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What is van hire excess insurance?

When you rent a van for a short period of time – maybe to move house or to pick up a large item – then your agreement with the rental company usually includes comprehensive insurance cover for you while you drive it.

However, a lot of van rental companies also include an excess limit in this policy which can be quite high – especially when compared with the cost of renting the van for a day or so. Van hire excess limits can vary from £500 – £2,500, which is the amount you will have to pay upfront if you have to make a claim – even if the accident was not your fault.

This is something not many people know about, and only realise the importance of it when it comes to making a claim and having to pay a huge excess. To protect yourself against this, you can take out your own van hire excess insurance policy which can significantly reduce the amount of excess you may have to pay – all for less than £10 per day.

Van hire excess insurance can help you reduce the amount of excess you are liable to pay if your rental van is damaged or stolen while in your possession – so instead of having to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds in excess, you can reduce it down to a more manageable £100 or £200.

These types of policies are a ‘supplement’ to the standard insurance policy you sign up to when hiring a van, rather than a replacement policy and are designed solely to limit your financial liability when it comes to your van hire excess.

Many van hire companies also offer their own excess reduction policies, but these tend to be a lot more expensive than the ones you can arrange yourself and often don’t even cover the entire excess limit.

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What does van hire excess insurance cover?

The exact policy features and cover options you get with van hire excess insurance will depend on which insurer you choose. Some of the more common cover options include:

  • Cover for all vans and minibuses hired in the UK – with option to extend to EU cover
  • Excess cover up to £2,500
  • Includes cover for tyres, windscreen, under body, headlights, towing and loss of use
  • Wrong fuel cover
  • Unintentional lock-out cover up to £60

How much does van hire excess insurance cost?

Most van hire excess insurance policies are charged on a daily rate – as typically vans are hired for only one or two days at a time.

The cost of van hire excess insurance differs slightly depending on which insurance company you choose, as they all offer slightly different policy features and levels of cover.

The cheapest policy you can get at the minute is £6.33 per day, with most van hire excess insurance policies ranging between £7 – £12 per day – which is a small price to pay to avoid having to shell out a high excess amount in the event of a claim.

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