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What is multi trip travel insurance?

Whether you’re a regular flier or simply holidaying here, there and everywhere as a person of leisure these days – then ensuring that you travel with all due care and attention has never been more important.

There could be a myriad of reasons why you need to travel on more than the obligatory two occasions each and every year (annual summer holiday and another besides, if you’re lucky). Business travellers aside, you might have been invited to a stag or hen ‘do’ somewhere exotic (or at least somewhere the alcohol is cheap and plentiful) or even a wedding somewhere far flung (or at least golden of beach and azure of sky). Or failing that you could just be treating yourself and your loved one(s) to a surprise extra break or two in the coming 12 months.

There’s also the numerous global sporting events held during the calendar year which could see you whisking yourself and your best mates off to European capital cities as you follow the cup exploits of your beloved team. Then again you could well be heading to that music festival you’ve always promised yourself you’d attend one day, which is staged in destination a bit more glamorous (and a whole heap less muddy) than Glastonbury.

Reasons are largely irrelevant, yet making sure that you have a decent multi trip travel insurance policy to cater for every eventuality of travel, is the polar opposite. Therefore you should never even consider jumping aboard a plane, train or automobile without first addressing your multi trip travel insurance needs.

Not to put too fine a point on it multi trip travel insurance – also known as annual travel insurance – could well turn out to be the most important piece of documentation you sign this year, and provides the policyholder with peace of mind should they be planning to criss-cross their way across the globe on more than a couple of occasions during the coming year.

What multi trip travel insurance ISN’T is a policy which limits your freedom of movement to once – or maybe twice if you’re fortunate – a year. And therein doesn’t mean that it will cost you every time you have a flight of fancy. Or not as the case may be.

You see multi trip travel insurance (or ‘annual travel insurance’, as it is sometimes referred to) covers the shrewd policyholder for expeditions of the airborne, seaborne, rail-borne or road-borne variety as often as they like during the course of a year. And what’s more, unlike single trip policies, you won’t be outstaying your welcome if you elect to extend it by 50 – 100 days per trip. Which means if time isn’t necessarily of the essence the policyholder could hang around as long as they like. Or come and go back as many times as they fancied; each time/destination offering them the self-same level of travel insurance coverage as the time before (unlimited number of trips within a 12-month period).

And what of that coverage? Well, we can let you into a little secret (although not really THAT hush-hush), you can opt for either a basic multi trip travel insurance or a comprehensive multi trip travel insurance.

Basic multi trip travel insurance covers the rudimentary bases, such as medical emergencies and repatriation costs (typically up to £5million) and baggage claims (averaging a few hundred pounds). What it DOESN’T comprise is cancellation cover (curtailments, interruption, delays etc…), nor does it normally contain legal protection and/or personal liability cover just so you’re aware.

If you want all of that (including medical emergencies and repatriation costs being ramped up to in the region of £10million and baggage being upped to £2,000) then you need to make it perfectly clear you want the comprehensive package. As well as the aforementioned you can look to add cancellation cover up to £5,000, legal protection cover up to £25k and personal liability around the £2million mark. Which makes the latter a bit of a no-brainer from our very much neutral viewpoint.

Elsewhere you traditionally receive access to a 24 hour medical emergency helpline, personal belongings cover, airline failure cover and in increasing cases, free winter sports insurance cover thrown in. Handy if you’re heading towards the ski slopes in at least one of your pre-booked holiday instances.

And remember, if something you’re looking for isn’t spotted in your proposed multi trip travel insurance policy, you can bolt-on various extra features if and when required.

These could include golf trip and business trip insurance if you’re looking to mix business with a spot of pleasure any time soon. Also don’t forget that many individual multi trip travel insurance providers offer alternative breakdowns of cover, with escalating standards flagged up from the outset. Many offer their own equivalent takes on bronze, silver and gold levels of travel insurance coverage which habitually guard against any risk/eventuality you care to think of. Or rather the silver and gold do.

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Do I need multi trip travel insurance?

Yes. Although it’s not up to us to tell us how to live your life (we’ll leave that to your partners or parents all day long), we’d be neglecting our duties if we didn’t strongly advise anyone considering embarking on multi trips (UK, Europe or worldwide) to arrange the appropriate travel insurance before they even started to fine tune their itinerary.

While it’s not possible to predict future events – and peer into a crystal ball and see if something inconvenient/catastrophic will befall you whilst on your travels – anyone CAN buy peace of mind to ensure that should the worst happen you can take drastic steps to lessen the financial blow BEFORE the event; and what price tag can you put on that?

Seriously though, if you –fingers crossed you don’t – suffer from a holiday-threatening illness or unexpected accident/injury setback while you’re away and out of familiar territory it’s more than half the battle knowing that you’ll be covered for any subsequent bills associated with hospitalisation or the process of you being returned to the UK if abroad. Which is why it’s imperative that anyone mulling over the idea of travelling backwards and forwards on any number of separate occasions during a year has sufficient insurance safeguards in place to fiscally counter any uncertainties which suddenly arise.

How much does multi trip travel insurance cost?

Like most things in life, you get out what you put in. So it’s agreed that the greater the premium the more expansive the multi trip travel insurance coverage.

Just by way of comparison, here’s a brief snapshot of the difference between the three grades of policy as and when they occur. While bronze will afford the multi trip travel insurance policyholder cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident and missed departure as routine cover, bronze might add legal expenses, loss of passport and personal possessions cover to this accepted rule.

On the flip side, gold cover could well bag the policyholder the same additional luxuries and freebies as their bronze counterparts at first glance, until that is you scrutinise the financial amounts of cover offered, which in many cases are double. Furthermore, kids tend to go absolutely free towards the higher premium pay scale, while winter sports and active travel cover are also thrown in as an incentive, if confirmation of this information helps swing your decision. Yet it’s your personal circumstances which are crucial in determining just which level of travel policy you go for at the end of the day, as there’s no right and wrong in our book.


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