Summer spending survey 2017 - results


The summer holidays are a great opportunity for families to spend time together - whether they go away on holiday, do activities at home or go on days out.

These great times seldom come for free though, whether you have to arrange time off work or pay for travel and entry to attractions.

To mark the end of the 2017 summer holidays and to find out what the summer period costs the average UK family, we asked 2,571 parents in the UK what they spent on days out with the family and what they spent it on.

See the full results and key findings below:

Are you a mum or dad?

How many children do you have?

Full-time or part-time worker?

How many days out in summer 2017?

How much did the days out cost in total?

What did you spend the most money on?

What day out was the best value for money?

Which would you not recommend?

Do you plan to spend less or more next summer?

Are you a...

are you a mum or dad

How many children under 16 do you have?

How many children under 16 do you have

Do you work...

full time, part time or stay at home parent

How many Days Out did you take the kids on this summer?

how many days out

How much would you estimate all the Days Out cost you in total?

how much do you estimate you spent

What did you spend the most money on?

what did you spend the most money on

What Day Out would you say offered the best value for money?

The top five day out locations in terms of value money were:

  • Beach
  • Theme park
  • Local park
  • Zoo
  • Museum

Which, if any, Days Out would you not recommend based on value for money?

The top five day out locations that would not be recommended based on the value for money they offer were:

  • Theme parks - particularly Alton Towers and Drayton Manor
  • Cinema
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Sea Life Centre
  • City visit

Do you plan to spend more or less next year on summer Days Out?

how much do you plan to spend next year

Key Findings

  • Dad's spent more (£200 - £400) on days out than mums (£100-£300)
  • Most parents in the UK took their children on more than five days out over the summer - 60%
  • The most common amount spent by parents this summer on days out was between £100 - £300 - 43%
  • Entry costs / tickets was the biggest expenditure - 63%
  • Trips to the beach were voted the best in terms of value for money
  • Theme parks were voted the worst for value for money, although it seems to depend which theme park you go to as they were also voted the second best for value for money
  • Most UK parents say they plan to spend more on days out next summer - 46%