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Van insurance for convicted drivers

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Whether it’s motor-related or criminal-based, having a conviction to your name can make it harder to find cheap van insurance.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your van insurance premiums.

How do criminal convictions affect insurance?

If you have a driving conviction on your records, you are automatically seen as a higher risk to your insurance provider and will be charged a lot more for your cover.

Even if your conviction isn’t driving-related, you are still likely to pay more for your insurance. If your conviction is unspent, you are legally required to disclose it to your insurer. Failing to do so could result in your insurance being cancelled or voided if you needed to make a claim on your car insurance policy – it could even result in you facing criminal charges for fraud.

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Can I get van insurance if I have a criminal or driving conviction?

Yes, those who have convictions can get van insurance, but they are unlikely to get a really cheap quote.

Cheap van insurance for convicted drivers isn’t easy to come by and there are many insurers who will outright refuse to insure you. The reason for this is that, statistically speaking, those with criminal convictions are more likely to claim on their insurance policy and every claim made costs the insurance provider a lot of money.

This is the reason that most mainstream insurance companies will not offer cover for convicted drivers, but there are still some out there who will take a risk on you (albeit at a more expensive price).

Another way of finding van insurance as a convicted driver is to find a specialist provider through Quote Searcher, who work with lesser-known providers to find the best convicted driver insurance quotes in the UK.

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Do I need van insurance?

If you plan on driving your van on public roads then the answer is yes, you must have insurance on your van – it is a legal requirement.

If you have been banned from driving and are not intending to drive your van then there is a way for you to avoid paying insurance – a SORN notice.

By applying for a SORN notice, you are declaring that your van will not be driven or parked on public roads and will only be kept on private property. When declaring your van as ‘off-the-road’, you will not need to pay for insurance.

Do I have to disclose unspent convictions?

When getting your convicted driver van insurance quote, you will be asked whether you have any ‘unspent’ convictions, both driving-related and non-driving related. Once your conviction has been ‘spent’, you will no longer be required to inform future insurers of it.

A conviction is classed as ‘spent’ when they have been held for longer than a set period of time. For example, if you are convicted of a crime and required to pay a fine, complete community service or attend a driver awareness course, your conviction is usually classed as ‘spent’ after 5 years.

Prison sentences of less than 6 months stay on your record for 7 years, or 10 years if your sentence runs up to 2 ½ years. Any sentences lasting longer than this are never unspent?? and will always have an impact on your future insurance policies.

Driving conviction codes – common driving offences

Each driving conviction (or driving endorsement) is allocated a driving conviction code, attached to the offence and how many points they add to your driving licence. Some of the most common driving conviction codes are:

How do I view my driving record?

If you are unsure whether or not you have unspent points on your driving license, you can check by visiting the website here.

To access your driving record, you’ll need to give your driving licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode which shows on your driving licence.

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How to find the best convicted driver insurance quotes

When looking for van insurance as a convicted driver, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your inevitably high insurance premiums.

#1. Get a black box van insurance policy – By allowing your insurer to track your driving habits, you will often find that you will be rewarded with lower premiums. Be warned, though, that poor driving could result in your premiums rising again.

#2. Increase your excess Insurance excess is the amount of money you pay towards making a claim. The more you are willing to pay, the less your insurance premiums will be – just make sure that you choose a sum which you would be able to pay for comfortably in the event of an accident.

#3. Change your van – If you drive a large van, you might want to consider downsizing to a smaller one. Not only will this be cheaper to insure, but you’re also likely to save money on fuel costs and vehicle tax.

#4. Improve your security – Some insurance companies will offer discounts when you declare that you have additional security features fitted to/in your vehicle, such as dash cams or anti-theft locking devices.

#5. Minimise add-ons – Most insurance policies come with optional extras. If you want to reduce your premiums then consider removing these extras, but be cautious as doing so will also reduce your level of cover.

Van insurance for convicted drivers – get a quote

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