TotallyMoney Review

  • Free credit score – no credit card details required
  • Live credit score – updates each time you log on
  • Borrowing Power feature is unique
  • Useful app with all working features


Over the course of our lifetime, the vast majority of us will inevitably find ourselves applying for credit at some point, whether we wish to take out a personal loan or get a credit card, mobile phone contract, mortgage or a car. The chances are that you’re part of that majority if you’re reading this.

So, if you are looking to apply for credit, we recommend getting to know your credit report as soon as possible. The earlier you start becoming familiar with your credit history and how you’re viewed in the eyes of lenders, the more you’ll benefit in the future.

TotallyMoney is one of many ways consumers can view their credit report and score for free, with the company offering the standard credit score services as well as additional features to help its users make smarter financial decisions in the long-run.

Our comprehensive TotallyMoney review provides you with an impartial view of its credit report, the TotallyMoney app, and all your credit need-to-knows.

What is TotallyMoney?

TotallyMoney is a credit eligibility and comparison website, specialising in providing its members with services to improve their chances of being accepted for credit. The website offers a range of benefits, but here, we focus on its free credit report and score.

TotallyMoney enables its users to receive a version of their credit score and report for free, allowing them to make financial decisions to improve their credit eligibility.

What is the purpose of a credit report?

Your credit report consists of broken down information from your credit history, based on information held on you by one (or more) of the three main credit reference agencies in the UK – ExperianEquifax or TransUnion.

When you apply for credit – i.e. when you apply for a loan, mortgage, credit card, and so on – lenders will use the information within your report to judge your eligibility to borrow and how much of a financial risk you pose. Therefore, when you look at your credit report, you’re essentially getting an insight into how these lenders see you when you apply for credit.

You’re able to take control of your finances once you know how good or bad your credit score is, allowing you to apply for credit with more confidence when the time comes.

If you apply for credit too early, you risk being rejected and consequently becoming even more likely to be rejected again in the future. It’s quite a vicious cycle, so improving your credit score before you apply for credit is always worth doing.

Signing up to TotallyMoney

Becoming a TotallyMoney member is quick and easy, with the first page of the sign-up form simply asking for your name and date of birth. You then go on to enter some basic personal information, including your home address and email address, and are then asked some questions to validate your identity.

These validation questions are included in the signing up process of pretty-much every credit reporting service, and are used in order to keep your data safe, so that it’s only you who gets access to the report. They usually relate to your financial history – for example, when you opened your first current account, if you currently have a mortgage etc. – and if you fail to remember the answer, you’re notified that you failed the verification but receive a new set of questions immediately, without hassle.

Usefully, you aren’t required to enter any credit card details, making the process significantly quicker and reassuring you that you will not be charged any fees.

TotallyMoney sign-up form online

TotallyMoney credit score and report

Once you’re signed up, you usually get instant access to your credit report and score, which remains free forever and does not harm your credit rating.

The TotallyMoney credit report is well-designed, as is the website as a whole, and you get a real sense of security with its functional and professional nature. The credit score itself is based on data from the well-renowned credit reference agency TransUnion, and is therefore reliable and widely used in the industry.

Your free credit score is live – meaning that it is updated each and every time you log in to your account, whether you do so on the website or the app (which we’ll discuss in due course).

TotallyMoney credit report example

TotallyMoney handily provides you with possible reasons for any changes to your credit score, and you can receive free notifications via email or the mobile app to make you aware of these changes.

Users can ensure that their details are up-to-date using TotallyMoney and can dispute anything that may be inaccurate. This is a valuable feature, because inaccurate information – like an irrelevant person being named as a financial associate – could unfairly affect your credit score, so be sure that all your details are correct and as up-to-date as possible.

Using its online tools, TotallyMoney can also check your best credit matches and offer you the most relevant deals based on your individual needs and eligibility.

If you find that your score is lower than you would have liked, you are able to make use of the accessible and easy-to-use guides that are provided to help you improve your credit score.

TotallyMoney’s credit report presents you with details on the debts you currently hold and exactly how much you’ve borrowed, the payments you have missed, whether you have a good chance of being accepted for a new credit card, and any new searches made into your credit history by organisations.

This really is a useful and insightful credit report, with one of its most prominent, unique features being the ‘Borrowing Power’ rating that it offers.

What is Borrowing Power?

The Borrowing Power rating is a feature unique to TotallyMoney which basically gives users a score representative of how likely they are to receive credit from lenders. As a user, you get this for free with your credit report and can use it as an additional way of viewing how much of a risk credit lenders will see you as.

Most people looking at their credit report will be interested in borrowing money, whether it’s a loan or a mortgage, so it’s helpful that TotallyMoney provides users with an idea of how big lending companies will judge them if they were to apply for a type of credit. If your Borrowing Power rating changes, you’ll also receive a mobile notification through its contemporary app.

What is a good credit score with TotallyMoney?

There’s no definitive answer to what a good credit score is in general, but we can tell you what a good TotallyMoney credit score is.

Typically, the data you are provided in your credit report – whether you use TotallyMoney, ClearScoreCheckmyfile or any of the other credit checking websites (credit reference agencies) – will be obtained from one of three main credit reference agencies in the UK. These three credit reference agencies include TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

  • TransUnion: Maximum credit score of 710
  • Equifax: Maximum credit score of 700
  • Experian: Maximum credit score of 999

The data you see about your credit within your TotallyMoney report has been retrieved from TransUnion, and your credit score is therefore scored out of a maximum 710.

Here’s how the credit scores range with TotallyMoney (TransUnion):

  • Very poor: 0-550
  • Poor: 551-565
  • Fair: 566-603
  • Good: 604-627
  • Excellent: 628-710

There is no ‘universal’ credit score, but (as you’d expect) the higher your score, the better your chances are of being eligible for credit.

Technically, anything above 604 is a good TotallyMoney credit score, but the average UK adult is typically rated as ‘Fair’.

It’s important to keep in mind that your score is constantly evolving, changing with every financial decision you make. You should check your score often, and this is part of the reason why TotallyMoney’s ‘live’ credit score is one of the best services to use in the UK, as your report is updated each time you sign-in.

TotallyMoney credit report FAQs

You may be cautious of entering your personal data online, which is why we’re here to outline the key questions you may be asking before signing up to TotallyMoney.

Is TotallyMoney Free?

Unlike some other credit checking websites, there is no trial period; TotallyMoney is totally free, regardless of how often you view your report. You aren’t required to provide card details either, which is always a nice reassurance and you know that you won’t be hit with any unexpected fees.

Is TotallyMoney Safe?

TotallyMoney is a safe credit reporting website, authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

It protects your information and credit report by using identity confirmation questions when you initially sign-up, and has strong web security in order to protect your data from outsiders.

It’s also a very well-reviewed company, with consumers seemingly very happy with the service they received. If you’re worried about the safety of a credit checking website, consumer reviews are always a good place to start.

TotallyMoney app

The ‘Totally Money – Credit Report’ app is available for free on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, giving you full access to your credit report all in one place.

The app is nicely designed and fully functional, enabling you to view your live credit score, credit report (including credit accounts and personal data), your Borrowing Power, and what credit cards you are currently eligible for.

You’re also able to dispute any mistakes you notice on your report via the app, using the straightforward ‘dispute form’. The TotallyMoney app does near-enough everything the desktop website can do, so there’s really no need to use your laptop or PC if you’d prefer not to.

The app has been positively reviewed on both iTunes (4/5) and Google Play (3.5/5), and is a highly convenient way of accessing your credit report from TotallyMoney.

TotallyMoney reviews

As previously mentioned, reviews are a good place to start when checking the reliability of a credit report website, so here’s how TotallyMoney was reviewed on the UK’s leading consumer review websites:

Review company Rating (out of 5)
Trust Pilot 5
Smart Money People* 4
Review Centre 3.5
Average 4.2

*It’s worth noting that the Smart Money People score is based on just six reviews, but it generally follows the trend of the other two websites, which calculated their scores from 165 (Review Centre) and 2,150 (Trust Pilot) reviews by genuine users.

TotallyMoney is positively reviewed by consumers around the UK and achieves a highly impressive TrustScore of 9/10.

TotallyMoney review summary

As its reviews suggest, TotallyMoney is a resourceful, helpful and professional credit reporting service, giving its users access to their credit score and report for absolutely no cost at all.

With its live credit score updates, unique Borrowing Power feature and a very handy smartphone app, TotallyMoney is fast becoming one of the best methods of checking your credit report in the UK.

It may not be as in-depth as some other websites that require a paid subscription, but for free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign-up to TotallyMoney. If you want a paid, more detailed credit report, check out our Equifax or Experian CreditExpert reviews for more information.