SAGA (Over 50s) breakdown cover review

  • Unlimited UK callouts
  • Member benefits – access to exclusive offers and discounts
  • A wide range of policies available, allowing you to tailor your cover to your needs

SAGA over 50's Breakdown

Who are SAGA?

SAGA is a British company focussed solely on serving those aged 50 an over.

Founded in 1959, they offer a variety of products ranging from insurance to package holidays and tours.

They have over 2.7 million customers and also operate one of the UK’s best-selling monthly subscription magazines.

All of their emergency breakdown insurance is provided by the RAC.

SAGA website home page

Breakdown insurance packages – what they have to offer

SAGA’s emergency breakdown cover – alongside all of their other offerings – are exclusively for those aged 50 and over.

They offer 5 levels of breakdown cover, all with varied features. Whatever level of cover you choose, you will be provided with:

  • Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Unlimited callouts in the UK
  • Cover for all breakdowns – including punctures and flat batteries

All packages are available to upgrade to personal cover, which covers you in any vehicle that you drive, and multi-car cover, which allows you to add more than one vehicle to the policy.

If you already have car insurance through SAGA, you can benefit from discounted rates on their breakdown cover policies.

Essential Breakdown Cover

Their most basic form of breakdown cover, SAGA’s essential breakdown cover provides you with roadside assistance, meaning that a mechanic will be sent to your rescue to try and fix your car at the side of the road.

You also get local vehicle recovery included, meaning that if your car can’t be fixed roadside, you, your passengers and your vehicle will be recovered to any destination within 10 miles of the place you broke down (usually a local garage!).

If you can’t drive away that day, you and your passengers will be reimbursed for a taxi journey of up to 20 miles.

Home Call Breakdown Cover

Sometimes referred to as ‘home start’ breakdown cover, this is a useful addition to your policy, protecting you against any breakdowns that happen at your home.

As well as all the benefits of their essential breakdown cover policy, you get access to a mechanic who will come to fix your car when you break down at – or within a quarter-of-a-mile of – your home address.

National Recovery Breakdown Cover

If you use your car to travel the entire country, national recovery will get you home if you break down.

It is similar to the standard recovery included in SAGA’s essential breakdown cover, but without the 10 mile limit. You, your passengers and your vehicle can be recovered to any single destination in the UK if your car cannot be fixed at roadside.

Comprehensive Breakdown Cover

This is SAGA’s most comprehensive UK breakdown cover and includes all of the aforementioned benefits, and a little bit more in the form of ‘driver care’.

Sometimes known as onward travel, driver care will provide you with a hire car, alternative transport of overnight accommodation if you can’t get your car back on the road. Plus, you can get up to £150 in travel costs to collect your vehicle after its repair.

Premier Breakdown Cover

SAGA’s Premier Breakdown Cover is their ultimate package, providing you with cover both in the UK and in 55 countries on the continent.

You also get the added benefit of holiday departure cover, giving you access to a hire car for up to 14 days if you break down within 24 hours of your holiday.

SAGA service description

Other Benefits

When taking out breakdown cover with SAGA, you are also entitled to a range of other benefits through their Possibilities programme. These include:

  • Savings on future holidays, from around-the-world cruises to overnight stays.
  • Exclusive discounts on services from vehicle repair to golf lessons.
  • Money off at some of the UK’s most popular restaurant chains.
  • Entry into competitions to win VIP tickets to popular events.

The cost of SAGA's breakdown cover

SAGA’s car breakdown cover starts from as little as £39.99 per year. However, they do not state any specific prices of their emergency breakdown cover policies online.

To get an emergency breakdown cover quote with SAGA, call 0800 656 9915. Their phone lines are open:

  • 30am – 8pm, Monday-Friday
  • 30am – 5pm, Saturday
  • 9am – 5pm, Sunday

SAGA: The Pros and Cons


  • They have a wide range of policies to choose from, which allows you to tailor your cover to your specific needs.
  • Unlimited UK callouts.
  • Member benefits – access to exclusive offers and discounts.


  • No smartphone app – Unlike other providers, SAGA doesn’t offer a smartphone app.
  • Exclusively to over 50s – Anybody below the age of 50 cannot be covered.


How do I renew my SAGA breakdown cover policy?

You will be sent an invitation to renew your policy approximately 21 days before your current policy is set to expire.

Does SAGA breakdown cover include motorway recovery?

Yes. All of SAGA’s breakdown policies provide motorway recovery.

How many vehicles can I have on my breakdown cover policy?

With SAGA, you can add up to three more cars to your policy as long as they are all kept at the same address.

How do I claim back costs that I am covered for?

If you have spent your own money on something which you are covered for by your breakdown cover – for example, public transport costs with a comprehensive or premier policy – you, should fill in a claims reimbursement form on the SAGA website.

Does SAGA offer breakdown cover for business vehicles?

Not specifically, but by upgrading to personal breakdown cover, you will be covered in any vehicle that you drive.

Does SAGA offer motorhome breakdown cover?

Yes – but only as an optional add-on to their motorhome insurance.

Does SAGA offer short-term breakdown cover?

No – all of SAGA’s policies are sold on an annual basis.

Customer Experience

Certified customer review websites like Trustpilot give a good idea of how previous customers have rated SAGA’s services relating to breakdown provider.

Note that some of these reviews include customers who have taken out car insurancehome insurance or one of SAGA’s other policies, so they might not give an entirely accurate representation on their breakdown cover services.

As their breakdown cover is provided by the RAC, it’s worth you reading our complete RAC Breakdown Cover Review here.

From over 6,000 reviews of SAGA, 69% said that they provided excellent services, with Trustpilot awarding them a 4/5 rating.

4 star rating on Trustpilot

Recent positive reviews include compliments on their easy-to-use website and good value for money.

There are some reviews, however, which raise concerns of hefty cancellation fees and errors found within policy documentation.

Every breakdown cover provider will sometimes encounter issues, so it is better to look at average ratings, rather than focussing on individual negative ones.

Ratings (out of 5):

Trustpilot: 4 4

SmartMoneyPeople: 4

Reviewcentre: 2.5

Average: 3.6/5

Expert Ratings


  • 5 star for comprehensive breakdown cover
  • 4 star for national recovery breakdown cover
  • 3 star for essential and home call breakdown cover

By having the top Defaqto rating, this shows that SAGA’s comprehensive breakdown cover is one of their best and most comprehensive policies available and it includes a number of benefits and features for members, showing that it goes above and beyond for customers and it provides complete cover in the event of your vehicle breaking down.


AutoExpress ranked SAGA as the 7th best breakdown provider in the UK for 2018.

In a recent study carried out by AutoExpress, SAGA was placed as the 7th best provider in the UK behind other popular providers such as the AARACGreenFlag and GEM Motoring Assist.

What happens if I break down? – How to contact them

If you break down and are covered by SAGA, you can contact them by phone on:

  • 0800 068 1966, open 24/7 for cover within the UK.
  • +44 1303 757 308, open 24/7 for cover from abroad.

For more information on other breakdown providers in the UK, take a look at our breakdown cover reviews here.

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