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Tesco car insurance review

For drivers over 21 only

Box insurance available for drivers aged 17-25

Motor legal protection included as standard

24 hour accident helpline

Tesco car insurance products

Tesco Bank offers comprehensive car insurance for all drivers aged over 21 – which comes with a lot of features, particularly if you buy direct rather than via a comparison site.

For younger drivers (aged 17-25) Tesco also offers a black box car insurance policy.

Tesco comprehensive car insurance

The full Tesco comprehensive policy has a host of policy features and optional extras. The main policy features include:

Uninsured driver promise

If you are hit by an uninsured driver, then Tesco won’t penalise you for it in terms of your no claims discount. Once they have all the details of the uninsured driver (vehicle make, model and registration number) they will reinstate your no claims discount and pay back your excess.

To learn more, read our guide: What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver

Small courtesy car

A ‘small’ courtesy car will be made available to you while your car is being repaired – as long as it is being repaired by an approved repairer.

Note that a courtesy will not be provided if your car has been written off, or if it has been stolen and not yet returned.

Windscreen cover

Tesco will pay for the cost of replacing or repairing a broken or chipped windscreen, as well as for any scratches to the paintwork caused by broken glass.

Child car seat replacement

Something not all drivers think of when arranging car insurance, but this can be a massive money saver.

Tesco will automatically replace any child seats that are fitted to the car at the time of an incident, even if there is no visible damage.

Cover for in-car entertainment

Includes cover for any sat-nav’s, telephones, entertainment equipment and stereos that are permanently fitted to the car.

EU cover for up to 90 days

Tesco car insurance offers cover for driving in the EU for a total of 90 days, so you don’t have to arrange any extra cover or pay more if you take your car on holiday.

24 hour accident helpline

Tesco have a 24-hour accident helpline based in the UK.

Personal possessions cover

Any personal possessions in the car covered up to £200 if they are lost or get damaged when in an accident.

Medical expenses

You also get £100 of medical expense cover to treat any injured person in your car following an accident.

Personal accident cover

In addition, Tesco car insurance offers up to £5,000 compensation for serious injury caused in an accident to you or your partner.

Travel expenses

If you incur any costs while carrying on your journey after an accident, Tesco will reimburse you up to a total of £150.

Motor Legal Protection

With Tesco car insurance you also get Motor Legal Protection cover up to £100,000. This covers any legal costs and expenses if you have to make a claim for personal injury compensation after an accident.

Optional extras

As well as the above policy features that come as standard, Tesco also a host of optional extras you can add to your policy for an extra cost.

Breakdown cover

Tesco has paired up with the RAC to offer roadside breakdown cover, which can be extended to when you are driving in Europe.

Upgraded courtesy car

If the small courtesy car you get as standard is not big enough for you, you can upgrade to get a car that is similar in size to your own car.

Driver injury cover

You can also add driver injury cover for greater peace of mind, so if you or a named driver are injured while driving the car, regardless if the accident was your fault or a third party’s fault, then you will be covered. It offers a lump sum payment, up to a limit you can specify, to help with treatment, rehabilitation etc.

Key cover

With Tesco’s extra Key Cover, you are not just covered if your car keys are stolen. Tesco also offer cover if you lose your keys or even if you lock them inside of your car.

Tesco Box Insurance for young drivers

For young drivers who may be priced out of Tesco’s comprehensive policy, they offer a black box policy designed for new drivers aged 17-25.

Tesco’s Box Insurance involves having a small black box installed in your car which transmits data to Tesco about how, when and where you drive. This allows them to charge fluctuating premiums based on your driving habits – so the safer you drive you the less you pay.

Tesco also offers bonus miles to Box policyholders as a reward for safe driving, so the better you drive the more miles you are allowed to drive without incurring extra premium costs.

How much does Tesco car insurance cost?

As with all car insurance companies, the amount you pay in premiums for Tesco car insurance will depend on a host of different factors, including:

  • Your age
  • History of no claims
  • Make and model of your car
  • Your address
  • Where you park the car at home (on the road, driveway, garage etc…)
  • What you use the car for (commuting, driving for work etc…)
  • Annual mileage

Who underwrites Tesco car insurance?

Tesco Bank car insurance is administered by Tesco Bank, however, the underwriting of the policies provided by Tesco is completed by a range of other insurers known as a panel.

This panel of insurers includes Tesco Underwriting, AXA UK, Aviva Insurance, Sabra Insurance and Zenith Insurance.

Can I cancel my Tesco car insurance policy?

Yes – and it won’t cost you a penny if you cancel your Tesco Policy within your 14-day cooling off period.

If it has been longer than 14 days since receiving your insurance documents, you will be charged a fee for cancelling your insurance – on the flip-side, you may get a pro-rata refund if you haven’t made a claim.

Tesco car insurance discount

If you have a Tesco Clubcard, you will be entitled to a discount on your car insurance premium – plus, if you’re a new Tesco Insurance customer, you will get 20% off when you purchase your car insurance online.

You can also choose to purchase your car insurance through a cashback site, with Quidco offering £50 cashback for new customers - you must join Quidco to take advantage of this.

Learn more here!

For more about the best cashback sites and how they work, visit our guide here.


Tesco car insurance online reviews

See below for the latest ratings for Tesco car insurance from the online customer review company’s…

Review company Rating (out of 5)
Trust Pilot 1
Reviews.co.uk 4
Smart Money People 3
Review Centre 2
Average 3

Tesco Bank car insurance – Defaqto rating

Tesco’s car insurance has a 5 star Defaqto rating, meaning that it provides a comprehensive level of cover as well as additional features and benefits.

Tesco’s box insurance only receives a 3 star rating from Defaqto.

Tesco car insurance contact details – how to get in touch with Tesco

For any queries you may have about your existing policy, you can contact Tesco car insurance on: 03452462895.

You can also contact them on Twitter (@TescoBankHelp) or message Tesco on Facebook Messenger.