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What is single trip travel insurance?

You’ve been planning your trip abroad for what seems like ages now, and you’ve been saving up for it longer than you care to remember. Having said that, you may not even be going abroad, but on a long journey to a holiday destination here in the UK. Or you could be hitting the ski slopes of Austria (or indeed, closer to home in Scotland), or set to snorkel in the Red Sea off Egypt.

Alternatively you could be in the midst of putting together the itinerary for a once in a lifetime holiday on the other side of the world. Perhaps even fine-tuning your Route 66 odyssey across the US of A – there’s a whole world of travel opportunity and adventure awaiting you out there, and wherever and whenever you’re set to embark on it you should always be prepared for the worst (and we don’t mean budget airline’s in-flight meals).

We don’t want to put a dampener on anyone’s travel plans before they even get off the ground, but it really does pay to ensure that you have every eventuality covered if you’re planning on going anywhere by planes, trains or automobiles to save any nasty surprises later.

We’re talking about travel insurance of course, and specifically the need to arrange the single trip travel variety as an integral part of your forward planning prior to packing your bags and heading off anywhere unfamiliar. Although the destination might actually be familiar, but the same risks are posed as they were the last time you ventured that way. And the time before that if you’ve got some serious travel miles under your belt. So we will tell you exactly what single trip travel insurance IS and how it can help you when you’re off on your jollies/weekend city break/European stag/hen do/business trip/backpacking/etc……

Single trip travel insurance is the most obvious choice of legally-binding protection for any of us looking to take one holiday or maybe a couple of short city breaks in the forthcoming 12 month period, and safeguards the policyholder against any obstacles which could easily come between you (and your partner/family/friends) enjoying a relaxing and trouble-free break. And that’s to include before as well as during the proposed vacation.

A good single trip travel insurance policy comprises wide-ranging individual clauses and additional coverage which will provide secure measures against the risk of illness or injury befalling the named policyholder, damage or loss to baggage and possessions en route or in situ, theft of money or any other valuables, medical costs, emergency repatriation, legal cover and public liability.

On top of this you can expect a single trip travel insurance policy to compensate for losses incurred as a result of a trip being cancelled , with anything from natural disasters and unexpected family bereavements to being called up for jury service as possible reasons why either party might delay, postpone or cancel an envisaged and paid-for trip.

Typically there are two levels of cover for anyone running the rule over single trip travel insurance policies, which are a ‘basic single trip travel policy’ and a ‘fully comprehensive single trip travel policy’.

The first, more rudimentary option allows the policyholder to protect themselves against medical emergencies which might play out while they’re away and normally included repatriation for a figure of £5 million on average. Otherwise this entry-level policy affords you baggage claims in the region of a couple of hundred pounds, but does not cover the individual for cancellation, curtailment or trip interruption but could be bolted onto a policy if required at a later date.

The second, fully comprehensive, option is a more thorough means of safeguarded yourself and your belongings while you’re away on holiday/business/travel and habitually runs to the same medical emergency and repatriation cover as the more basic policy (yet normally for higher figures) as well as baggage cover, yet also goes on to encompass cancellation, personal liability and legal protection for larger sums.

Furthermore single trip travel insurance policyholders might like to take out additional ‘winter sports’ or ‘activity travel’ policies if their travels are set to take in a raft of specific extreme sports and leisure pursuits which aren’t covered by conventional single trip documentation.

In effect, you can tailor-make your policy to centre around precisely what you plan to do/undertake while you’re on holiday, and ultimately add-on a host of extra-curricular features such as unexpected accommodation costs, extended travel delays, missed departures, wedding and golf equipment hire, for example.

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Do I need single trip travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a definite for anyone in the throes of arranging a break/sojourn/holiday/tour/voyage of self-discovery and enlightenment, and heading off anywhere without it is fraught with danger and should be warned against at every turn. Despite the no-brainer aspect of it, thousands of us Brits jet off without any form of adequate travel insurance policy in place every year (one in every four according to latest alarming statistics), which is absolutely ridiculous given that you can arrange a single trip travel insurance policy from as little as £6 for a European trip.

Some people might argue as to what you’re warding yourself against, however there are numerous things which could (and unfortunately, do) go wrong when people are away from home for extended periods and if you’re not sufficiently covered by an appropriate single trip insurance policy then you routinely leave yourself exposed to large bills and escalating costs if something unexpected and unavoidable happens.

How much does single trip travel insurance cost?

Single trip travel insurance policies are a lot more affordable than people might otherwise think, which makes it even more baffling as to why many holidaymakers choose not to go down this protective route each year.

In the main, cheap single trip policies can start from less than £10 when bought for a traditional 7-day holiday.

It’s worth noting that single trip travel insurance policies are typically sold on a per person basis, so for example if the total value of your holiday came in at around the £3,000 mark then each person (based on a couple) would require £1,500 worth of cover individually. Meanwhile it’s cheaper to travel around Europe on a single trip travel insurance policy than outside of Europe and further afield, as you might have imagined.

What can I do to reduce the cost of single trip travel insurance?

The golden rule is never to purchase a single trip travel insurance policy from an airline, travel agent or tour operator as the odds are heavily stacked against you receiving a good deal.

It’s also worth referring to any existing home insurance policies or bank accounts/credit cards you may have, as often these have a travel insurance functionality to them as an incentive to get you on board with their lenders/accounts in the first place, which you may have long forgotten about.

There’s no point in doubling up on travel insurance products, just as long as they cover the self-same elements that a bespoke and dedicated single trip travel insurance policy would. Beware that the ‘free insurance’ mooted in these instances are rarely extensive, and at best might run to baggage and possessions loss.


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