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What is honeymoon travel insurance?

Our honeymoons should be one of the most memorable times of our lives, up there with the obvious (and precursory) wedding, birth of our children, moving into our first homes and landing our dream jobs. And possibly seeing our favourite football teams clinch a league title or cup win. Although, historically, our partners don’t always class this in the same category for some reason!

That’s as maybe, but what is beyond deliberation is the underlying fact that a honeymoon is a precious passage of time which occurs in many people’s lives and as such should be protected against any eventualities which might compromise its very existence or enjoyment. And, courtesy of specialist honeymoon-orientated travel insurance policies, measures can be taken to safeguard this cherished holiday and ensure that nothing is left to chance. Aside from the weather of course.

Honeymoon travel insurance is not a specific insurance policy as such, more a

dedicated package which takes into account ALL of the individual insurance requirements of a honeymooning couple. Although the last thing you’ll want to think about as you prepare for your honeymoon is the possibility of one or the other of you suffering from an unforeseen medical condition, or alternatively, misplacing your credit card or having your luggage stolen, these instances do crop up when least expected/prudent.

Unfortunately life has a habit of occasionally treating us like this, just to make the whole experience more challenging. Which is why it makes sense to arrange the sort of travel insurance cover which shields you against the immediate fall-out of such unpredictable events. By completing the necessary honeymoon travel insurance documentation long before you jet off somewhere exotic/romantic, you can then pack any remaining troubles away –  alongside your swimwear, sun tan lotion and that paperback you’ve been itching to start reading for ages – in your suitcase and head off into the horizon a lot more carefree than you might have been otherwise.

But just what is honeymoon travel insurance then? For the most part anything billed as honeymoon insurance is usually just another name for travel insurance, a bit like its niche insurance bedfellow, wedding insurance. However the common mistake to make is the assumption that all rudimentary travel insurance policies extend to what should be included in anything pertaining to be honeymoon cover.

In essence it’s a veritable smorgasbord (always a pleasure ordering one of these on a honeymoon) of various travel insurance dishes, served up as the one (unofficial yet tasty) platter. While many typical travel insurance policies will adequately cover certain aspects, we strongly recommend that you discuss with your potential travel insurance provider the policy specifics of what you feel you need addressing within your particular honeymoon travel insurance plan.

You see, honeymoons aren’t always like traditional holidays, and honeymooning couples like to throw themselves headlong into the more adventurous of activities which they might not even entertain the idea of on a normal vacation. Like for example, bungee jumping, scuba diving and horse riding, which might not be covered by a standard or existing travel insurance arrangement you have. And then there’s the destination itself. Increasingly honeymooners opt for more remote locations, often off the beaten track which can bring new risk factors which could centre around these being areas susceptible to natural disasters (floods, volcano eruptions, earthquakes or tornados) or perhaps even prone to political unrest. All of which aren’t generally covered by the more accepted travel insurance policy.

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Do I need honeymoon travel insurance?

Definitely, if you intend to scale mountains, swim with sharks or throw your bungee rope-attached self off a coastal rock face somewhere. Yet for our money arranging honeymoon travel insurance is equally as important if you’re simply planning to relax and unwind on white sands for a fortnight with the only perceivable risk factor being deciding on which shellfish you’re going to eat in the restaurant at night.

Long before you step foot aboard your plane there’s implied risk, be it the travel company/tour operator/airline going bust days before your honeymoon is set to begin or the taxi taking you to the airport being delayed resulting in missed connections/flights. And what about a mix up with baggage en route, especially if a stop-over is required for longer haul destinations?

First of all though you need to establish which of the two predominant honeymoon travel insurance plans is best for you; namely single trip or multi trip. By very definition, the former relates to the one sojourn, while the latter implies more than one journey being undertaken during any 12 month period.

With it being a honeymoon you’re talking about, we’d like to think you only have one on the cards for the sake of tradition. Having said that, you could easily be planning on jetting off somewhere else later in the year, in which case it can be more economical to purchase the multi trip option.

How much does honeymoon travel insurance cost?

It rather depends on its sum parts as we touched on earlier. Generally speaking – and as with a good quality travel insurance policy – a honeymoon-orientated plan will cover the policyholder against cancellation due to health problems, travel issues or destination troubles, while medical care and subsequent treatment and/or procedures carried out during the course of your honeymoon should you fall ill or be subjected to an accident of some description.

In addition to this, travel and transportation back to the UK is typically part and parcel of a standard travel insurance plan, required in the event of medical conditions, war or natural disasters taking place.

On a less dramatic scale, luggage – either lost or stolen – is covered too, and lest we forget the perils associated with potential missed connections.

Having outlined these though, different insurers will offer different honeymoon travel insurance plans, complete with varying options, terms, conditions, restrictions and clauses, so it’s imperative that you focus on the small print in the documentation before signing up to anything.

Like with any insurance policy, risk – and the avoidance of – is the million dollar question. The less risk involved, the more favourably a honeymoon travel insurance provider will look with direct regards to your annual/monthly premiums. However – and inevitably – risks are at every turn in the world of honeymoons, whether we care to think about it or not.

As we alluded to above, weather can play a destructive part, especially when bearing in mind many dream honeymoon locations are in far flung areas of the globe, island areas prone to hurricanes and floods for starters, so being insured against your destination being wiped out by Mother Nature is crucial.

You’ll need to be able to recover your funds and re-plan in earnest. If your paradise destination doesn’t fall victim to extreme weather and you arrive in one piece you could be enjoying a scuba diving session when your new husband/wife becomes ill.

You can’t rule this out as the body sometimes reacts unpredictably when exposed to new pursuits which can take a toll on its natural defences. Appropriate medical/treatment funds are crucial.

And what if you are both fine and dandy but a few days into the honeymoon you receive distressing news from home to say that a parent has been unexpectedly hospitalized in your absence, and that you need to abandon your honeymoon and return ASAP?

We don’t wish to put a dampener on anyone’s honeymooning plans, but you must be a realist even in the lead up to one of the happiest times of your life. So therefore it’s vitally important to have the appropriate honeymoon travel insurance package in place to counter the would-be negative effects of any of the aforementioned.


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