The 5 best smartphones to gift this Christmas - 2019

Someone using a smartphone to take a picture of Christmas decorations

The holidays are coming!

And with the holidays come hundreds of offers, deals and savings on just about everything you can think of – particularly mobile phones.

But which smartphone is the best? Is Apple better than Samsung? And when do Christmas deals start?!

From cheap phones for kids to the latest luxury, all-singing, all-dancing smartphone for the tech-lover in your life, here are 5 smartphones to keep tabs on while browsing through the Christmas catalogue this winter.

#1 – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (£699.99)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Excellent 6.4” screen

Great front and rear cameras

Poor grip without a case

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best smartphones on the market this Christmas, featuring a large 6.4” screen and impressive battery life.

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the new ‘Wireless PowerShare’ technology which allows you to charge other compatible devices (such as the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds headphones) while on the go.

Without a case, the phone offers little in the way of grip and – given that it’s so big – doesn’t come without the risk of drop damage.

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#2 – Motorola One Action (£219.95)

Motorola One Action

Great price

Good cameras

Not a great battery life

Motorola One ActionThe Motorola One Action is, without a doubt, one of the best smartphones on the market where value for money is concerned.

The handset’s performance is outstanding and, with a triple camera on the rear, is perfect for taking pictures too. The camera’s video recording isn’t quite as good as more expensive phones, but still of a very decent quality.

If you’re not willing to splash out in excess of £700 for a phone this festive season, the Motorola One Action should be at the top of your Christmas list.

When do Christmas deals start?

Christmas deals usually start around Black Friday, but some retailers will jump the gun with their offers – keep your eyes peeled from the start of November!

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#3 – Huawei P30 Pro (£613.00)

Huawei P30 Pro

Excellent camera

Nice design

Controversy over Huawei's relationship with Google

The Huawei P30 Pro comes close to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus when it comes to quality. As a smartphone, it has the best rear camera on the market, making it the perfect option for anybody wanting instant access to a great camera.

The main downside to buying a Huawei smartphone at the moment is the manufacturer’s relationship with Google, who currently provide the operating system and app store for all Huawei phones – this could impact the quality of Huawei ‘s operating system in the future.

#4 – iPhone 11 Pro (£1,039.00)

iPhone 11 Pro

Huge camera upgrade on previous model

New colours and matte finish

Not many upgrades other than camera

If you’re an Apple-lover looking to upgrade your phone this Christmas then you’ve probably already made up your mind on which one to get. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a massively upgraded camera, making it easily one of the best on the market today.

The iPhone, as we’ve come to expect, does not come cheap and probably does not justify its price tag given that there aren’t many major upgrades – but if you’ve already bought into the entire Apple infrastructure, it is undoubtedly a very good smartphone.

Mobile phones with free gifts

When looking for a smartphone upgrade this Christmas, don’t just consider the price – some retailers offer free gifts like headphones, tablets and even games consoles when buying a phone with them.

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#5 – Ulephone Note 7 (£59.98)

Ulephone Note 7

Incredible price

Face unlock

Plastic casing

If you’re in the market for an ultra-budget smartphone this Christmas, perhaps as a first phone for a child, then look no further than the Ulephone Note 7.

For less than a tenth of the price of most modern smartphones, the Ulephone Note 7 comes with a range of features which you simply would not expect to see for such a cheap option, such as face unlock and a triple rear camera.

What phone should I get for Christmas? What is the best phone of 2019?

Whether you’re looking for the best mobile phone deals to treat yourself, a friend or a family member this Christmas, your choice will depend on exactly what you’re looking for; both in terms of budget and features.

One thing that’s for sure is, if you are in the market for a new phone, then it is well worth taking advantage of the Christmas phone deals that are guaranteed to be scattered around stores both online and on the high-street this coming winter.

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