The best 30 advent calendars of 2019

From Ferrero Rocher chocolates to Harry Potter jewellery, what advent calendar will you have this Christmas?

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Unusual advent calendars

The build up to Christmas is really quite special. The songs, the movies, the food, the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert and, of course, advent calendars.

Here are 30 of the best, coolest and most unusual advent calendars you can pick up in 2019, from chocolate and toys to coffee and gin!

The best chocolate advent calendars

#1 – Ferrero Rocher advent calendar (£10)

Ferrero Rocher advent calendar

There’s something Christmassy about Ferrero Rochers - even more so when you get to eat one every day in the lead up to Christmas!

This choco-nutty Ferrero Rocher advent calendar is sure to be a hit, featuring a range of chocolates from the Ferrero collection.

#2 – Lindt advent calendar (£10)

Lindt advent calendar

An absolute classic when it comes to chocolate advent calendars, this fan-favourite Lindt advent calendar features chocolate in the shape of reindeers and snowballs, as well as a giant Santa Claus for Christmas Eve.

This one can even be personalised by writing the name of that special someone on the front – December mornings are bound to be better with these chocolate treats.

#3 – Toblerone advent calendar (£17)

Toblerone advent calendar

The shape of this Toblerone advent calendar catches our eye as it is presented in the renowned triangular-shaped unique box and inside, it contains an assortment of milk and white chocolate Toblerones for the lead up to Christmas 2019.

There’s a festive surprise behind every door, making it the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee and slice of toast on a cold December morning.

#4 – After Eight advent calendar (£17.88)

After Eight advent calendar

The perfect after-dinner mint, After Eight, is now in advent calendar form and, even better, you get a quirky ‘Big Ben’ inspired design to go with it!

This 3D After Eight advent calendar not only tastes great but looks pretty cool and unique, too.

#5 – Thorntons advent calendar (£8)

Thorntons advent calendar

For just £8, this Thorntons advent calendar is one of the cheapest ‘luxury’ advent calendars on the market.

You get an array of different chocolates with it, so you’ll never get bored of plain milk chocolate throughout the month with 25 doors to see you up until the big man arrives on December 25th.

The best adult advent calendars

#1 – 24 Days of Gin advent calendar 2019 (£69.98)

Gin advent calendar

With a hand-picked selection of different flavoured gins, this gin advent calendar is sure to be a hit with that gin-lover in your life.

Whether you sip on one every evening or save them for what would certainly be a holly jolly Saturday night, you may well come across a new favourite tipple this December.

#2 – Beerhawk Craft Beer advent calendar (£65)

Beerhawk craft beer advent calendar

If spirits aren’t your thing then why not take a look at this craft beer advent calendar from Beerhawk?

Filled with 24 beers from the UK’s favourite modern breweries, you can discover a new beer every single day with the help of Beerhawk’s hand-picked drinks, chosen by in-house experts.

#3 – English Tea Shop advent calendar (£8.99)

English Tea Shop advent calendar

Christmas isn't just about drinking alcohol, of course. This English Tea Shop advent calendar could be perfect for anybody who enjoys a hot cuppa on a winter's morning or before bed.

Picked with care by tea enthusiasts, this calendar features 13 different flavours (some are repeated), so it's a great way to challenge your taste buds with a host of unusual flavours this Christmas 2019.

#4 – Beanies Coffee advent calendar (£19.99)

Beanies coffee advent calendar

Coffee lovers, fear not! There’s something here for you, too. The Beanies Coffee advent calendar comes with a ceramic mug, a jar of flavoured coffee and 46 (yes, that’s 2 cups a day!) flavoured coffee sachets – a bargain at under £20.

From creamy caramel to hazelnut, there aren’t many better ways to be woken up in the mornings leading up to Christmas.

#5 – Ilchester Cheese advent calendar (£22.03)

Lichester Cheese advent calendar

The Ilchester cheese advent calendar is described as ‘the ultimate advent calendar for cheese lovers’, and we can’t help but agree!

Each door conceals a mini block of cheese (and a cheesy joke for good measure), with flavours including everything from the popular Wensleydale to crunchy gingerbread.

The best toy advent calendars

#1 – Lego Star Wars advent calendar 2019 (£38.99)

Lego Star Wars advent calendar

Lego is all the rave this year (when is it not?), so why wait until Christmas to open up a new set when you can open one every single day with this Lego Star Wars advent calendar?

With 24 different Star Wars-themed figures behind each door, you can slowly build up your own Christmas-themed universe with this Lego advent calendar.

#2 – Harry Potter advent calendar 2019 (£44.95)

Harry Potter advent calendar

As advent calendars go, this is by far one of the best on this list! Including more than £120 worth of Harry Potter merchandise, this quirky Harry Potter advent calendar offers great value for money with 24 gifts including badges, keyrings, plush toys and much more.

A keychain-sized Harry Potter plush would usually set you back around £10, so to get a selection of them (plus various other accessories) in this advent calendar is great value for money!

This is the perfect advent calendar for the ‘Potterhead’ in your life (we all have one!), featuring gifts which can be used all year long.

#3 – Playmobil advent calendar (£14.99)

Playmobil advent calendar

For those who aren’t quite old enough to enjoy a Lego advent calendar in 2019, Playmobil is the next best thing.

This Playmobil advent calendar is based on Santa’s workshop, with each day bringing you one step closer to completing the set. On Christmas Eve, once the set is complete, you can even load Santa’s sleigh with toys to send him on his way!

A Playmobil Santa and reindeer set costs more than £11 itself, so you know you’re getting great value for money with this advent calendar!

#4 – Funko Pop Avengers advent calender (£38)

Funko pop Avengers advent calendar

Funko Pop figures are great, but what’s better than a Funko Pop figure? 24 of them, that’s what! This Marvel Avengers advent calendar comes with 24 themed Funko Pop figures in a comic book-inspired box.

The Funko Pop advent calendar is perfect for both children and adults alike, featuring minfigures of fan favourites like Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Rocket.

These minifigures have been known to cost in excess of £5-a-piece, so to get 24 different characters for just £38 could save you more than £80!

#5 – Hot Wheels advent calendar (£19.99)

How Wheels advent calendar

With 24 windows concealing daily Hot Wheels surprises, this Hot Wheels advent calendar comes with 8 cars and 16 festive accessories to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Whether you’re racing with Rudolph or drifting in Santa’s sleigh, there is plenty of fun to be had throughout December 2019 with this Hot Wheels advent calendar!

The best beauty advent calendars

#1 – Molton Brown advent calendar (£175)

Molton Brown advent calendar

Understandably, this might be a bit of a stretch when it comes to cost, but the Molton Brown advent calendar is (as you’d hope for the price) one of the top-end advent calendars in 2019 – and believe it or not, it’s actually pretty good value, too.

A pack of 3 Molton Brown mini candles retails at around £39 – with this calendar, you’ll be getting them for roughly £22 (on average)!

The contents of this advent calendar (perfumes, body oils, candles, etc.) combine to cost a whopping £262.50, so you’re actually saving yourself almost £100 by buying it – that’s what we keep telling ourselves, anyway.

#2 – Mad Beauty advent calendar 2019 (£19.99)

Mad beauty advent calendar

This 2019 beauty advent calendar is a priced at a more reasonable £19.99, making it perfect for anybody looking to add a bit of glamour to their Christmas build-up.

This particular Mad Beauty makeup advent calendar features items such as nail polish, lipsticks and brushes, and they tend to sell out closer to December 1st, so you may want to pick one up while they’re still available!

#3 – No7 advent calendar 2019 (£72)

No7 advent calendar

One of the UK’s most popular makeup brands, No7, has brought out a No7 makeup advent calendar for 2019, featuring almost £175 worth of beauty and skincare products – you’ll even be in with a chance of winning £700 to spend on No7 products, so look out for a No7 golden ticket.

The calendar includes:

  • The ‘No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil’: £7.50
  • No7 ‘Intense Volume Mascara’: £10
  • No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Eye Cream: £18

With this beauty advent calendar, you’ll be able to test them all and much more!

The calendar runs for 25 days, giving you the chance to try out something new every single day in the run-up to Christmas 2019.

#4 – Cath Kidston advent calendar 2019 (£24.99)

Cath Kidston advent calendar

Back after popular demand in 2019, the Cath Kidston advent calendar is full to the brim with 24 different travel-friendly bath and body lotions.

Wrapped up in an expectedly classy package, this 2019 beauty advent calendar wouldn’t look out of place on even the fanciest of dressing tables.

#5 – Man’s Stuff advent calendar (£24.99)

Man's Stuff advent calendar

From a miniature travel toothbrush to nail scissors and tweezers, this men’s Man's Stuff advent calendar has everything a male bathroom could need.

Look your best in the run-up to Christmas 2019 with these grooming essentials.

The best jewellery advent calendars

#1 – Harry Potter jewellery advent calendar (£60.25)

Harry Potter premium jewellery advent calendar

Despite first hitting bookshelves almost 25 years ago, Harry Potter is still one of the most popular fictional characters in the UK – and this Harry Potter premium jewellery advent calendar is sure to be a hit this year.

The official Harry Potter charms are provided by The Carat Shop, where you would usually pay around £5-a-piece for the sought after jewellery – with this advent calendar, you could end up saving more than £50!

With a silver-plated bracelet and various accompanying charms, you’ll be fully kitted out in Harry Potter jewellery when Christmas Day comes around this year.

#2 – SIX women’s jewellery advent calendar (£24.95)

SIX women's jewellery advent calendar

Whether you’re buying for your girlfriend or your gran, this SIX jewellery advent calendar simply cannot fail to impress.

With beautiful pieces of jewellery featuring hearts, doves, stars and more, the trendy accessories in this jewellery advent calendar are sure to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

#3 – iZoeL jewellery advent calendar (£29.89)

iZoeL jewellery advent calendar

With an array of modern, fashionable pieces of jewellery, this iZoeL advent calendar has a little bit of everything for that special someone in your life.

From elegant earrings to romantic rings, these little gifts are sure to help build anticipation for the big day.

#4 – Mouttop jewellery advent calendar (£12.99)

Mouttup jewellery advent calendar

An ideal option for jewellery-obsessed children, this Mouttop advent calendar will allow them to build a festive charm bracelet by adding to it every day in the build-up to Christmas.

This unique set of charms comes with both a bracelet and a necklace, meaning you’re able to mix and match whenever you like.

#5 – Lol Surprise advent calendar (£16.45)

LOL surprise advent calendar

If you have a young daughter then you've most likely heard of LOL Surprise Dolls. This year, you can surprise them with their very own L.O.L Surprise jewellery advent calendar, complete with a bracelet, necklace and assortment of charms.

In recent years, L.O.L. Surprise has been one of the biggest trends in children’s toys, and there aren’t many out there who wouldn’t be over the moon with this ideal Christmas 2019 countdown.

The best unusual advent calendars

#1 – 24 Days of Hot Sauce advent calendar (£15.11)

Hot Sauce advent calendar

Not for the faint hearted, this hot sauce advent calendar is a perfect gift for that person who loves it ‘hot’!

Including tongue-sizzling sauces like Death Valley, Thai-riffic and Hawaiian Lava Flow, this advent calendar is sure to go down a treat – let’s just hope whoever you buy it for can make it through all 24!

#2 – Pringles advent calendar (£14.97)

Pringles advent calendar

There may only be 12 doors to this Pringles advent calendar, but 12 days of Pringles is a treat you surely can’t turn down!

Featuring classic flavours such as ready salted and sour cream & onion, there’s a reason that this was a popular choice for crisp lovers in the UK last year.

#3 – Pork crackling advent calendar (£19.99)

Pork crackling advent calendar

Yes, that’s right; a pork crackling advent calendar! The world-famous Snaffling Pig advent calendar features 24 bags of delicious double-cooked pork crackling.

High in both flavour and protein, the calendar features flavours such as black pepper, marvellous maple and even a festive pigs in blankets.

#4 – DIY advent calendar coffee cups (£17.14)

DIY coffee cups advent calendar

For those who are bored of the conventional ‘picking chocolate out of a box’ advent calendar, why not try out this quirky DIY coffee cup advent calendar instead?

The set contains everything you need to make and design your own disposable coffee cup, which can be used either to drink out of or for decorative purposes.

#5 – Disney book advent calendar (£16.99)

Disney book advent calendar

This Disney book advent calendar is perfect for younger children, who you will be able to read a different bedtime story to every single night in the run-up to Christmas.

Including classics like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast as well as more recent hits such as Frozen and The Incredibles, bedtime will be less of a chore knowing that there’s a new door to open every single night.

Reverse advent calendar

If none of the advent calendars mentioned above tickle your fancy, then why not try out a reverse advent calendar?

What is a reverse advent calendar?

The idea is that instead of taking goods out of a box every day, why not put something in? Place items such as clothes, food, toiletries and other essential items to a box every day and, on Christmas Eve, take it to your local foodbank, homeless shelter or local help scheme.

After all, Christmas is the season of giving, so why not spread some festive joy with those who aren’t as lucky this year?

Get your children involved and show them that sometimes, the smallest of gestures can mean the world.