A complete guide to the different types of specialist car insurance policies

Specialist car insurance

Car insurance is one of the most important kinds of insurance you’ll have and even though it’s a legal requirement, which means you might be tempted to go for the most basic cover just to ensure that you’re insured, it’s something that you’ll actually want to think about properly when insuring your car.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of car insurance, then you might want to consult an insurance specialist who can offer you advice on the best specialist vehicle insurance. Specialist car insurance brokers will ensure that you get the correct policy for you and your car, and just as with any kind of policy, when it comes to getting specialist cover for your car, you need to carry out a car insurance price comparison to find the best deal.

In our guide below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about specialist car insurance, as well as the different kinds of specialist cover for cars.

What is specialist car insurance?

Specialist car insurance offers cover for more “unusual” cars or driving circumstances; they cover drivers and cars that aren’t always included in typical standard car insurance policies.

There are some dedicated providers who solely offer insurance for specialist drivers or cars, but many general car insurance providers also offer their own specialist cover too.

Below, you can find some of the most common cases for requiring specialist car insurance.

Specialist car insurance for convicted drivers

If you have a driving conviction, then regular insurers may be reluctant to offer you a “normal” policy, so you may have to find specialist convicted driver insurance.

Some mainstream insurers may offer you cover, but if not there are plenty of dedicated providers of insurance for convicted drivers.

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Driving instructor insurance

If you’re a driving instructor, having a regular car insurance policy might not be quite enough and you will likely be required to have specific driving instructor insurance so that you’re covered to teach others to drive.

Learner driver

Before you pass your driving test, when you’re learning to drive, you will have to get learner driver insurance if you want to practice driving in a family member’s car, for example.

If you’re only taking driving lessons with a proper driving instructor, then you don’t need learner driver insurance, but you will need it if you’re privately practicing with family or friends in their car.

Multi-car insurance

You can usually get multi-car insurance policies with regular providers, but you might want to look into a specialist policy if you’re wanting to cover drivers in specialist circumstances under a multi-car policy.

New drivers

Cheap car insurance for new drivers can often be incredibly hard to come by as policies tend to be more expensive for new drivers due to lack of experience and therefore they’re considered to pose more of a risk on the road.

However, there are some specialist policies available for new drivers in order to help keep premiums as low as possible.

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Young driver

Similarly to insurance for new drivers, car insurance policies for young drivers are also often pretty pricey. This is also due to lack of driving experience, and many insurers would deem that young drivers are more likely to make a claim, so prices are pretty extortionate.

Black box insurance

Also known as telematics insurance, black box insurance is a type of specialist car insurance that can help you to receive cheaper insurance by measuring how well you drive and then pricing your policy accordingly.

You’ll pay for your car insurance at a rate that reflects your driving ability, so the better driver you are, the cheaper your policy is likely to be.

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High-performance car

Insurance for cars that are incredibly high-performing such as very fast cars can be pretty expensive, so your best bet is to find a policy with a specialist insurer.

Sports cars

Sports car insurance can also be very expensive as the car itself is more likely to be expensive, so you’ll definitely want to try and find a specialist policy to insure your sports car.

Classic car insurance

While classic cars might also be expensive, insurers regard them as less likely to be driven as often as regular cars as the owners will want to keep the car in the best possible condition. Therefore, you can often find relatively affordable specialist insurance for classic cars.

Temporary car insurance

Also referred to as short-term insurance, temporary car insurance offers you cover on your car on a short term basis, usually anything less than 12 months, but it could even be as little as one day.

It’s worth looking around for specialist car insurance if you only want cover on a temporary basis, rather than paying regular insurance prices. 

Business car insurance

If you use your car for work purposes, then you might want to consider business car insurance. Rather than just covering you for your commute to and from work like many regular policies will do, specialist business car insurance will cover you if you need to use your car specifically for work such as driving to and from clients’ workplaces.

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Modified car insurance

Finding affordable car insurance for a modified car can be hard to find as many providers will charge you more for deviating from their standard cover inclusions.

However, you can still find specialist cover for modified cars if you do want to make modifications to your vehicle.

Imported car insurance

If you’ve bought your car from overseas, you will probably want to find a specialist policy in order to cover it as many regular insurers will be reluctant to cover an imported car, especially if repair parts aren’t widely available in the UK.

Kit car insurance

If you’re planning on building your own car from scratch, you will need to find specific kit car insurance to ensure that you’re covered.

European car insurance

If you plan on spending a fair bit of time driving in Europe, you might want to take out a specialist European car insurance policy so that you’re fully covered across Europe.

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