The Best Dash Cams of 2022

Dash cam attached to the front window in a car

No matter how careful you are on the roads, you never know when you might run into trouble. Whether you’re involved in a serious road traffic accident or have your car’s wing mirror knocked in the supermarket car park, a dashboard camera can help prove your innocence when making a claim on your car insurance policy.

And while dash cams used to be an expensive addition to your vehicle, you can now find one to suit all budgets on Amazon – and they can even be used to save you money on your car insurance!

With so many insurance-approved dash cams on the market, it can be hard to know exactly which one to buy – that’s why we’ve ranked the best dashboard cams on Amazon, with consideration for factors such as price, video footage and ease of use.

Tip: If you intend on buying a dash cam to save on car insurance premiums, make sure you get one that’s been approved by your insurance provider - otherwise, you may not receive any discounts!

The best dash cam UK

#1 Orskey 1080p Full HD Dash Cam (£33.99)


Orskey camera

This cheap dash cam from Orskey is one of the lower budget options on this list, but it’s the quality rather than price which sees it rank so high.

Its 3” LCD screen provides an excellent experience during playback while also showing real-time footage, making it easy to confirm that the camera is at the correct angle when setting up.

The camera comes with excellent night vision for late night driving and HDR recording, making it easier to identify key features of a vehicle like a licence plate.

Recordings are taken on a loop to minimise the amount of storage taken up, but the built-in gravity sensor will recognise even a minor collision and ensure that the relevant file is not overwritten.

With easy installation and a 170-degree wide-angle lens, this is by far the best-value-for-money dash cam around in 2022!

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#2 - Nextbase 112, 720p, 120° viewing angle (£44.95)

Nextbase 112

The Nextbase 112, approved by car insurer SureThing!, is an extra-ordinarily cheap option, offering 720p HD video recorded through a 128-degree angle lens.

It is installed using an easy-to-use powered magnetic mount stuck to the inside of your windscreen, allowing you to attach and detach your camera with ease. The power for charging the camera runs via the mount itself, meaning that you will never have to fiddle with any wires after the initial installation.

The built-in G-Sensor can recognise when you have been involved in even a minor accident and sure that any footage recorded isn’t lost, while the back-up lithium battery provides 30 minutes of additional power when not plugged in.

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#3 – Nextbase 612GW (£299.00)

Nextbase 612GW dashboard camera

This Nextbase dash cam is a world first in terms of recording quality, providing market-leading 4K video footage.

It has a 3” touchscreen for easy use and a 150-degree recording angle. It also has built-in Wi-Fi technology which allows you to back-up your footage to your phone via the Nextbase app.

Some useful features on this camera include GPS logging, meaning you are able to view your previous journeys on Google Maps, and technology which uses an internal battery to record for 2 minutes if your car is bumped while parked.

While driving, though, the camera will need to remain plugged in – it only has a maximum 15-minute battery life. It is also larger in size than most other dashboard cams, meaning there is a chance that it could obstruct vision.

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#4 – Garmin Dash Cam 66W (£187.00)

Garmin 66W dashboard camera

If you want to take your road safety seriously then consider upgrading to the Garmin Dash Cam 66W – it comes at a premium price of £187, but with the various added features it has, it might just be worth it. It is also approved by most insurers.

This Garmin dashboard camera records at 1440p with an impressive 180-degree wide-angle field of view, with Garmin Clarity HDR technology allowing for great detail even when driving in low light.

The camera automatically records video footage and will save footage in the event of an incident, while you can use Garmin’s voice technology to ask the camera to enable or disable audio recording or save footage manually.

Garmin’s ‘travelapse’ video technology also allows you to record and share an entire journey’s footage, with hours of driving sped up and condensed into a matter of minutes.

If your car doesn’t have them already, the camera comes with both lane departure and forward collision warnings to improve driver safety, while you can also sync it up to other Garmin dash cams in your car (such as a rear facing one) to further improve your field of view.

Not the cheapest option, but we think these added features justify the price tag.

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#5 – Garmin Dash Cam Mini (£99.99)

Garmin dash camera

This small-but-mighty key-sized dash cam makes up for its lack of size with some impressive features, including a 140-degree recording angle and 1080p HD footage. Its miniature size means that it can be hidden out-of-sight behind your rear-view mirror. It is approved by car insurers such as Swiftcover.

Once plugged in, the camera will begin recording and saving video footage which you can then watch back using the Garmin Drive smartphone app. From here, you’ll be able to edit and share your footage, as well as forward it across to your insurance provider if needed.

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini does not come with a built-in battery, meaning that it needs to remain plugged in at all times, even if you’re just backing-up footage, but the handy Garmin Drive app means that this isn’t too much of a drawback.

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#6 – Motorola MDC150 (£62.24)

Motorola 150 dashboard camera

Motorola have been a regular in the dashcam market for some time, with many of their cameras coming in at budget prices.

The same can be said for this Motorola MDC150 dash cam, which comes with full 1080p HD recording and a slightly smaller than average 2” display. You also get to benefit from night vision recording and a 150-degrees recording angle, helping to ensure that you are never held accountable for an incident for which you weren’t at fault.

The built-in G sensor is able to detect when you’re involved in an incident which, for less than £70, could save you hundreds of pounds going forward – particularly if you get car insurance discounts for using a dash cam.

The suction pad used to fit this camera is quite big which is a potential negative, but other than that, this is a great, cheap dashboard camera.

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#7 – Thinkware F800 Pro (£199.00)

Thinkware F800 Pro camera

This is one of the more expensive dash cameras on the list, but the Thinkware F800 Pro makes it in to our top picks based on its sleek design and premium features.

Recording at a 140-degree angle at 30Fps, the dash cam is able to capture detailed video footage in all conditions, day and night. As well as providing you with the expected benefits of a dashcam, the Thinkware F800 is able to monitor the health of your vehicle’s battery when in parking mode and will shut down if it detects any issues.

The device also has built-in driving safety features like forward collision and lane departure warnings, as well as access to a regularly updated database of UK speed cameras.

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There are many benefits to owning a dashcam, and one of them is access to cheaper car insurance!

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Just remember that the exact dashcam you purchase may need to match your car insurance provider’s terms, so it’s best to get in touch with them first before going ahead and buying.

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