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A wide range of policies

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Who are Recover Cover?

RecoverCover – also referred to as or Recover Cover 24 – is a roadside rescue and recovery service provided by the insurance broker Dynamo Cover Ltd.

They specialise in breakdown cover, working with some of the UK’s biggest recovery services to offer nationwide breakdown insurance.

They offer breakdown cover packages for cars, motorbikes, vans, taxis, trailers and caravans.

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Breakdown insurance packages – what they have to offer

RecoverCover offer a wide range of breakdown cover policies, ranging from a one-callout-only option to fully comprehensive cover in the UK and Europe.

RecoverCover also offer multi-vehicle breakdown cover, with savings of up to 20% when you add another vehicle to your policy.

Unlike some other providers, RecoverCover do not provide personal breakdown cover - they only offer cover for your vehicle.

Basic Breakdown Cover

RecoverCover’s Basic Breakdown Cover is their cheapest available policy, offering you the core aspects of emergency breakdown insurance.

With a basic package, you are entitled to roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown more than three quarters-of-a-mile away from your home, meaning that a mechanic will be sent to evaluate – and hopefully fix – your vehicle at the roadside.

If your mechanic does not feel that your vehicle can be fixed within 60 minutes at the roadside, you also get the luxury of nationwide vehicle recovery, meaning that you, your vehicle and your passengers will be taken to either a nearby garage or to a place of your choice in the UK.

You pay no excess on callouts made under basic breakdown cover and are allowed up to 6 callouts per year.

The cover also provides trailer and caravan cover, meaning that your trailer or caravan will be recovered as well as your vehicle.

Silver Breakdown Cover

RecoverCover’s Silver policy is available with or without a £25 excess fee, which you can remove from your policy for around £3.

With silver breakdown cover, you have access to everything that is offered by basic cover, but with a few additional benefits.

One of these benefits is ‘home assist’ – sometimes known as ‘at home’ or ‘home start’ breakdown cover – which allows your vehicle to be either repaired or recovered when you are at, or within three quarters-of-a-mile of, your home address.

Silver breakdown cover also gives you alternative travel arrangements should your car be deemed unfit to continue with you on your travels. This comes in the form of up to £250 towards the costs of a hire car or public transport, as well as up to £150 in travel costs for one person to return to collect the vehicle following its repair.

You will also be able to claim up to £525 for emergency overnight accommodation (£100 for a lone traveller or £75pp), which includes breakfast for you and any passengers if your vehicle cannot be fixed on the day that it broke down.

In order to qualify for both alternative transport and overnight accommodation, your breakdown must have occurred further than 20 miles from your home address.

Gold Breakdown Cover

Similarly to silver breakdown cover, RecoverCover’s gold policy comes with the option to pay a £25 excess fee on callouts – this will save you approximately £20 on your premium.

Gold breakdown cover is the most comprehensive cover available, offering all of the aforementioned benefits both in the UK and across Europe.

If your vehicle is recovered and cannot be repaired within 72 hours, or before the date of your intended return, any costs for transporting you, your vehicle and your passengers either back home or to a European destination of your choice, will be covered if it is closer than your home address.

Your allowance for the costs of alternative transport rises to £500 in Europe, with the additional allowance for somebody to return and collect the vehicle rising to £200.

The maximum allowance for emergency overnight accommodation rises to £150 for a lone traveller or £100pp, up to a combined maximum of £700.

1Call Breakdown Cover

This offers fully comprehensive breakdown insurance in the UK, but, as the name suggests, you are limited to just one callout.

You get all of the benefits offered by silver breakdown cover, as well as cover against illness or injury where, if you become too ill to drive and none of your passengers can take over driving duties, you will be provided with either a recovery vehicle to tow you home or a chauffeur.

Any service provided under a 1Call policy must be paid for by yourself at the time it occurs. You will be sent a reimbursement form to claim back any relevant costs.

RecoverCover's policy details


RecoverCover: The cost of breakdown cover


Basic breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery

From £24.50 per year


Silver breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Onward travel

Home Assist

Overnight accommodation

With £25 excess: From £26.80 per year

Without £25 excess: From£29.99 per year


Gold breakdown cover

European cover

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Onward travel

Home assist

Overnight accommodation

With £25 excess: From £52.99 per year

Without £25 excess: From £72.99 per year


1 Call breakdown cover

1 callout only

Roadside assistance

National recovery

Onward travel

Home assist

Overnight accommodation

From £24.50 per year


RecoverCover's pros and cons


  • They have a target 40-minute response time
  • They offer a wide range of policies
  • They work with reputable recovery operators
  • Competitive prices


  • No option for personal breakdown cover
  • No smartphone app as of yet
  • Limited to a maximum of 6 callouts (except 1Call policy)
A list of what Recover Cover include in their policies


RecoverCover Smartphone App

RecoverCover do not currently have a smartphone app, but they insist that one is in development.


When does RecoverCover breakdown cover start?

You will not be able to make a claim on your RecoverCover breakdown insurance for the first 72 hours of your policy.

Do RecoverCover cover caravans and trailers?

Caravans and trailers up to a maximum length of 7 metres (23 feet) will be recovered with your vehicle after breakdown, however, any breakdowns or damages to the caravan or trailer itself are not covered.

Can you pay monthly for RecoverCover breakdown insurance?

No. All of RecoverCover’s breakdown policies require full payment at the start of the policy.

How do I cancel RecoverCover breakdown insurance?

You can contact RecoverCover within 14 days of receiving your policy documentation, at which point you will be issued a full refund minus an £8.99 cancellation fee.

After this 14 days has passed, no refund will be issued and a £9.99 cancellation fee will be charged.

Is there an age restriction on vehicles for RecoverCover breakdown cover?

Yes. RecoverCover do not provide breakdown insurance for vehicles that are 15 years or older at the time the policy is taken out.

Can I change the vehicle registered to my policy?

No. For your new vehicle to qualify for RecoverCover breakdown cover, you must pay to cancel your existing policy before taking out a new one.

Where can I see my RecoverCover policy?

You can view your policy by using your RecoverCover login on their website. Your policy will also be sent to you via email and you can pay extra to have it sent through the post.


For the answers to more frequently asked questions about breakdown cover, head over to our Breakdown Cover FAQs here.


Customer Experience

When looking at customer reviews on the services received by various people from RecoverCover, we can see that from over 150 reviews on Trustpilot, unfortunately, 96% of customers rated RecoverCover as ‘bad’.

1 star review on Trustpilot

The abundance of negative reviews on the site include customers voicing their displeasure over unhelpful and, in some reviews, unpleasant customer service from RecoverCover’s call centre staff, policy details going missing from their database and the inability to change the vehicle on a policy.

However, the majority of negative reviews seem to be based around the failure to inform customers of their upcoming renewal and that they have taken funds for the following year’s policy before charging a cancellation fee to anybody who did not wish to renew.

Despite this, some customers have complimented on the quick service they provided following a breakdown.

Services can vary from provider to provider and often, things can happen which are often out of their control. It’s a good idea to take both positive and negative reviews into consideration before you decide on your breakdown cover provider and policy.

Ratings (out of 5):

Trustpilot: 1

ReviewCentre: 1

Average: 1/5


Expert Ratings


  • 5 star rating for Silver Breakdown Cover
  • 3 star rating for 1Call & Basic Breakdown Cover

What to do if you break down – How to contact RecoverCover

If you are covered by their breakdown insurance, the RecoverCover contact numbers are:

  • Phone (UK) – 01206 785985
  • Text (UK) – 07537 404890