Top Christmas toys 2019

Two young girls opening presents on Christmas morning.

This year’s Bobatoo Christmas survey unearthed a number of fascinating facts, figures and opinions about people’s Christmas spending in 2019.

As well as finding out how much people would be spending and who they would be buying for, respondents were also asked the question: what toys will you be buying for Christmas?

Here are some of the top Christmas toys of 2019…

#1 - Lego

Lego London

It’s been around since the early 1930s, but ‘brand Lego’ is still going strong ahead of Christmas 2019, as our survey shows that it is the most popular toy in the UK!

The popularity of Lego is no doubt partially down to the extra-ordinary array of modern building sets in stores, with everything from Lego Harry Potter and Lego Star Wars to Lego ‘Friends’ allowing fanatics to recreate scenes from their favourite movies and TV shows in mini brick form.

Popular Lego sets this year include the Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus (£29.99), a Lego Millenium Falcon from Star Wars  (£117.97) and the Lego London Skyline set (£34.12) – you can even get themed Lego advent calendars!

#2 - Games console (and games)

Nintendo Switch Lite

On the complete opposite side of the scale, the next most popular toys of 2019 were games consoles and video games.

Some of the consoles listed included the PS4, Xbox One and new Nintendo Switch Lite, while many people said they’d be spending big on video games for their chosen console.

Children and adults alike are going crazy for the new smaller, lighter and cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite (£198.02) this Christmas, while games like FIFA (£47.99), Call of Duty (£49.99) and Minecraft (£19.99) are always massive hits at Christmas time.

#3 - Books

Nursery books

From one extreme to the other, our survey found that a good, old-fashioned book is in-fact one of the most popular toys (if you can call them toys) this Christmas!

It seems that people are less inclined to go paper-free with a Kindle and would rather allow their children to experience the sheer joy that comes with starting (and finishing) a new book.

It’s no secret that there are books for all ages on Amazon, including biographies from some of the world’s most beloved celebrities to personalised nursey rhymes that are sure to help get your young ones to bed after an excitement-packed Christmas day.

#4 - LOL Surprise Doll toys

LOL Surprise toy

These collectible mini-dolls are all the rage in 2019, just as they were last year. But if you think your child has collected them all already then think again, there are new dolls out for Christmas this year!

Toys range from £10.99 for this mini-figure glitter ball to £199.99 for this LOL Surprise winter disco chalet (£50 cheaper than usual, so be quick!).

#5 – Barbie

Barbie dreamplane

Not too dissimilar to Lego, Barbie has been a long-time favourite in the toy department and has been around since the late 1950s.

Once criticised by academics for her negative impact on children’s mental health, Barbie is now more diverse than ever and dolls can be found to reflect an array of shapes, sizes, ethnicities and disabilities.

Some of the most popular Barbie toys in 2019 include the Barbie Dreamplane playset (£49.99), Barbie Care Clinic Ambulance (£39.99) and Barbie Doll and Travel Set (£19.99).

Notable mentions

While these were the top 5 toys in Bobatoo’s 2019 Christmas survey, a lot of people told us that they are also planning to buy the following:

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