Travel insurance FAQs

Have you got a question before taking out a Travel Insurance policy? You have come to the right place.

We have collated some of the most frequently asked questions by Travel Insurance customers that will hopefully give you answers.

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By Bobatoo
April 8, 2015

Do I need travel insurance?

It is not a requirement for every holiday maker or person going travelling to have a valid travel insurancepolicy;however, it is of great benefit and gives you the upmost peace of mind when travelling overseas.

Medical treatment, expenses, and even just to obtain medical advice, can cost thousands, often using family life savings or having to borrow money to get back to the UK.

With travel insurance, you get cover for medical situations including operations and costs for hospital stays.

Of course, each policy can be different, so make sure it is a policy that suits the type of holiday maker you are.

What does single trip cover mean?

Single trip insurance covers you for a single holiday, from the moment you leave until the time you return home.

This type of policy is ideal if, for example, you are an infrequent holiday maker going on one or two trips a year.

There is usually a set maximum amount of days that count as one trip so make sure it covers you for the length of time you plan to go away for.

I tend to go on more than one trip a year, what policy would suit me?

The policy that would be more cost effective for you would be annual or multi trip insurance.

This covers you for the entire year from the policy start date.

This would give you cover for domestic trips if you travel frequently, enabling you to only have to look at your travel insurance once a year, instead of each time you consider going away.

Is an annual policy unlimited travel?

Some insurers do limit the amount of overseas trips you can make on an annual policy and some stipulate a maximum number of days that you can be overseas for one policy year.

If you think you may be away for quite some time in one policy year, make sure it is a policy that suits your travel requirements.

Do I need travel insurance for a UK trip?

Travel insurance is normally beneficial when outside of the UK due to the different medical systems; however, if you are going on a trip where you might require cover for activities, then it may be worth having insurance to provide you with the adequate insurance whether it is in the UK or outside.

Is there a travel insurance designed for backpackers?

There is a policy that is specifically aimed at people looking to go backpacking which are usually designed for typically a 12 month long trip.

Even though you could still get the same cover on an annual or multi trip insurance policy, it imposes a cap on the length of time you are away for on each trip in that period.

The cap is usually around 30 and 60 days. A main benefit of backpacker insurance is that you are covered for an array of countries on one trip which means you don’t have to organise cover for each country you visit.

Backpacker insurance also normally provides cover for working abroad as well as cover for a vast selection of adventure and sport activities that are popular amongst backpackers.

As with all individual policies always read the small print to check the inclusions and exclusions and that you have cover that it tailored to your trip.

I am going on a Cruise. Do I need a different insurance policy?

There is specialist insurance coverthat you can obtain for cruises, which also often includes extras for things like missed port departures, itinerary changes, unused excursions, just to name a few. There also tends to be no upper age limit as well as considerations taken into account for any medical condition you may currently or previously have had.

I have heard I can’t get travel insurance if I am over 65?

We don’t believe that just because you reach a certain age it should mean that your life and adventure should stop, so why should your holiday insurance?

We offer insurance policies specifically aimed at the over 65s, upto age 90, that offer fully comprehensive cover even if you have existing medical conditions, (which are subject to review by the insurer).

I am going on a skiing holiday. Should I have a specialist insurance policy?

Even though you can take out general travel insurance for activity holidays, sometimes, by getting tailored travel insurance for skiing holidays can be the better option, which is why we have a policy in place which is designed for you thrill seekers on winter activities.

To run you through just a handful of winter activities we cover, they include; Bobsleighing, cat skiing, freestyle skiing, glacier walking or trekking under 6,000m altitude, ice climbing under 100m, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and tobogganing. And there are many more to follow those.

By taking additional cover out to go skiing protects you for a lot more than a general insurance policy would.

What happens if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Each condition you have will be considered by the insurer who will decide what, if any, cover can be provided.