Amazon link to make a purchase, you cannot also receive cashback for that purchase with a TopCashback Amazon link.

Do cashback sites work?


There is plenty of evidence to back up the use of cashback sites and you could end up saving yourself hundreds of pounds!

For more information on the best UK cashback sites, how they work and how much cashback you could earn, why not take a look at our guide here?

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